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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 15 Recap

At once

When the two of them made the cake and were about to leave, Jiang Yicheng received a call. He had arranged for others to investigate Li Man’s father. Now there were new clues. Jiang Yicheng frowned and Lu Li saw that Jiang Yicheng’s expression changed. , He intimately asked Jiang Yicheng to deal with other things first.

Jiang Yicheng found Li’s father’s home. First of all, Li’s father put on the appearance of sharp teeth and sharp mouth. It was not until Jiang Yicheng took out the monitoring evidence from the mobile phone that Li’s father lowered his head and admitted his mistake. Three years ago, Li’s father overheard Li Man and Chen. Dong Company called and asked Li Man to secretly sell Jiang Yicheng’s game code. Li’s father thought it was profitable, so he robbed the game hard drive to sell it. It turned out that the grievances three years ago had nothing to do with Li Man.

Jiang Yicheng froze in place, and Li Man, who happened to come back to look for Li Man’s father, saw the two figures and stopped blankly. Li Man came here to give money to Li Man’s father, and Jiang Yicheng asked directly why Li Man had to bear everything in the first place, the phone was turned off, and the two disappeared without a trace. Li Man took a deep breath and told the truth of the year. In order to prevent his father from taking away Jiang Yicheng’s efforts, Li Man had to pick up a knife and cut his father’s arm under the dispute. For the sake of money, Li’s father directly accused his daughter and sold the game code while Li Man was in the police station for 15 days. After Li Man was released, he wanted to find Jiang Yicheng to explain clearly.

It was too late. Jiang Yicheng was hit by a car and was hospitalized because he was eager to find Li Man. Cheng Yueru firmly denied Li Man. In order to escape, Li Man studied abroad to study hard, just to return to repay Jiang Yicheng. Time has passed for so long, everything is right and wrong, thinking of this, Jiang Yicheng’s heart has been more relieved. But if all this has not happened, will it be the two who will get married? Jiang Yicheng just watched Lu Li coldly, and rejected all untrue assumptions.

When Jiang Yicheng returned home, Lu Li was already asleep on the sofa. Today, because of Jiang Yicheng’s unsuccessful appointment, Lu’s father and mother were already quite angry. Fortunately, Lu Li was in the midst of dealing with Jiang Yicheng. Become embarrassed. Jiang Yicheng didn’t realize Lu Li’s painstaking efforts. He just whispered goodnight, and then walked into his room. Lu Li was indeed disappointed in his heart, but he was still concealed by the damn thoughtfulness.

Lu Li’s “Xuan Zhong Ji” project is still going on, and the results are now quite fruitful. Everyone looked at Lu Li’s display with expressions of admiration. Jiang Yicheng on the side suddenly received a notification from the hospital, knowing that Li Man was hospitalized unexpectedly, he was stunned. left. Colleagues around quietly discussed the female voice on the phone.

In order to dispel doubts, Lu Li called Jiang Zitong. Knowing that Jiang Zitong and Cheng Yueru were all safe and sound, he was forced to think of Li Man… a good friend Gu Xiaoqi called. Lu Li brought Gu Xiaoqi’s prepared specialties. When he turned and left, Gu Xiaoqi met Huang Xun. Gu Xiaoqi asked Huang Xun why he was hot and cold, and Huang Xun said in a vague way. Gu Mo, Gu Xiaoqi was so angry that he wanted to make an appointment with Gu Mo to make it clear. After finalizing the accounts, Gu Xiaoqi took out all the debts from small to large to liquidate.

When Jiang Yicheng rushed to the hospital, he found that Li Man was completely injured. Needless to say, he knew that his father must have moved his hand. Li Man lowered his head aggrievedly and accused Jiang Yicheng of his father’s endless demand for money. Naturally, Jiang Yicheng couldn’t let him. Such things happened again and again, so he asked Li Man to check his injuries.

After the battle of Gu Mo, Huang Xun was completely desperate for his emotional path. The discussion came to Lu Li and Jiang Yicheng again. It seemed that the opportunity had to be won by himself, and Lu Li decided to give it a go. Chen Yiming admired Lu Li’s simplicity and obsession. Perhaps he had too many worries and distracting thoughts. Speaking of this, Jiang Zitong’s alarm sounded again, saying that it was too late. Chen Yiming quickly grabbed the car key and ran out. Lu Li could only help Chen Yiming to cover. Jiang Zitong was full of anger, so he grabbed Lu Li and wanted to go out together to vent.

After the injury test, Li Man proposed to invite Jiang Yicheng to dinner. When the two came to the mall, they happened to be seen by Jiang Zitong. Jiang Zitong quickly concealed from Lu Li and took Lu Li out of the mall. The two came to Jiang Yicheng’s house. Jiang Zitong looked on curiously. Lu Li was afraid that the two would agree to a marriage contract. The facts were exposed. While Jiang Zitong was going to the bathroom, he quickly cleaned up the two people’s bedrooms. Seeing Jiang Zitong had no idea of ​​leaving, Lu Li felt like suffering in a hot pot…

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