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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 20 Recap

When Cheng saw Yao Ke provoking Sheng Jingchu on TV, he was very angry. He has always lost chess against Sheng Jingchu. Now I dare to say that. I really don’t know whether it is life or death. But Sheng Jingchu called Cheng to ignore it. It’s better if you have time. It makes more sense to travel.

Xu Chi and Cheng Yi went to visit Dad Cheng, so Dad Cheng drove Jiang Yuda out and told him to deliver the food, but he was not allowed to go back. This made Jiang Yuda very depressed, and there was no fair competition for him. Chance. Dad Cheng thanked Xu Chi for making delicious food, and would not stay there to continue working without Xu Chi Cheng’s intention. In addition, he asked Xu Chi to say everything in his heart. Xu Chi looked at Cheng Yi’s face and wanted to continue to confess, but he didn’t dare to continue speaking because he was afraid that she would be angry. But Cheng Dad knew that Xu Chi liked Cheng Yi. He tried to help them match up, but was stopped by Cheng Yi, telling Dad not to talk nonsense, and thanked Xu Chi for his help, promising that they would always be the best buddies. Dad Cheng and Xu Chi were very disappointed by this.

Jiang Lao went to Xie Lao to apologize, thinking that Yao Ke shouldn’t provoke Sheng Jingchu, but Xie Lao thought that Young Qiangren should have a sense of competition. It would be a good thing for them to be alone. So Mr. Xie expressed his hope that they would be able to compare their results, and asked Mr. Jiang to also express his opinion.

Xie Lao told Cheng about the origin of Shifanqi, which was to play against Chinese players in Japan. This was the only time and there was another in 2004. Shifanqi is very much anticipated by the masters of Go. Cheng Lei thinks that Sheng Jingchu has always won Yao Ke before, but it shouldn’t be a problem, but Xie Lao feels that it is not necessarily. Only then can we draw a conclusion.

Sheng Jingchu gave Yao Ke back news that he didn’t want to play ten games with him, and hoped to meet him on the court in the future. Just then Cheng went back and apologized to Sheng Jingchu. I have never thought about Sheng Jingchu’s feelings. Now I know how difficult and terrifying Shifanqi is, but Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that he had just posted on Weibo and had already refused. Yao Ke, but now I will send a video to everyone for the sake of the process, and I have to formally accept Yao Ke’s challenge.

The editor-in-chief of Songguo Video thanked Cheng Yi and Cheng Liao for being able to ask Sheng Jingchu to accept Yao Ke’s challenge. They must always follow the filming report. Now that is the biggest news, we must seize the opportunity. Lisa wanted to host with Cheng Yi, but Xu Chi told Lisa to do what she should do instead of always thinking about climbing up.

Xie Changan felt that Yao Ke and Sheng Jingchu shouldn’t be so arrogant, they are all on the stage with the same mentor brothers. He also blamed Xiaolan for not looking for Cheng, and called Sheng Jingchu to challenge. That was just picking things up. At this time, Xie Lao and Jiang were old, saying that Sheng Jingchu and Yao Ke’s Shifanqi asked them to explain, and Xie Changan and the two said that Sheng Jingchu and their fighting would hurt their feelings. But Xie Lao and Jiang Lao said that their brothers have been fighting chess for a lifetime, and they didn’t hurt their feelings. Yao Ke also went there and apologized to the two elders. In those years, he was thinking about starting a game with Sheng Jing and playing normally to win at least six sets.

Yao Ke and his younger brother said that now he has seen Sheng Jing transparently at first, like a bead in his hand, he can be dismantled at will. Sheng Jingchu belongs to the person who has always wanted to win, and he can defeat him by setting a trap. At the beginning of Shengjing.

Sheng Jingchu and Cheng said that he already knew why Yao Ke had to challenge himself. Yao Ke must have full confidence this time, because the last time he played chess with Zhao Yanxun, Yao Ke had been watching by the side, and he should have seen Sheng Jingchu’s shortcomings. This time is an unprecedented difficulty.

The game started right away. Cheng Yi followed them to host the game. Many chess fans and spectators went to the scene. After Yao Ke took the stage, he told everyone that he is now confident of success. Sheng Jingchu hopes to present the most exciting side of Shifanqi. Everybody see.

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