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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 22 Recap

While Peter Bao was going to answer the phone, Xiao Ai insisted on sending a message to Xia Qian for help, relying on the last glimmer of consciousness. Fortunately, Xia Qian arrived in time and finally prevented the accident. She took Xiao Ai out of the room. After learning about Peter Bao’s shameless behavior, she decided to inform Sheng Zhening of the incident.

At first, Xiao Ai did not agree, but considered that Peter Bao is the spokesperson of Changsheng Hotel and should not cause trouble to Changsheng, but Xia Qian considered it again and again and discussed with Sheng Zhening first. Sheng Zhening realized that something was wrong, and Paianan investigated Peter Bao and found that his private life was chaotic. It was speculated that Qi Lin might use him to suppress Changsheng.

As Sheng Zhening expected, the press conference is coming soon, and Qi Lin is ready to release the news as soon as possible. As everyone knows, at this time Sheng Zhening had replaced Peter Bao on stage with musician Lu Ming. Even though Qi Lin’s plan was ruined, it still caused considerable losses to Changsheng, and even affected the occupancy rate of the second building.

Qi Lin tried to persuade Sheng Zhening to cooperate with Lihe Capital, but Sheng Zheling resolutely refused due to the differences in the business philosophy of the other party. Xia Qian learned of this and planned to increase the occupancy rate for Building Two through live broadcast. How could he have thought that there were too few fans in the live broadcast room, and the desired effect was not achieved at all.

Seeing Xia Qian’s loss, Sheng Zhening comforted her not to worry too much, because she found a friend in the film and television industry and prepared to use part of the venue in the second building for filming. The premise is that all crew members are required to stay in the second building. Rate, and can also advertise.

Mother Fu’s investment in P2P thunderstorms caused her not only to lose a lot of money, but even the house was almost stolen, and eventually she couldn’t stand the blow and fainted on the spot. It happened that Qin Hebo ran into this scene and hurriedly sent Fu Ma to the hospital, and helped to pay 500,000 yuan, thus becoming Fu’s creditor.

As a result, Fu’s mother was more enthusiastic about Qin Hebo, and even the relationship between Fu Shuangshuang and him became extremely complicated. In order to be able to repay the 500,000 yuan as soon as possible, Fu Shuangshuang went to interviews everywhere, but he repeatedly hit the wall and felt very depressed. At this time, Xiaolin wanted to introduce Fu Shuangshuang to work, but Fu Shuangshuang took Qin Hebo into consideration and quickly refused, and happened to receive an application for her as a salesperson from a company.

Inspired by fan discussions in the live broadcast room, Xia Qian wanted to cooperate with Changsheng Catering to develop a semi-finished food project. Since this project needs to pass the Changsheng Quality Control Committee, Xia Qian prepared the materials all night long and finally paid off and got the project smoothly.

Unexpectedly, the hotel staff did not approve of Xia Qian’s strength, but talked behind her back about her relationship with Sheng Zhening. Sheng Zhening was going to teach the talkative employees, Xia Qian quickly blocked it, thinking that she did get the project with the convenience of Sheng Zhening’s girlfriend. If you want to silence those people, you must do a good job in the project to help Changsheng get the most benefits.

In the following period of time, Xia Qian, Mu Xiaoyan and others promoted the semi-finished package of the Changsheng Hotel in the live broadcast room, and soon sold thousands of copies. Just as Sheng Zhening listened to Xia Qian’s joy, he suddenly learned the news of Chef Fang’s resignation, and it was Qi Lin who encouraged him behind the scenes.

Qi Lin promised to help Chef Fang to obtain a foreign green card, and at the same time go through the procedures for studying abroad for his son. Sheng Zhening ordered the restaurant to suspend business and notified An An to contact the headhunting company as soon as possible to find a suitable chef. The headhunter recommended a chef named Hu Zhen. This person and Chef Fang are brothers in the same discipline, but he has a strange personality and it is difficult to get out of the mountain.

Sheng Zhening was prepared for all kinds of dangers. After he dialed the phone, the person who answered it was Uncle Hu in Xia Ma’s restaurant. Through this incident, Xia Qian found out that Uncle Hu was an expert in hiding, but why he condescends to be in a small restaurant and pretends that he can’t cook is really puzzling her.

The chairman of Langyue International Hotel Wu Zhiwen threw an olive branch to Qin Hebo. Qin Hebo hesitated, just to see Fu Shuangshuang go to the company dinner and get drunk. In order to avoid this situation in Fu Shuangshuang, Qin Hebo submitted her resignation to the company and decided to open a live broadcast company and invited Fu Shuangshuang to serve as anchor and bargainer.

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