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The Justice 光芒 Episode 13 Recap

Wu Lizi asked the waiter which one was Boss Zhai and took the initiative to ask Boss Zhai to dance. Manager Jiao was ordered by Zhou Guangxian to stay with Boss Zhai every step of the way. He desperately stopped Wu Lizi. Wu Lizi deliberately revealed that she was Wu Zhifu’s daughter, Zhai. Regardless of Manager Jiao’s objection, the boss accepted Wu Lizi’s invitation.

Zhou Wenqun is Zhou Guangxian’s nephew. He was also invited to the dinner and brought a female companion. When Zhou Wenqun saw Cheng Yizhi, he told Huang Ruhong publicly that he was going to develop a tuberculosis drug. Cheng Yizhi believed Huang Ruhong was a slip of the tongue. , Persuaded Zhou Wenqun to do everything possible, develop medicines strictly controlled by foreign companies, and use practical actions to fight them to the end.

Wu Lizi and Boss Zhai danced gracefully. They cooperated tacitly. Someone sneered at Cheng Yizhi and satirized Cheng Yizhi’s generosity. He even asked his wife to dance with others. Cheng Yizhi sneered at them and scorned them as beasts in dress. Mrs. Zhai could not understand Wu Lizi and complained to Zhou Guangxian. Zhou Guangxian replaced boss Zhai and continued to dance with Wu Lizi. Wu Lizi brazenly finished dancing with him.

Wu Lizi drank a large glass of wine in anger, she took the initiative to greet the director of the leather factory Shi, Zhou Guangxian and Manager Jiao were like enemies and blocked them in every possible way. At this moment, the female companion brought by Zhou Wenqu rushed over and slapped Wu Lizi severely, slapped Wu Zhifu for preventing agricultural loans during his lifetime, causing them to live in difficulties, everyone present was shocked, Wu Lizi was ashamed, and Cheng Yizhi He rushed to rescue Wu Lizi and clarified the matter in public. Wu Zhifu had been thinking about agricultural loans during his lifetime, and Cheng Yizhi also detailed the exact amount of each.

The banquet broke up after an unhappy banquet. Zhou Wenqun took his female companion just about to leave. Zhou Guangxian severely taught Zhou Wenqun a meal. Zhou Wenqun was so scared that he repeatedly admitted his mistakes. Zhou Guangxian took the opportunity to ask Zhou Wenqun to give up Cheng Yizhi’s investment. Zhou Wenqun was very reluctant. Wu Lizi wondered why Cheng Yizhi knew so much about what her father was doing. Cheng Yizhi had to take out the letter that Professor Lu gave him. He learned the truth from the correspondence between Professor Lu and Wu Zhifu. Wu Lizi looked through her father’s letter and found Knowing her father’s lofty ambitions, and the lines filled with love for her, Wu Lizi saw things and thoughts about others, and she couldn’t cry in sorrow. Cheng Yizhi persuaded her kindly and promised to return her father to seek justice and give Wu Lizi a happy home.

Wu Lizi finally understood Cheng Yizhi’s affection for her, she took the initiative to give her arms to Cheng Yizhi, the first time the two had a close contact, they finally no longer have different dreams in the same bed. Cheng Yizhi woke up early in the morning and found that Wu Lizi was not by her side. Wang’s mother didn’t know where Wu Lizi was going. Cheng Yizhi mistakenly thought that Wu Lizi regretted what happened last night, and hurriedly chased it out, only to know that Wu Lizi was going to buy breakfast. Cheng Yizhi went to eat with her. .

Zhou Guangxian wanted Boss Zhai and Director Shi to invest in the purchase of bank equity. Unexpectedly, after the dinner was over, Boss Zhai regretted it. He said that the return of funds from the factory was too slow and he did not want to invest again. There was no news from Director Shi. Zhou Guangxian Assuming that Wu Lizi is playing a ghost, Manager Pai Jiao investigates the content of Wu Lizi and their conversation.

Zhou Guangxian personally went to the pharmaceutical factory to investigate and visit, and finally decided to invest in Zhou Wenqun. Zhou Wenqun did not want to disappoint Cheng Yizhi’s kindness, so Zhou Guangxian coerced and lured him. Zhou Wendog was grateful for Zhou Guangxian’s nurturing grace, and couldn’t bear to refute his face, so he had to explain to Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi was helpless and asked him to make compensation in accordance with the terms. Zhou Wendog was willing to bear all the responsibilities.

Wu Lizi came to Charlie. Charlie could see that she was different from usual. Wu Lizi tried her best to cover up and couldn’t wait to know the final decision of Boss Zhai and Director Shi. Charlie had to admire Wu Lizi’s methods. Boss Zhai and Director Shi refused. Buying the capital of the Shanghai Reserve Bank, Wu Lizi suspects that Zhou Guangxian is doing cryptic trading, otherwise he will not rush to sell the capital. Charlie revealed that Cheng Yizhi had invested in Zhou Guangxian’s nephew to build a pharmaceutical factory, and suspected that Cheng Yizhi was related to Zhou Guangxian.

Cheng Yizhi deliberately withdrew capital from the pharmaceutical factory in order to let Zhou Guangxian relax his vigilance. He sent Mianguazi to follow the postman. When the postman gave out a secret code to connect with the buyer, Mianguazi pulled him aside and forced him to ask for the secret code and process of the buyer and the seller. Cheng Yizhi asked Lian Guazi to pretend to be Mao Fuxing, the comprador of Tianjin Huacai Carpets, and asked him to talk to Manager Jiao about purchasing the capital of the Shanghai Reserve Bank. Cheng Yizhi familiarized Lian Guazi with the details of the Huacai Carpet Factory in advance.

Lian Guazi came to Manager Jiao and explained his intentions straightforwardly. Manager Jiao naturally couldn’t ask for it. Lian Guazi took the opportunity to ask for a look at the Shanghai Reserve Bank’s accounts. Manager Jiao bucked in every possible way.

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