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Our Times 启航:当风起时 Episode 8 Recap

There will be a dance party at school next week. Tan Yuan wants to take the initiative to invite Pei Qinghua to be her dance partner. She doesn’t know what to do. Wang Manlin suggested that she can make lunch and send it there. By the way, you can ask. Xiao Chuang, who returned to Beijing, immediately wrote another letter to Xie Hang, and Pei Qinghua asked him to think about how to explain to Tan Qizhang about going to Shanghai.

Xiao Chuang overfulfilled the task this time, but Tan Qizhang was still a little angry. Xiao Chuang was ordered to reflect, but Pei Qinghua’s mood remained low. Xiao Chuang called Qi Rongbin and told Qi Rongbin to sign Baosong’s bill so that they could be safe. Pei Qinghua has nothing to do with Hanka, saying that it is good to pass the time.

When Tan Yuan saw that Tan Qizhang was not at home, she immediately bought vegetables and returned to cook. She went to the research institute to find Pei Qinghua after get off work. As always, he was the last one to get off work. Tan Yuan personally cooks the food and sends it to Pei Qinghua, watching him eat to be happy. Tan Qizhang went home from get off work and didn’t see Tan Yuan, but there was still rice in the pot, and he spit out a salty bite.

Tan Yuan took the opportunity to invite Pei Qinghua to be her dance partner. Pei Qinghua was so scared that she was stuck by a fishbone, and she was so scared that Tan Yuan was busy before getting it down. Pei Qinghua said that she didn’t know how to dance, as long as Tan Yuan didn’t dislike him being dragged down, Tan Yuan went back with her lunch box excitedly. Qi Rongbin came back from the northeast in a mink, so he almost told everyone that he didn’t come back from Shanghai. The most important thing was that he didn’t sign the contract or take the deposit, but he kept saying that it went well.

Xie Hang had her birthday today, and her parents called to care and asked her and Lei Min to be fine. Lei Min already has a new ambiguous object, but Xie Hang still tells his parents that they are fine. Baosong formally rejected Kang Pu’s decision to purchase Jefferson. This order was lost and disrupted all plans for the next quarter. Qi Rongbin and Xiao Chuang could not understand, who knew that Jefferson’s person in charge was Wang Chong. The contract hadn’t been written yet, Xiao Chuang thought it was not too late, and Pei Qinghua agreed to let him go to the Northeast again. Xiao Chuang found that Pei Qinghua was embarrassed to practice dance secretly in the dormitory. Xiao Chuang didn’t say that he was going to Baosong, only that Tan Qizhang sent him to Tianjin temporarily.

Xie Hang bought back a birthday cake under the heavy rain, and lit candles alone to celebrate his birthday. The neighbor suddenly took a wad of letters and said it was a mistake, and then scolded her badly. These were all sent by Xiao Chuang. Xiao Chuang naively expressed his thoughts in the letter, his mind was so conspicuous. The last one was a birthday card sent by Xiao Chuang. He only hoped that Xie Hang would be happy and thank them for seeing each other, even if Xie Hang never wanted to see him again.

Xie Hang cried and blew out the birthday candles. She braved the rain to call Xiao Chuang and leave a message. She received both the letter and the greeting card. Xiao Chuang gave her a grand and unforgettable birthday. He appeared at the most memorable moment in his life. It was Xiao Chuang who made Xie Hang rekindle hope for the days to come. At this time, Xiao Chuang wrote his blessings to Xie Hang in a sunflower.

Xie Hang asked Lei Min to take time off to see Peach Blossom in Beijing, and let Lei Min figure it out. Early in the morning, Xiao Chuang heard that there was a call from Shanghai just now. Xie Hang will return to Beijing at 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon, but Xiao Chuang happens to be the train at 4 o’clock tomorrow afternoon. Fortunately, they still have two hours, which is enough for them to do a lot of things, and it doesn’t matter what Xie Hang does. She just wants to see Xiao Chuang.

The day did not fulfill the wishes, Xie Hang’s train was late and failed to arrive until Xiao Chuang was about to leave. Xiao Chuang landed on the train, and just then, the train from Shanghai to Beijing arrived. The two met across the train and felt relieved to see Xie Hang so energetic and Xiao Chuang, thanks to the letter written by Xiao Chuang. The train departed slowly, Xiao Chuang chased the carriage all the way and told Xie Hang that he must wait for him to come back and wait for him to see Peach Blossom! Before Xie Hang had time to tell Xiao Chuang, he was actually very happy to see him on the platform. Until Xie Hang’s figure disappeared, Xiao Chuang returned to the carriage like a fool, happy that she had herself in her heart.

Pei Qinghua heard from Qi Rongbin that Xiao Chuang had gone to Baosong. Xu Yiwan explained that Xiao Chuang was protecting him. If he followed and waited for Lin Yimin to return, he would definitely be implicated. But Pei Qinghua insisted on helping Xiao Chuang, and Tan Qizhang agreed. Before leaving, Xu Yang told Pei Qinghua that a colleague named Luo had been sent to Baosong, saying that he could find him if he had something to do.

Because Tan Yuan was not in the dormitory because she was in a hurry for a business trip, Pei Qinghua had to write down her temporary business trip on the message board. Tonight is the ball. Tan Yuan dressed up and waited for Pei Qinghua’s arrival, but he was not seen until the ball began. Tan Yuan stayed alone all night uneasy, but she was still looking forward to it, maybe Pei Qinghua just arrived a little later. Little did he know that Pei Qinghua was already on the train.

Tan Yuan waited all night and her feet were worn out, and angrily threatened to never talk to Pei Qinghua again. The words on the message board downstairs in the dormitory had long been erased, and Tan Yuan had a deeper misunderstanding.

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