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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 19 Recap

Shiyi lay in bed early because of physical discomfort, and suddenly felt very lonely when seeing the empty next to him. Zhou Shengchen sent a message to greet Shiyi, but she did not respond for a long time. Zhou Shengchen was worried and asked Mei Xing to drive back to Shanghai overnight.

Shi Yi’s condition worsened, so she had to call Meilin for help. Meilin and Wang Yingdong were at the same dinner party. Wang Yingdong accompanied her to the hospital. The doctor arranged for the infusion on the chair in the emergency room. When Wang Yingdong went downstairs to pay the fee, Zhou Shengchen hurried to the hospital, and Meilin hurriedly called Wang Yingdong away. Zhou Shengchen was very dissatisfied with Wang Yingdong’s arrival. He resisted the seizure, and asked Shi Yi to change her hospital. Shi Yi felt unnecessary and took the opportunity to secretly kiss him.

Zhou Shengchen went out to call for help, and soon arranged a ward for Shi Yi. Shi Yi could see that Zhou Shengchen was jealous. Zhou Shengchen confessed to it, and he was worried that Shi Yi would be snatched away. Mei Xing went to a tea factory in the outskirts to find Teacher Zhao to drink boring wine. He drank his sorrow with the help of wine and soon became drunk.

Sui Sui and Lin Fei agree, Sui Sui helps him wash his feet, and Lin Fei promises to help Sui Sui wash too. When the two are talking about love, Zhou Wenxing hurries over and asks Lin Fei to go to the tea factory to pick up the plum tree. Sui Sui hurried away with fright. Lin Fei drove to pick up Meixing, but was intercepted by criminals on the way. Lin Fei handed the watch to them. They reluctantly beat and kicked Lin Fei. Meixing got out of the car to help, but was also beaten with a bruised nose and swollen face. Thanks to Uncle Lin rushing in in time, he beat the gangsters away with three punches and two kicks.

Uncle Lin wanted to send Mei Xing home. Mei Xing didn’t want Zhou Wenxing to be worried about seeing him like this, so he asked Lin Fei to send him to the hospital and ask Lin Fei to conceal their robbery. Lin Fei hurried home. Zhou Wenxing had been waiting for them. Lin Fei lied that Mei Xing drank too much and stayed asleep in the tea factory. Zhou Wenxing believed that it was true and went back to sleep at ease.

Shi Yi’s condition gradually improved. Seeing Zhou Shengchen staying beside her every step of the way, she felt very happy and asked Zhou Shengchen to rest on the sofa next to her. Shi Yi couldn’t sleep alone, pulling Zhou Shengchen to chat with her, Zhou Shengchen pretended to be asleep and ignored her, and wanted her to rest well, Shi Yi hugged the quilt and squeezed Zhou Shengchen to sleep on the sofa.

Mei Xing returned to her residence early in the morning and saw Zhou Wenxing leaning on the sofa asleep. Mei Xing put a cover on her. Zhou Wenxing woke up suddenly and saw Mei Xing injured. When she thought of treating him the wound, she suddenly felt dizzy and dizzy. , Mei Xing hurriedly took out the first aid medicine for her to drink. Zhou Wenxing asked about the cause of Mei Xing’s injury. He kept silent. Zhou Wenxing had to go to Uncle Lin to inquire about him. Zhou Wenxing suspected that it was Zhou Wenchuan who was behind the scenes, so he came to confront him. Zhou Wenchuan denied it and even quibbled it in every possible way.

Shi Yi recovered and was discharged from the hospital. Zhou Shengchen took care of her carefully and cooked her porridge. Shi Yi wanted to add some sugar. Zhou Shengchen only gave her a quarter spoon. Shi Yi discussed the housework distribution plan with Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen listened to her arrangements and was willing to take on the things she didn’t like to do. Shi Yi was very happy and felt that she was married.

Zhou Shengchen drove Shiyi to work, and Shiyi took him to the recording studio. Zhou Shengchen learned about Shiyi’s work in detail and couldn’t help but admired her. Finally, Shiyi took Zhou Shengchen to the rooftop, and Zhou Shengchen took out his salary card and handed it to Shiyi. After Wang Yingdong came to the recording studio, Zhou Shengchen immediately became alert. Shi Yi repeatedly stated that he was not interested in Wang Yingdong. Zhou Shengchen just couldn’t let it go. Shi Yi liked to see him jealous and held him tightly.

When the old lady Qin learned that Zhou Shengchen and Shiyi were back on the weekend, she persuaded Qin Wan to be better with Shiyi. She regretted that she had separated Qin Wan and Zhou Shengxing and persuaded Qin Wan not to repeat her mistakes.

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