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My Dear Brothers 亲爱的吾兄 Episode 2 Recap

Shi Xia was a little stunned, but the back pond in front of him felt a bit overbearing the upper body of the president, and asked her to stay to protect her. Shixia wanted to leave and didn’t want to stay. At this time, Bi Hong, who had a good deed, came again and wanted to find out. Shixia looked at his face and felt that Bi Hong was a good person. As soon as he wanted to rush out, he was turned into a transparent person by a barrier in the back pond, even Bi Hong couldn’t see it. It was summer, but Bi Hong knew that someone must be hiding in the room. After listening to the conversation between Hoouchi and Bi Hong, Xia knew that she couldn’t get out at all.

Shi Xia was worried about being the chairman of the student union, and she was worried about her elder brother, and I was afraid that he would not see her when he went home. Looking at Shi Xia’s gloomy look, Chi also took the initiative to cook for Shi Xia, because Shi Xia would cook for Shi Xia. Braised pork in brown sauce, but I didn’t expect that I had turned the braised pork into charcoal when I was in the kitchen, so Shixia almost mistakenly thought that the house was on fire. Fortunately, there were instant noodles in my pocket in summer, and I felt that I was alive immediately after eating the hot instant noodles.

Shi Xia wanted to learn some spells and left here, but Hou Chi claimed that he had learned all the superior spells of the leader of the Ten Thousand Immortal League, which was not suitable for Shi Xia, and proudly told Shi Xia that the leader of the Ten Thousand Immortal League was very It’s amazing, I am also complacent, thinking that maybe Shi Xia will worship her some, and Xia’s immediate concern is not the leader, but when he can leave.

The boss has not seen Houchi recently, and wants to understand the current situation of Houchi. Bi Hong and Houchi are close, so he was called for questioning. Bi Hong just knew that Houchi was practicing a new method of mind. , And think that after two hundred years of practicing in Houchi retreat, since I stepped out of the yard, there is really no need to worry, and everyone feels reasonable. Bi Hong was dissatisfied. He blamed the boss for calling him two hundred years ago to stabilize the back pond. Now, it seems that there is nothing more to say to him. The boss still doesn’t say much to ask Bi Hong to leave. Bi Hong is full of expressions. Leave happily. The elders persuaded the head to care more about Bi Hong. After all, the two talents are father and son, but the head still didn’t say much.

Hou Chi is very concerned about Shixia, for fear of being hit by books on the shelf while reading, he often guards his side, and also urges Shixia to go to bed on time. Knowing that Shixia would tell stories in winter, Houchi also took the initiative to tell Shixia bedtime stories. , The next day, when Chi was practicing, his skill increased greatly, and he was pleasantly surprised that he had a younger sister.

Shixia was depressed, Hoouchi personally made an extremely ugly puppet for Shixia. Shixia was so scared that he threw it aside, so that he could not sleep if he thought the doll was accompanied. At this time, the leader came here, reprimanding Houji that he should not be injured in a private competition with the demon, and also concealed everyone. Houchi thought that the leader had discovered that Shi Xia was about to admit his mistake, but found that the leader was because of the demon. Respect angry. Shi Xia in the room knew from the conversation between Bi Hong and Hou Chi that they had a powerful head. She was so scared that she did not dare to breathe in the room. He watched Hou Chi in the yard kneeling in front of the master to beg her. Shixia suddenly felt distressed and felt that Houchi was not a bad person, but just a tool for others to practice.

The head did not blame the back pond too much, but used his skills to heal the unhealed back pond, and said more earnestly and earnestly. The time in the room was a little boring when I picked up the rag doll made by Houchi and hugged it in my arms and fell asleep. In my sleep, Houchi dreamed of the time winter, and the two of them were on the Ferris wheel. The farther I walked, I was anxious to find Shidong, and called my brother in horror. Second, she seemed to be imprisoned and unable to move. Shixia was anxiously struggling to let her go. Hou Chi suddenly appeared and held Shi Xia’s hand tightly. Shi Xia opened his eyes and saw Hou Chi being so close to him, both of them felt a little strange.

In order to make Shixia relax and happy, Houchi took Shixia up into the air and looked down below. Shixia was very curious to see a human academy, but Houchi had never been there because the master said it was a human place. . For some reason, Hou Chi always wanted to hold Shixia in her arms tightly. Shi Xia noticed that Hou Chi was holding his hands tighter and questioning Hou Chi. In a panic, Hou Chi let go, and Shi Xia fell into the air. Houchi flew in a panic to chase Shixia, picked her up again and hugged her into his arms, and slowly fell into the courtyard with Shixia.

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