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Our Times 启航:当风起时 Episode 6 Recap

Recently, the stock subscription certificates are almost sold out, and the colleagues in Xiehang Bank are wondering whether to sell them and are afraid of problems. When Pei Qinghua’s mother was coming for the New Year, Xiao Chuang quickly promised to help him get the money, but Pei Qinghua had another thing in his heart. It was a winter in 1974, and his family was poor. Pei Qinghua was young. His father felt sorry for him and had to resell bituminous coal.

As a result, he was arrested by the brigade. When Pei Qinghua was still young, he watched his father be scolded by everyone. Later, Father Pei went to the farm to get tuberculosis and left after a short time. Mother Pei was heartbroken and asked Pei Qinghua to swear to be an honest person in this life and never to do business. Xiao Chuang sighed. No wonder Pei Qinghua is so resistant to doing sales. Pei Qinghua originally wanted Mother Pei to stay in Xu Yiwan’s dormitory for a few days, but Xiao Chuang had already called our mother. He must put all the chicken, duck and fish on the table.

Xiao Chuang took the ten stock subscription certificates given by Xie Hang to sell, and booked the best hotel for Pei’s mother. On New Year’s Eve, Xiao Chuang accompanied Pei Qinghua to the train station to pick up Pei’s mother. He was very enthusiastic after he was busy. Pei Qinghua couldn’t help but wonder where he got so much money, which he would pay back after all. Tan Yuan was at home alone, and Pei Qinghua wanted to take some things to deliver. Xiao Chuang felt that it would be better to take her over for the New Year together. Tan Yuan took a bottle of wine and followed Pei Qinghua. On the way, Pei Qinghua told her about the family affairs, hoping that she would never tell her mother. Back in the dormitory, Xiao Chuang and Pei’s mother set off fireworks downstairs.

Pei’s mother heard that Tan Yuan was at home alone and was very enthusiastic. The two of them also had a good relationship. Xiao Chuang saw that Pei’s mother was in love with Tan Yuan at a glance. . Sure enough, Mother Pei had already started to inquire if Tan Yuan had any target, but she didn’t expect Tan Yuan to say that they were going to the sea bald. Pei Qinghua and Xiao Chuang were so frightened that they talked badly, and quickly blocked Tan Yuan’s mouth, but Mother Pei seemed to be drunk and happy and didn’t listen.

After the meal, Xiao Chuang took a taxi to take Pei’s mother back to the hotel. Pei’s mother still felt sorry for the money along the way. Several people are planning to drink less in the future, they are indeed not very good. Fireworks were set off in the distance, and everyone made wishes. Pei Qinghua’s wish was to return to the institute. Tan Yuan hoped that Tan Qizhang would come back soon, while Xiao Chuang followed Tan Qizhang to make a fortune. Pei Qinghua and Xiao Chuang sent Tan Yuan home, but they met Tan Qizhang downstairs, and they were very happy. A few days later, Pei Qinghua sent Pei’s mother back, and Xiao Chuang also bought a lot of things for her to take. Mother Pei feels distressed that Pei Qinghua is sensible, and now another person is outside.

After the New Year is 1992, Qi Rongbin inquired clearly that the project of Lin Yimin and Tan Qizhang was Huayan One. The policy encourages going to the sea to do business. When Tan Qizhang came back, the director also decided to set up a new company. Xiao Chuang asked Pei Qinghua to stand in line as soon as possible. The director decided to start the company, but Lin Yimin should be the general manager and Tan Qizhang should be the deputy manager.

Although Tan Qizhang was unwilling, he still agreed, but the request was to name the company, called Huayan. Lin Yimin came, and the two confessed to each other with smiles. Huayan Technology Development Co., Ltd. was formally established, and the first thing was to implement Kangpu’s contract as soon as possible. Xiao Chuang and Pei Qinghua didn’t expect Lin Yimin to become the general manager. Didn’t this steal the fruits of their victory!

Tan Qizhang said hello to the Fifth Research Institute, and Pei Qinghua can report when he returns. Although many projects in the institute have stopped, Pei Qinghua is willing to wait. Tan Qizhang really appreciates Pei Qinghua, so he hopes that he will stay here for half a year, Pei Qinghua agreed. Huayan Technology Development Co., Ltd. was formally established, several departments have been moved away, and the place is much more spacious. Tan Qizhang went on a business trip, and Lin Yimin arranged for Pei Qinghua to stay, leaving a few people to go out for business.

Pei Qinghua was a little reluctant. He wanted to be like everyone else. Although he just stayed to help, he was a member of the sales department after all, but Lin Yimin didn’t agree. Xu Yang announced everyone’s whereabouts. Qi Rongbin went to East China, and Lin Yimin asked Xiao Chuang to go to the Northeast. Winning the Northeast was equivalent to winning this year’s sales champion.

Xiao Chuang immediately bought a mink for the reimbursement of the business trip to prepare for his trip to the Northeast. Pei Qinghua was absent-minded when he was playing, and Xiao Chuang didn’t understand why he was reluctant because he was clearly not here. Xiao Chuang thought about the three new officials who took office. Lin Yimin certainly regarded Pei Qinghua as a thorny one when he came up. Xie Hang suddenly called, because of the last stock subscription certificate. Hearing that Xiao Chuang had sold them all, Xie Hang was completely taken away.

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