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My Dear Brothers 亲爱的吾兄 Episode 1 Recap

Somewhere in the immortal world, Mozun Qiuping and Yuhua School’s little teacher Houchi both died, and finally ended with the defeat of Mozun Qiuping, but Mozun also saw that there was a reason why the back pool did not reach the peak, but the back pool did not. I don’t remember, because the master once said that it is no longer a problem to win the leader of the Ten Thousand Immortals with his current ability, as long as he wins the position of the leader, he can protect all living beings.

This makes Demon Venerable, one of the candidates, naturally dissatisfied. Demon Venerable satirizes Hou Chi and doesn’t even talk about protecting sentient beings. The Demon Venerable proudly says that the person he has guarded is a soft sister, thinking of his sister. A happy smile appeared on the face of the round fleshy little Demon Zun.

At the National Scholarship Conference, I was going to participate in a speech in the summer to compete for scholarships, but at a critical moment I got a news about my brother Shidong. Shidong has disappeared for a year, and the other party said that Shixia was only given half an hour to catch up. In the past, Internet cafes did not wait for the message to expire. Shi Xia finally gave up the opportunity of scholarship and went to the Internet cafe, secretly telling Shi Dong to scold him, if he finds Shi Dong, he will certainly not spare him, and Shi Dong will have to return the lost scholarship.

When Shixia rushed to the Internet cafe to get news from a person, he needed to rush to the Ferris wheel to find Shidong. A person sitting on the Ferris wheel in the park had a very good picture of Shixia, but no matter how Shixia called the other party, he did not look back. , The air seems to be condensed in the sky, the drops of water that have just rained on the ground slowly rise, Shixia stepped back and shouted Shidong’s name, stepping into the puddle but it seemed to fall into the endless ocean , Second, everything outside suddenly returned to calm after stepping into the pool in Shixia, and everything started to function normally.

Mozun took the advantage of Houchi to listen carefully to his sister. When he was concentrating, he suddenly shot a sword and stabbed the back pool. As a result, the back pool was injured. When he was under the water, when the robe of the back pool was pulled into the water, it floated like this. When he stepped out of the water, Houchi was also stunned. Someone suddenly stood in front of him wearing his robe, and Houchi fainted in Houchi’s arms before he could explain who he was.

After waking up in a daze, Shixia wrote a lot of SOS papers for self-help, all folded into paper airplanes and threw them out, hoping that someone could save her, but from the crack in the door, I saw that those SOS paper airplanes were all taken by the back pool. The wave turned into fly ash. In desperation, Shixia had to climb to the roof, and even thought that everything was a dream and jumped off as soon as he closed his eyes, hoping to wake up. Fortunately, he was steadily followed by Houchi. Although Houchi had never seen a woman before, According to the description in the book, you can be sure that the person in front of you is a woman.

Under Houchi’s questioning, Shixia, who knew he could not escape, had to tell me how he appeared here, and he didn’t really crack any knots. You must know that few people can crack the barrier set by Houchi. , Not to mention she is a college student. As soon as Houchi heard that Shixia is Shidong’s sister, she appeared here to find her brother. He couldn’t help but think of the sister described by Demon Lord. He even felt that everyone who had an elder brother would be a unified sister. Find a younger sister to guard and let yourself become a guardian. Knowing from Mozun what his sister likes to eat, he immediately let the news umbrella spread the word to get some food for his senior brother Bi Hong. Sure enough, when he heard the food, his eyes also shined, and Houchi felt that Shixia was his younger sister even more.

Bi Hong of the Yuhua School is good at medical skills and looks handsome. The women who came to see the doctor lined up outside the house. Of course, it was true that the doctor was a fake to appreciate the handsome guy. Some people even played the pipa next to him to get a compliment from Bi Hong. . Bi Hong saw the news from the News Umbrella, and immediately had someone prepare food and send it to Houchi.

Shi Xia saw the opportunity to escape, but was blocked by the barrier. She thought that she could come from the water. Shi Xia did not hesitate to dive and leave, but never thought that there was a barrier in the water and she couldn’t leave at all. Chi rescued him, otherwise he might be buried in the water, and because of this, he was infected with the wind and cold in the summer. Houchi asked Bi Hong to send some typhoid medicine over and asked whether Bi Hong also had a sister. Bi Hong thought they were all the women who ran after him. Therefore, I proudly told Hou Chi that it was easy to get my sister with a snack.

Since the Yuhua School does not allow women, Houchi didn’t tell Shixia what happened here, so he drove away Bi Hong and set up a thick barrier. Outsiders would never want to spy on his secrets, Bi Hong was keenly I noticed that Houchi had a secret.

In order to be able to use snacks to have a younger sister and complete his own guardianship cultivation, Hou Chi treats Shixia well and hopes Shixia stays, and he will treat Shixia well.

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