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Jun Jiu Ling 君九龄 Episode 21 Recap

As there was no news from Qingshan Bieyuan and the deadline for January was approaching, Lu Yunqi was ordered to issue an ultimatum, ordering Jun Jiuling to find a cure within seven days. Chu Jiuling saw that Guoer, the patient, had expectations of her, and she felt like she didn’t want to continue to wait for death. She decided to try her acne. If success can save the world, even if she fails, she will have no regrets.

However, Zhu Zan was convinced of the method of inoculation advocated by Jun Jiuling, so he recommended himself that night and persuaded Jun Jiuling to inoculate him with acne. Chu Jiuling refused decisively. Just as the two were in a stalemate, Lu Yunqi suddenly visited and escorted a criminal subordinate to let Jun Jiuling use him to test the medicine.

Although the man who stole the dead’s belongings and sent them to the mountain for sale was a heinous crime, Chu Jiuling saw the other party begging, and really didn’t want to make it difficult for him. Upon seeing this, Lu Yunqi ordered him to be killed, and once again warned Jun Jiuling that he only had seven days. Because of this, Zhu Zan emphasized that as the son of the elder, the heritage of becoming the father of the country is not only in the blood, but also dedicated to the country and the people.

Today, the people in the imperial city are not suffering from acne, but the lives and deaths of those outside the imperial city are unpredictable. Chu Jiuling has no other choice but to inoculate Zhu Zan with tears and accompany him with great care. In the next few days, while taking care of Zhu Zan, Chu Jiuling also observed the condition of the affected people. Instead of getting better, some people had symptoms such as foaming at the mouth and fainting.

The current situation is critical, and all hopes are placed on Zhu Zan, but when he sees Zhu Zan suffering and pox poison in his body, even Chu Jiuling is panicked. Regardless of the risk of infection, she held Zhu Zan’s hand tightly and kept telling the words buried deep in her heart, and this scene was seen by Lu Yunqi.

Chu Rang sent troops to the Qingshan Courtyard, ostensibly because of reinforcements, but in fact he supervised Lu Yunqi to set the courtyard on fire. In fact, Lu Yunqi has become more and more memorable of Jun Jiuling through this time of getting along, and has even regarded her as the reincarnation of Princess Jiuling many times. But what he saw now had convinced him that Jun Jiuling was deliberately concealing his identity.

Fortunately, Zhu Zan survived the dangerous period and developed acne all over his body. When he woke up, it would be bright. Seeing Jun Jiuling guarding her bedside, haggard, Zhu Zan joked that she looked at her body all over, and recalled that she had only dreamed of Chu Jiuling being burned by the fire. Even though she was distressed by the princess Jiuling’s experience, she couldn’t share for the other party. pain.

Because of Zhu Zan’s words, Chu Jiuling had a lot of thoughts, so she found an excuse to go out and make medicine, but Lu Yunqi came over and directly exposed her identity and asked her why she refused to admit it. Chu Jiuling knew that it was useless to say more, and simply stopped covering up, and asked how Lu Yunqi could let him go. However, Lu Yunqi was both happy and angry when he heard this, and claimed that Chu Jiuling would never be let go in this life.

Considering that Zhu Zan’s successful acne test was so popular, Chu Rang had to be jealous of Cheng Guogong and plan the next countermeasures. According to the method taught by Chu Jiuling, the doctors successively removed the acne scabs from Zhu Zan for the treatment of the affected people. Due to the system deviation of adults and children, it is necessary to find healthy children for vaccination.

After completing the task, Zhu Zan took the initiative to enter the palace to see Chu Rang, hoping to take the criminal minister Zhou Bentang’s grandson to the Qingshan Courtyard. Although Zhou Bentang has been imprisoned for rebellion and has been imprisoned by the nine clans, Chu Rang could not find a reason to reject Zhu Zan. Moreover, if he agreed to his request, Zhu Zan could not only make Zhu Zan owe personal feelings, but also spread the reputation of Chu Emperor’s benevolence. It is the best of both worlds.

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