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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 19 Recap

Xu Chi asked Cheng Yi out to meet, hoping that he could stay and cooperate with him. He had already arranged everything. As long as Cheng Yi agreed that the agreement was signed, Cheng Yi signed it. Xu Chi felt that Cheng Yi still had one wish that had not been fulfilled. If he could stay, it would be an explanation for himself. At the very least, he would be able to be with Cheng’s father. If Cheng Yi didn’t want to see Xu Chi, he could leave. After repeated consideration, Cheng Yi decided to stay in his hometown and promised Xu Chi to go to Songguo Video. After that, Cheng Yi told her father Cheng about the matter, so Cheng took Cheng Yi to see Xu Chi, she had signed, and she was willing to believe Xu Chi.

Jiang Yuda wanted to go to Shanghai with Cheng Yi, and he said goodbye to his little motorcycle at the meeting. At this time, Cheng’s father passed by and asked Jiang Yuda to hurry up to deliver the food. On the way Jiang Yuda ran to deliver the food, I saw the big posters of Cheng Yi and Xu Chi, which looked like wedding photos. This made Jiang Yuda very angry. She had to go in and find Xu Chi to settle the accounts, but was stopped by security.

This is called Jiang Yuda very depressed. After Xu Chi got off work, Jiang Yuda asked him out, calling Xu Chi an old man who likes to play tricks, hoping that Xu Chi could compete fairly with him. But Xu Chi told Jiang Yuda that he and Cheng Yi had been together for more than 20 years, and he was waiting for 20 years if he wanted to be fair. Jiang Yuda didn’t give up, she had to go to Songguo Video to find Cheng Yi, even if they had strict security, then the security would take Jiang Yuda out again and again, and everyone in the company knew about this.

Xie Changan was anxious watching Sheng Jingchu be in love with Cheng all day, hoping that he could spend his time and energy on chess, but Sheng Jingchu refuted that he should not focus on the people in front of him. He should be called Cao. It is only right for Xi to work hard with them. Yao Ke can’t listen anymore. It is better to call Sheng Jingchu hard, otherwise he will soon surpass Sheng Jingchu. Xiaolan also expressed her opinion, feeling that they did not agree with Sheng Jingchu and Cheng’s marriage. When Sheng Jingchu saw that the brothers did not agree to take Cheng and leave, at this moment everyone told them to stay. They were just joking before. They welcomed the arrival of the sister-in-law and specially arranged a show for them to express their welcome.

On the way back, the two of them told Sheng Jingchu that her sister also went to Songguo Video. Now all of the company’s focus is on her, so Cheng Li is very busy now. I want to go on a trip with Sheng Jingchu. Sheng Jingchu called Cheng to go back and ask for leave. He is very willing to accompany Cheng Le on vacation.

Jiang Yuda went to find Cheng Yi but he couldn’t get in, so he called Cheng out, hoping that Cheng could help bring him in. He wanted to ask people in Taili to know that Cheng Yi still had a suitor, not just Xu Chi and Cheng alone. Meaning is a pair. He wanted to compete fairly with Xu Chi, and after Jiang Yuda’s plea, he had no choice but to disguise Jiang Yuda as a takeaway brother and enter the TV station. Just when Cheng Yi was telling the people in Taili about her plan, Jiang Yuda was funny outside. This made Cheng Yi and his colleagues couldn’t help laughing out loud, and Cheng Yi was also very happy about Jiang Yuda’s stalker. The name Xu Chi was very depressed, and he quickly called the security guard to carry Jiang Yuda out.

After Cheng Yi got off work, he saw Jiang Yuda waiting for her at the door. He took the flower in his hand, but told him not to look for her anymore. Now Cheng Yi only has work in his heart. But Jiang Yuda didn’t give up, and he would definitely make Cheng Yi fall in love with him.

Yao Ke and his younger brother said that he was aware of Sheng Jingchu’s recent mood swings, and knowing Sheng Jingchu’s weaknesses would surely be able to beat him.

The first episode of Cheng Yi’s new program has begun. Yao Ke is invited to be a guest. Currently Yao Ke is ranked second, and only Sheng Jingchu is in front of him. However, Yao Ke was always number one before Sheng Jingchu appeared, but Sheng Jingchu appeared. After that, Yao Ke couldn’t make it easier for Yue Shengjing. But Yao Ke said that he can win Shengjing Chu Shifanqi now, but no one dares to play Shifanqi now. Cheng Yi asked if Yao Ke was challenging Sheng Jingchu, but Yao Ke had no objection. He just wanted to challenge Sheng Jingchu, hoping that Sheng Jingchu could accept the challenge of Yao Ke Shibanqi.

After the show, the director felt that Cheng Yi did a good job. Now their show has always been on the hot search list. Now they are waiting for Shengjing to challenge. If Shengjing is challenged, they will follow up.

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