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Jun Jiu Ling 君九龄 Episode 19 Recap

A pair of mother and daughter came at the gate of Jiuling Hall. Their faces were covered with pimples, which looked terrifying. Chu Jiuling was shocked when she saw this, and immediately notified Fang Jinxiu to clean up the back room of the hospital, arrange for the mother and daughter to move in, and asked Chen Qi to immediately prepare the detoxification soup without delay. It didn’t take long for many people across the capital to have the same symptoms one after another.

The officers and soldiers rushed these sick people to the refugee area and let them fend for themselves. Chu Rang soon got the news. At this time, there were hundreds of sick people. Shopkeeper Liu suggested that Jiulingtang should be closed, and everyone set off for Zezhou, but Chu Jiuling thought that the poison of acne could kill countless people. How could she escape at this critical moment, she asked to go to the civilian area for treatment in person.

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