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Jun Jiu Ling 君九龄 Episode 19 Recap

Even if the doctor is kind, the doctor must first be ethical, and must follow the people, but if you encounter such a rare and chronic disease, they will all be avoided and expelled. The mother and daughter had nowhere to find a doctor, and even because of the acne on their faces, no one dared to sell them food. Fortunately, the old beggar was compassionate and willing to take out the steamed buns to cushion the girl’s hunger, and at the same time instructed the mother to take the child to Jiulingtang for help.

Chu Jiuling met Ning Yunzhao on the street, chatted briefly with him, and left in a hurry. Although Ning Yunzhao was obsessed with him, he didn’t dare to bother him rashly. As long as he could talk, he was still satisfied. Zhu Zan sneaked into the Jiuling Hall at night and gave Jun Jiuling a piece of cakes, which was a thank you for her life-saving grace to King Huai.

The next day, Chu Jiuling could not help being shocked when she saw the mother and daughter. She immediately ordered Fang Jinxiu to clean up the back room of the hospital, arrange for two people to move in, and let Chen Qi prepare the detoxification soup without delay. Fang Jinxiu had never seen her in such a panic, and felt uneasy inside. Sure enough, a large number of people from outside the city rushed into the capital overnight. Many medical clinics in the capital reported to the Imperial Medical Office one after another to confirm this situation.

Hearing this, Jiang Youshu suddenly thought of a strategy to deal with Jiulingtang, which was to push the acne patients to Jun Jiuling. No matter what the result was, it would be impossible to escape death. Because according to ancient records, there is no cure for stubborn acne. The occurrence of such incidents in the past dynasties has resulted in numerous deaths and injuries to the destruction of cities and the country.

Uncle Ning suggested to find a wide place as soon as possible, to properly settle the affected people, and then to the Imperial Medical Office for several treatments. However, Jiang Youshu refused for various reasons and instead recommended Jun Jiuling as the best candidate. At this time, Zhu Zan personally entered the palace under the entrustment of Jun Jiuling, and also strongly recommended Jiuling Hall.

Upon seeing this, the civil servants of the Manchu dynasty followed and agreed. Chu Rang took advantage of the situation and issued an decree, ordering Jun Jiuling to find a cure for acne within one month, and at the same time instructed Wu Desi to transfer the affected people to the Qingshan Hospital. Watch over. If the expiry date is invalid, the hospital must be set on fire, along with Jun Jiuling and the affected people.

Long before the imperial decree was issued, Chu Jiuling had been struggling to find a countermeasure. Considering that Jiuling Hall had insufficient manpower, he took Liuer to seek help from doctors in various medical clinics, hoping to persuade them to go to another hospital with him to save people. But when Chu Jiuling told the truth about the situation, Doctor Feng looked embarrassed. He thought that as an ordinary bone sculptor, it was really difficult for him to shoulder this important task.

Due to previous friendships, Dr. Feng couldn’t bear Jun Jiu Ling’s death, suggesting that she should conceal the situation, but Chu Jiuling did not want to deceive, and did not follow the other party’s advice. At least in her opinion, even if the poison of acne kills countless people, she should bear the responsibility of being a doctor. However, the doctor and the affected people are also life-saving, and there is no distinction between them and should not be forced.

For a whole day, after a long and failed journey, Chu Jiuling ran all over the medical clinics all over the capital, and no one was willing to risk her death with her. Just as Chu Jiuling was depressed, Zhu Zan suddenly ran over and promised to accompany him to tide over the difficulties. Because of Zhu Zan’s comfort, Chu Jiuling’s mood improved slightly. Until the next day, when she faced her calmly and was about to leave with Wu Desi, she unexpectedly arrived in a hurry, and they all voluntarily went to Qingshan. Other courtyard.

Not only Chu Jiuling’s eyes were filled with tears, but even Lu Yunqi was touched. It turned out that Doctor Feng trusted and admired Jun Jiuling’s courage, so he lobbied with him all night and finally gathered this group of benevolent doctors. Even if the acne cannot be completely cured, at least it can be named in the history books. Knowing the truth, Chu Jiuling bowed sincerely to Doctor Feng and the others, expressing his heartfelt gratitude.

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