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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 22 Recap

Soon after Zhou Shengchen left, Shi Yi started to have abdominal pain, and she was rolling on the bed in pain. Zhou Wenxing’s old illness relapsed and was unconscious. After the doctor’s full rescue, she finally regained consciousness, but she was dying. Zhou Shengchen looked at Zhou Wenxing who was so angry that she felt uncomfortable.

Zhou Shengren came to report to Zhou Shengchen early in the morning. Shiyi had a sudden acute appendicitis last night. Because Qin Wan did not allow Lin Fei to enter the guest room, he could only wait for Zhou Shengren to send the letter after dawn. Zhou Shengchen hurried back to see Shiyi. She was still in a coma. Zhou Shengchen didn’t want her to stay in this suffocating atmosphere and suffer, so he immediately decided to take it back to Shanghai for treatment.

Shi Yi finally regained consciousness and felt a lot more relaxed when she learned that she had returned to her home in Shanghai. Zhou Shengchen hurriedly cooked for her. In the next few days, Zhou Shengchen asked for leave to take care of Shiyi at home. Shiyi’s condition gradually improved. When the security guard saw Zhou Shengchen going to the supermarket during working hours, he mistakenly thought he was a vagrant.

Hong Xiaoyu took Du Feng to visit Shiyi. The three of them chatted in the living room and talked about whether it was lively or not. Zhou Shengchen shut himself up in the study room to work. From time to time, he came out to care about Shiyi’s needs. Hong Xiaoyu learned that Zhou Shengchen had taken time off to take care of Shiyi at home and envied her. Good fate, let Du Feng study hard.

Sui Sui felt that Shiyi’s appendicitis was related to her frequent food delivery. She was very guilty. Lin Fei kindly persuaded her. Zhou Shengren wanted to go to Shanghai to see Shiyi. He brought Lin Fei and Sui Sui to go with him. Zhou Shengren also called grandma and Shi Yuanyuan. IKEA when coming together. Shi Yi was washing in the bathroom, and hurriedly changed clothes to see her grandma and the others. Shi Yi wanted to book a hotel for them. Neither Zhou Shengren nor Shi Yuanyuan wanted to stay in a hotel, and insisted on staying at Shi IKEA.

Zhou Shengren visited Shiyi and Zhou Shengchen’s bedroom. He curiously asked questions and asked Shiyi frequently to visit him in Zhenjiang, and Shiyi agreed. Zhou Shengchen came into the house and asked Zhou Shengren and Shi Yi to come out to watch the movie. They sat on the sofa to watch horror movies. Zhou Shengren was so scared that he yelled, clutching Shi Yi’s arm tightly, and Zhou Shengchen was busy pouring tea. water.

Shi Yi gave the bedroom to her grandmother, and Zhou Shengchen helped her to wash her feet. Grandma repeatedly praised Zhou Shengchen for being smart in front of Shi Yi, and believed that their children were smarter. Zhou Shengren was sleeping on the sofa, and Lin Fei was playing on the floor next to him. He kept complaining that Zhou Shengren didn’t live in the hotel. If he wanted to suffer here, Zhou Shengren wanted to live in Shiyijia. When the two people didn’t agree, they had a fierce dispute. Zhou Shengchen hurried. Come out to stop them.

Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen settled down before everyone went to bed. Shi Yi got off the sofa and hit the floor with Zhou Shengchen. The two talked love each other, and then hugged each other to sleep. Shiyi wakes up early to make meatloaf, Zhou Shengren feasts on it, he wants to stay at IKEA when he comes back on vacation, and Shiyi welcomes him to come anytime.

He Shan learned that Zhou Shengchen lived in a timely house and couldn’t help but make fun of him, but Zhou Shengchen disapproved. Qin Wan sent a housekeeper to Shanghai to pick up Zhou Shengren and the others. Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen watched them leave, feeling a little bit unwilling. Shi Yi wanted to let her grandma live with her when she moved to the new house. Zhou Shengchen knew her grandma would not leave the old house.

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