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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 18 Recap

Cheng Yi asked Xu Chi to go out and tell him not to go to the Songguo video. Now the station has agreed to her show, and has had feelings for the station for so many years, so he plans to stay. Xu Chi felt that Cheng Yi shouldn’t do that. She was confused, but Cheng Yi felt that she should do what she wanted to do, but Cheng Yi deceived Xu Chi that she did not stay in the station and chose to resign. Cheng Yi Want to leave the TV station to re-choose their own path of life.

Cheng Yi went to see Jiang Yuda at his father’s restaurant and told him that he was going to start from scratch, but Jiang Yuda felt that Cheng Yi was Cheng Yi, and she would not be overthrown at any time. She would definitely have a better future for herself.

Cheng went to school and told them about Sheng Jingchu’s situation. The teacher knew the reason, and they also expressed their understanding of Sheng Jingchu’s heart. After that, Cheng brought back the child who had previously been called Sheng Jingchu’s signature every day, and asked Sheng Jingchu to personally know about Tiantian chess. . After Tiantian and Sheng Jingchu finished a few rounds and still couldn’t win him, Jade went to find Cheng to file a complaint. Cheng asked Tiantian not to be anxious. When he grew up, he would have a chance to win the Great God.

Sheng Jingchu took Tiantian to the Kyushu Dojo and handed it to his senior brother Xie Changan, and asked Tiantian to learn how to play chess at the dojo. After that, Sheng Jingchu sent a message to Cheng, telling her that she wanted to talk to Cheng’s dad. After seeing it, Cheng felt lost, fearing that her father would embarrass Sheng Jingchu.

Sheng Jing first met Cheng Ren after meeting Dad Cheng and told Dad Cheng that he had been learning chess from his master since he was a child, and that his parents had a car accident at the intersection of Anning. Since then, they have not dared to pass there, but went to work as a charity driver that day. After passing there, I felt emotions in my heart, so I have that kind of reaction to Tiantian. Now I have arranged Tiantian to study at the Kyushu Dojo to make up for my previous mistakes. But no matter what, he would never give up liking Cheng. Although the current Shengjing was very imperfect at the beginning, he would continue to improve himself and get him right.

Dad Cheng always thought that the great god like Sheng Jingchu was just playing around. He didn’t expect that he would be so sincere to Cheng and that his daughter should have such a good life. He told Sheng Jingchu not to mind what he said before, because his wife left early and always did it. They didn’t discipline their sisters well, because they were afraid that they would encounter deception in society, so they were worried about the boys who pursued them. And the words that Dad said, Cheng heard the voice call with Sheng Jingchu. When Cheng heard that Dad cared about them so much, tears flowed down, knowing that Dad really loves them.

Dad Cheng showed the last family portrait to Sheng Jingchu. He didn’t expect that Sheng Jingchu saw Cheng when he was a child. When he was a child, he saw the little girl in the hospital exactly the same. At that time, Cheng watched Sheng Jingchu crying alone, so he passed it and gave it to him. Sheng Jingchu had a candy, and told Sheng Jingchu not to cry. After eating candy, he won’t be sad anymore. Sheng Jingchu’s parents have passed away in the hospital. He was the only one crying in the corner alone. Cheng’s caring name is Sheng Jingchu’s memory.

The little girl she was looking for turned out to be Cheng. This made Sheng Jingchu love Cheng even more. NS. Sheng Jingchu told Dad Cheng that he was going to look for Cheng in a hurry, and Dad Cheng also supported Sheng Jingchu to see his daughter and told Sheng Jingchu not to let Cheng go. At this time, Cheng Liao also heard the story told by Sheng Jingchu, and hurried to see Sheng Jingchu. The two hugged each other tightly, putting all their feelings into the embrace. Cheng Lei gave Sheng Jingchu a candy and told him the name of the candy called me want to be with you. Sheng Jingchu knew that Cheng Le was agreed to his courtship, so she kissed Cheng Leah’s mouth affectionately.

Cheng Yi wanted to go to Shanghai to do a show, so he made an appointment with a friend, but he just didn’t know how to go home and talk to his family. Cheng Yi returned to his father’s restaurant and told Jiang Yuda that he was going to Shanghai. Jiang Yuda felt that going to Shanghai would be great. It would be even better if he also went to accompany him.

Where did he go to work and learn chess during the day, and to accompany Cheng Yi at night, but Cheng Yi refused, and told him to study at home. After returning home, Dad and Cheng felt that their sister was going to Shanghai a little unhappy, but Dad felt that Cheng Yi and they had grown up too, and he could not interfere, so they had to prepare food for their daughter and wish her well in her work. Cheng Yi knew that his father was reluctant to leave, so he went to comfort his father to be happy, and would often go back to see them.

Xu Chi went to the station to find Cheng Yi and found out that he had resigned for some time. This was very unexpected for Xu Chi, so he called Cheng Yi and asked her to go to Songguo Video. Xu Chi had arranged for her, but Cheng Yi Ask Xu Chi not to worry about her anymore, she will take care of herself. After turning off the phone, Xu Chi received an email from Cheng Yi two years ago, and Xu Chi also knew that Cheng Yi had agreed two years ago to realize his dream. When Xu Chi went back to the TV station, he would set up a good show with the leader. If he couldn’t do a good job, he would resign and make atonement. After that, I went to Cheng Yi and asked her to think about it. That show would give Cheng Yi everything she wanted.

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