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Our Times 启航:当风起时 Episode 4 Recap

The ordering meeting that Xiao Chuang took so hard to organize began. Before the start, he looked around and still didn’t see Xie Hang. Xiao Chuang took the stage to introduce Kangpu Computer, and the bosses bought them one after another. And Pei Qinghua, who was still in Guangzhou, was still ashamed. Lu Hainiu came over at this time and said that a boss was very interested in his computer. Pei Qinghua hurriedly took the computer and Lu Hainiu to see Boss Zhang. Unexpectedly, the computer went on strike and broke down, and Boss Zhang refused to even look at it.

Xiao Chuang ordered a total of 253 computers, and the results were very gratifying. After the order meeting, Xie Hang arrived. She gave Xiao Chuang ten national stock subscription certificates. In fact, she blamed herself for the previous Hanka affairs. These should be enough to compensate them for their losses. They should have no chance to meet this time, Xiao Chuang accepted it bitterly. Pei Qinghua discovered the problem, and someone secretly removed the memory stick in his case.

Pei Qinghua held the computer to sleep and never left. He returned to the noodle restaurant where he had diarrhea, but the proprietress kicked him out. Xiao Chuang completed the mission and returned to Beijing. Pei Qinghua has not heard from him. Although the mission has not been there, Tan Qizhang is even more worried that he will be stubborn. Xiao Chuang grimaced for a long time and decided to go to Guangzhou to help Pei Qinghua.

Pei Qinghua finally found out that the roommate in the hotel had stolen his memory stick, and when he was about to hit someone in anger, Xiao Chuang arrived. Xiao Chuang looked desperately vigorous, and the other party was so frightened that he quickly returned the memory stick. Xiao Chuang and Pei Qinghua ate and drank by the river, but he couldn’t even sell a computer when Guangzhou was so big, Pei Qinghua was very disappointed. Xiao Chuang suggested that he use the set of trade fairs, and he said with high spirits that if you want to fight the tide in this era, you have to be a big ship! But Pei Qinghua only wanted to make a reef, hiding it deep in the water, and staying still. Xiao Chuang confessed that he came to take Pei Qinghua back, and he sold the shares of both of them, and even became rich. But Pei Qinghua wanted to try again, on her own.

Xiao Chuang arranged for the most popular mushroom in Guangzhou to discuss business with Lu Hainiu. Lu Hainiu said that Boss Zhang still had a good chance, but Pei Qinghua couldn’t do it again. This is the bottom line. Pei Qinghua came up with a way to buy a computer to give a Hanka. The Hanka they made before was very popular, and many people dragged it to buy it. Lu Hainiu made another appointment with Mr. Zhang. In the noisy KTV, everyone was busy with socializing and entertainment. Only Pei Qinghua was conscientious in selling computers. In the business arena, it is inevitable to drink, Pei Qinghua also drank, but did not expect Boss Zhang to step up and tell him that he can buy as many computers as he drinks.

Xiao Chuang was willing to help, but Pei Qinghua said it was his task. He bit his head and drank fifty-five glasses of wine to complete the task. Fortunately, crying and smiling, holding Xiao Chuang in the car crying and saying that he didn’t want to stir the cement, he just wanted to go back to the research institute.

Passing by the small stall selling tapes, Pei Qinghua suddenly sobered and ran down to buy a piece of “Babylon River” that Tan Yuan said. The song came from the tape recorder, and Pei Qinghua was obviously happy. On the train back to Beijing, Pei Qinghua was still vomiting, not even conscious. Xiao Chuang brought Guangzhou souvenirs to everyone, but when he saw the dried persimmons Xu Yang had brought, his mood suddenly fell. The task of defeating Octopus was completed, and Pei Qinghua thought about returning to the research institute. He felt that he was not suitable for sales. But Tan Qizhang hopes that he can think about it. It is a pity that he will not do sales this time. It’s just that everyone has their own ambitions, Tan Qizhang still agreed to help apply.

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