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Jun Jiu Ling 君九龄 Episode 20 Recap

Before he left, Chu Jiuling specially drafted a list of supplies and gave it to shopkeeper Liu, so that he could prepare it and send it to Qingshan Courtyard as soon as possible. Jiang Youshu heard that many doctors in the medical clinics in the capital had asked themselves to go to other hospitals to save people. He couldn’t help feeling that this Jun Jiuling was so superb that he could be so inciting, so he asked other imperial doctors to do a good job of going to the imperial palace and the court officials. In order to appease the win.

In order to be able to enter the Qingshan Courtyard, Zhu Zan took the initiative to seek help from Ning Yunzhao, and asked his uncle to advise during his dynasty that if the prince and prince can be stationed at the courtyard by the current sage, this can demonstrate the royal attention and invigorate the people. , Condolences to doctors and patients. However, the poison of acne is extremely fierce. Naturally, Chu Rang would not let the emperor’s heir get involved in danger, so he complied with Lord Huang’s suggestion and appointed Zhu Zan to make up for it.

When the strategy was successful, Ning Yunzhao personally sent Zhu Zan out of the city, and told him to take good care of Jun Jiuling. At this time, there were a lot of people in the other hospital. Chu Jiuling and the doctors were very busy. However, the Qudu Decoction could only relieve the condition, but was not effective in the diagnosis and treatment of acne.

In the evening, Chu Jiuling discussed countermeasures with everyone, and adjusted the prescriptions in time according to today’s diagnosis and everyone’s thoughts in order to select and use them. After the discussion, Jun Jiuling re-decocted the medicine according to the prescription. Chen Qi was worried that her body would not be able to take it, so she specially boiled the ginseng soup and brought it.

But Chu Jiuling was reluctant to drink it, so she asked Chen Qi to give it to several other doctors. Unexpectedly, Lu Yunqi came in from outside and asked her why she had found out that Wang Huai did not suffer from rat sores, and why she lied to the outside world. Chu Jiuling was unwilling to answer. Just as Lu Yunqi was losing patience, Zhu Zan suddenly appeared, and even took out the imperial decree to ask Lu Yunqi to leave.

Just because Zhu Zan knew there was a chance of getting acne, he still found it regardless of his own safety. Chu Jiuling was both distressed and moved, but couldn’t persuade him to leave. After a few days passed, the affected people still did not get better, and even serious ones died as a result. Those patients who are still struggling to look forward to hope have already panicked, and even the previous mother and daughter have gradually lost confidence.

Facing the angry accusations from everyone, Chu Jiuling took the initiative to confess the matter, claiming that she has indeed not found a cure yet, but I urge everyone to be patient. As long as the acne is not cured, she will not leave. Upon seeing this, Zhu Zan stepped forward to relieve the siege and made a promise as his own son, finally dispelling the hostility of the affected people.

Chu Jiuling asked Zhu Zan to pass a message to Lu Yunqi. If you see Deshengchang going up the mountain to deliver the goods, remember to let him go. Fang Chengyu, who was far away in Zezhou, received the news and immediately wrote a letter to the capital, preparing for Chu Jiuling’s confession, purchasing large quantities of medicinal materials and cattle who had suffered from acne.

Jiang Youshu tried to inquire about the situation in the Qingshan Courtyard, but unfortunately they couldn’t send people in, so they wanted to recall Lu Yunqi through Chu Rang. On the other hand, the doctors in the other hospital saw that the death toll was increasing, and they suddenly fell into a panic, clamoring to return to the capital, and no longer stay here.

Although Chu Jiuling was exhausted, she still couldn’t calm the other party’s emotions. Lu Yunqi wanted to use force to stop it. Fortunately, at a critical moment, Zhu Zan appeared to resolve the conflict. He moved with reason and knows with affection, indicating that if someone decides to leave, he can be settled in a clean courtyard first, and then sent down the mountain after the epidemic is over.

Now that the situation is critical, Chu Jiuling understands the feelings of the doctors present. After all, they left their homes here and how can they endure the setbacks again and again. Therefore, after she sincerely saved her stay, Doctor Feng called on everyone to stay true to the heart of the doctor. Belief, even if you die, you have to overcome this difficulty.

After De Shengchang prepared the supply, the shopkeeper Liu personally delivered the goods to the mountain and handed them over to Zhu Zan and Chen Qi. Although medicinal materials are the key to the treatment of acne, the few cattle sent by Deshengchang made everyone a little puzzled. Chu Jiuling explained that the cattle had suffered from acne. Inoculation to humans may be able to completely cure the affected people. It’s just that no one has tried this method before, and it is necessary to find someone who has never had acne for vaccination. The doctors found it too unbelievable and did not believe the method she said.

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