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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 17 Recap

For the afternoon meeting, Jiang Yicheng personally put on makeup for Lu Li. Looking at the magnified face in front of him, Lu Li didn’t expect Jiang Yicheng to be quite accomplished in makeup. After three or two strokes, Lu Li put on fresh and generous makeup. Paired with this dress, it really looks a lot more contrasting. Jiang Yicheng’s makeup skills were also given by Cheng Yueru and Jiang Zitong. Lu Li looked at Jiang Yicheng with starry eyes, and the admiration in his heart increased a little.

Jiang Yicheng brought Lu Li as scheduled. After the summit, Li Man took Jiang Yicheng to get to know his contacts. Lu Li sat on the other side of the table and watched the two talking with the big guys. He looked a little lonely. Big boss Liu’s right-hand assistant, Xiao Li, looked at the beautiful Lu Li’s silence, Xiao Li began to talk to Lu Li, and the simple-minded Lu Li began to reply.

The two even talked and laughed, waiting for Jiang Yicheng to recover. Seeing that he was suddenly jealous, he quickly asked Lu Li to pay the bill. Mr. Liu also found that his right-hand man seemed to like Lu Li, so he began to talk about matchmaking. Jiang Yicheng’s face turned dark and he officially introduced Lu Li to everyone as his wife. Li Man sat aside stiffly, and Jiang Yicheng’s generous tone made Li Man very embarrassed.

When Li Man walked out of the room, he happened to meet Lu Li after he came back from the checkout. Li Man put on a condescending shelf of life, boasting that he could bring Jiang Yicheng’s connections and career help, and Lu Li would only be someone who relied on Jiang Yicheng. Fake wife, Lu Li ignored what Li Man said. When the two returned to the room again, Jiang Yicheng was drunk by everyone on the table and fell on the sofa. Li Man wanted to help, but Jiang Yicheng dragged away Li Man’s hand. Although he was too drunk and irrational, Jiang Yicheng Still holding Lu Li accurately and constantly saying that he would go home, Lu Li looked at Li Man’s still holding hands, and verbally hinted Li Man to let go, watching Jiang Yicheng refuse him again, Li Man Can only give up.

Lu Li reluctantly carried Jiang Yicheng home, but Jiang Yicheng still frowned and recognized Lu Li as Li Man, yelling to go home. After Lu Li repeatedly stressed, Jiang Yicheng recognized Lu Li in front of him, so suddenly A smile broke out, Lu Li’s lips in front of him were redder than any glass of wine on the table today. Seeing that Jiang Yicheng was very thirsty, he deceived him…

One night later, the two of them finally achieved a positive fruit. Lu Li lay in Jiang Yicheng’s arms and stroked Jiang Yicheng’s face. At this time, Jiang Yicheng breathed softly and let out a “li”. Lu Li was stunned, and Jiang Yicheng just kept talking. Li Man, could it be that the two of them had this night when they recognized him as Li Man. When he thought of this, Lu Li was not in the mood to lie next to Jiang Yicheng anymore, but silently picked up his clothes and changed the sheets, gently. After leaving Jiang Yicheng’s room, Jiang Yicheng mumbled again after the door was closed: Don’t Li Man, go home with Lu Li…

Jiang Yicheng woke up and found that his clothes were disheveled, so he found Lu Li in the next room. Lu Li only said that he had sent Jiang Yicheng to the room and then left. After the fragment that night, fragments of fragments appeared in Jiang Yicheng’s mind, but After Lu Li’s repeated denials, it turned into hesitation in his heart. Lu Li looked at Jiang Yicheng’s seemingly unknowing smile, and his heart was broken into tens of thousands of pieces. Thinking of Jiang Yicheng’s mumbling was like crushing again and again…

Gu Mo and godmother came to visit Gu Xiaoqi, but Gu Xiaoqi was still breathing, Gu Mo shook his head helplessly, Gu Xiaoqi’s room was full of traces left by Gu Mo, dolls, photo albums, and picture frames. The two are the closest people to each other. No matter how hard Gu Mo asks Gu Xiaoqi for forgiveness, Gu Xiaoqi still can’t completely forgive Gu Mo for his control over his boundaries.

Lu Li came to find his mentor. When he said that he was working in a different inheritance, Lu Li told the whole story about her disguised as a man. His mentor smiled and admired Lu Li’s persistence very much. Lu Li carefully asked about Li Man again. He was indeed a student of his teacher. He thought that Jiang Yicheng and Li Man were a famous pair. Hearing his teacher said that he was somewhat similar to Li Man, Lu Li just didn’t say a word and was helpless. Melt into a cup of tea and drink it all in one go.

Returning to the company, Lu Li found that the program group and Li Man’s subordinates were arguing about a new server. Seeing that the quarrel was about to be upgraded, Lu Li proposed to write code to determine ownership, so the two parties agreed to write a set of codes to design a plane. Lu Li took the lead in challenging Li Man, and judged victory or defeat by the number of enemy planes killed.

Although the aircraft designed by Li Man was powerful, the enemy’s planes were all headed towards Lu Li because of its strong capabilities. Jiang Yicheng, who stood silently watching the battle, saw through Lu Li’s strategy. Sure enough, Lu Li won the game. While everyone in the program group was ecstatic, Jiang Yicheng asked Lu Li and others to cede the server, and announced that Lu Li would withdraw from the development of “Xuan Zhong Ji” and instead participate in the game design competition instead of the company.

The program group Everyone held the injustice for Lu Li, and Lu Li couldn’t understand Jiang Yicheng’s meaning, and took the initiative to negotiate with Jiang Yicheng. Li Man also deliberately went upstairs and sat aside to watch the show. Lu Li knew that Jiang Yicheng insisted on himself. Going to participate in the competition, thinking about what Li Man had said to him, and mistakenly thinking that Jiang Yicheng was just using himself as a tool to attract investment, so he became angry and ran out of the office. Chen Yiming, who was about to go upstairs, looked a little strange.

After watching the show, Li Man left first. Chen Yiming and Jiang Yicheng were alone in the office. When asked why Lu Li was not allowed to participate in the “Xuan Zhong Ji” project, Jiang Yicheng was also very troubled. This is entirely the meaning of EG. To put it bluntly, it must be Li Man is playing a ghost, and the two agreed that only when Lu Li wins the game design competition, can Lu Li return to the project. Chen Yiming advised Jiang Yicheng to communicate effectively with Lu Li, otherwise the relationship between the two will only gradually deteriorate.

When things go wrong, Lu Li will come to find Gu Xiaoqi. At this time, Gu Xiaoqi is still beating the doll with Gu Mo’s portrait. Lu Li looked funny, but it was a pity that Gu Mo was so loyal. At this time, Jiang Yicheng called. Lu Li didn’t want to bother about it for the time being, so he refused the call and chose to shut down. When it’s time for a girlfriend, Gu Xiaoqi senses that Lu Li’s emotions are not right, and he guesses whether it’s because of the resurgence of Li Man and Jiang Yicheng’s old relationship. Who knows, he hit Lu Li’s pain point, making Lu Li squeeze the beer and continue to flow. The ground poured into his throat.

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