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Our Times 启航:当风起时 Episode 7 Recap

Stock subscription warrants cannot be traded, so Xiao Chuang ran to find Xu Yang for help to find out about it, and suddenly realized that he had harmed Xie Hang. The stock subscription certificates were certified internally. Lei Min was severely criticized by the president. Xie Hang ran to the president to apologize, but he didn’t expect that Lei Min lost the opportunity to study in Hong Kong. Lei Min begged his grandpa to tell his grandmother to transfer Xie Hang to Shanghai to arrange to enter the bank.

Now Xie Hang ruined his life. He pointed to Xie Hang’s nose and called her a burden. For his own future, Lei Min even hinted that Xie Hang would go to the president of the bank to “please”. Xiao Chuang couldn’t contact Xie Hang. A colleague said that she was in the hospital but didn’t know what was going on. Xiao Chuang and Qi Rongbin were so anxious that he decided to go to Shanghai, leaving him the piece of fat in the northeast.

Xie Hang had a nightmare in the hospital bed, Lei Min saw her as a stumbling block on the way to advancement, and even hinted that he was committed to the president. Opening her eyes, Xiao Chuang came, and Xie Hang fell to this point because of him, she didn’t want to see him. The doctor said that Xie Hang had drunk half a bottle of sleeping pills, and Xiao Chuang was at a loss to find Lei Min to settle accounts, but Xie Hang weakly begged him not to trouble himself.

Xiao Chuang talked about business absently every day, and when it was over, he went to the hospital to take care of Xie Hang. After she was discharged from the hospital, she sent herself away and sent her to the dispatcher who said that he had stolen the stock subscription certificate to sell. Xie Hang couldn’t listen at all. She was annoyed when she saw Xiao Chuang now, and only hoped that he disappeared immediately. Xiao Chuang still watched Xie Hang anxiously after drinking the porridge before leaving. Hearing that he would come back tonight, Xie Hang decided to leave the hospital early tomorrow morning.

Everyone set off, but Pei Qinghua was a little unhappy. Lin Yimin didn’t care at all. Instead, he valued Xiao Chuang more. He was a business man. Lin Yimin is going abroad to communicate for a period of time, so Xu Yang will stare at it during this period of time. Wang Manlin organized everyone to gather to watch a movie and said that the actor looked like Pei Qinghua, and Tan Yuan couldn’t help but laugh. On the screen, the hostess kissed deeper and deeper. At this time, the Office of Academic Affairs suddenly came to check that the students fled, and Tan Yuan was caught sitting under the table.

Pei Qinghua knew that Xiao Chuang went to Shanghai secretly, but he felt that Xiao Chuang must have done this for a reason. Tan Qizhang had to tell them not to say anything, letting Lin Yimin know that it was terrible. Tan Yuan was asked who the organizer was, and Tan Yuan was called a parent when she was unwilling to betray her friends. Tan Yuan had no choice but to say that her father was on a business trip and called Pei Qinghua to pretend to be her second uncle to help. Pei Qinghua looked at Tan Qizhang next to him and stubbornly agreed.

The counselor still wants to find the person who shows the love movie, and Tan Yuan is still reluctant to say it out of righteousness. Pei Qinghua figured out the ins and outs, and immediately expressed his opinion. He was very pleased that Pei Qinghua did not betray his companions, and even criticized the counselor’s disgraceful thinking when watching a love movie. The counselor was so embarrassed that he couldn’t speak. Tan Yuan invited Pei Qinghua to dinner, but she didn’t expect him to come to support her, but Pei Qinghua also took this opportunity to vent, and went back to solder the board without eating. After this incident, Tan Yuan’s views on Pei Qinghua were different.

Xie Hang came to work as soon as she was discharged from the hospital, and suffered from the rumors of comrades, Lei Min had not seen her since she was hospitalized. Xiao Chuang ran to Xie Hang and said that he would wait for her to get off work. Xie Hang was uncomfortable today, because he was nearly complained about his slow efficiency, and he didn’t want to see him again.

They would not have friendship anymore. Xiao Chuang was not reconciled. He was really interesting to Xie Hang, but he wasn’t the kind of shameless person. Xiao Chuang will return to Beijing by train tomorrow morning, and his business will get better and better. Xie Hang’s life is not as good as death. Colleagues don’t wait to see her. Lei Min directly treats her as transparent. One rainy night, when Xie Hang was about to go home under heavy rain, he saw Xiao Chuang waiting outside holding an umbrella. Suddenly Xie Hang didn’t want to go home anymore, she wanted to eat something from Beijing.

Xiao Chuang bought a lot of Beijing snacks for Xie Hang, and the two ate shabu-shabu in the video store. Xiao Chuang formally apologized to Xie Hang, but Xie Hang wanted to thank him instead. Lei Min never visited her once. She was not worthy of caring for such a person. It was Xiao Chuang who made her see all this clearly. Xiao Chuang persuaded Xie Hang to return to Beijing, where they belonged. But Xie Hang insisted on transferring to Shanghai for Lei Min, and the relationship in the industry was offended, I am afraid he can’t go back. Before Lei Min was her entire world, now something happened, Xie Hang only felt that the entire world had collapsed.

Xiao Chuang said, as long as the heart hasn’t collapsed, the world can’t collapse. Xie Hang drank a lot of wine and staggered with Xiao Chuang on the way home. It was the first time he was sent home by a stranger when he grew up so old. Xiao Chuang was a little bit lost. They hadn’t known each other for a long time, and they hadn’t seen each other a few times. They were indeed strangers. But Xiao Chuang clearly remembered the time they knew each other. Since they met, he would not miss this opportunity. Xie Hang didn’t listen to Xiao Chuang’s hot confession. She was dizzy until she woke up the next day. There was breakfast prepared by Xiao Chuang and a note on the table.

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