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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 17 Recap

Cheng Le was wearing Sheng Jingchu’s clothes and was misunderstood by his father when he went home. He thought that his daughter bought him a piece of clothing. Cheng Le had no choice but to explain that it was Sheng Jingchu’s clothes. Because it rained yesterday, her clothes got wet, so I went back wearing Sheng Jingchu’s clothes. When Dad Cheng heard that Cheng and Sheng Jingchu had already developed to the point of cohabiting together, but Cheng told Dad not to think about it. She hadn’t agreed to Sheng Jingchu’s courtship yet, which made Dad confused and confused about Cheng. Do you like Sheng Jingchu?

Dad Cheng talked to Jiang Yuda in this classroom, and felt that Cheng and Sheng Jingchu were a little wronged by their daughter, but Jiang Yuda told Dad Cheng not to think that way. Sheng Jingchu, the great god of the Go world, would not be wronged by Cheng. But my dad still feels that no matter who Sheng Jingchu is, it doesn’t matter who he is, as long as he is good to his daughter, he can’t be the emperor if he is wrong.

Xu Chi hoped that Cheng Yi would still have more prospects to work at Songguo Video, but Cheng Yi felt that her previous programs had failed, and now she is preparing for another successful one, so that she would not be considered a loser if she left. Xu Chi gave Cheng Yi a bracelet, hoping that they could start again and face the storms of the future together in the future. But Cheng Yi felt that Xu Chi kept asking her to quit just to be able to be with her. This called Chun Yao very depressed. I hope that Xu Chi will stop thinking about her in the future. Cheng Yi has always treated Xu Chi as a relative. .

After Cheng Yi went home, Jiang Yuda was in the shop before he got off work, so Cheng Yi would have a few drinks with him, wondering if Jiang Yuda would be reluctant when he returned home from abroad, but Jiang Yuda felt that he did not feel that way because he was abroad in his heart. It’s never his home. Only when he returns to China can he feel at home. The reason why Cheng Yi asked that way was because he had already treated the current TV station as his home.

Sheng Jingchu’s assistant went back and arranged for him to give lectures when entering the door, but Sheng Jingchu felt that that kind of course was more suitable for Cao Xihe, so he could just ask the assistant to go and negotiate with Cao Xi. At this time, the schedule was gone, and Sheng Jingchu’s clothes were returned to him and they were washed well. When Cheng saw that Sheng Jingchu had textbooks at home, he wanted to teach with him. When Sheng Jingchu wanted to give a lecture, he happily agreed to her. The assistant knew that Sheng Jingchu was too much of a friend, just now. He refused to give lectures, and now he agreed to go as soon as he said he wanted to go.

When Cheng got home, Dad Cheng gave her a political lesson, and asked Cheng to learn to protect herself. He could not be taken advantage of by Sheng Jingchu, but Cheng went back to his room without hearing his father’s nagging. Dad Cheng thought. Cheng Yi stopped chasing and continuing the conversation. He told his father that it was his personal space and told him not to break in. Cheng Yi had to walk away silently.

Early the next morning, I changed my clothes and went to find Sheng Jingchu. I wanted to join a charity course together. Dad Cheng watched his daughter leave from the window and called a taxi to follow along. Because of the traffic jam Sheng Jingchu’s taxi detours, Sheng Jingchu’s mood changed a lot when he saw that road. It was the section where his parents had an accident when he was young.

Sheng Jingchu remembered that the past was unacceptable, so he was very scared and asked the driver to stop. After the car, Sheng Jingchu spit out on the tree. Cheng got off the car and went to enjoy Sheng Jingchu. However, the emotionally unstable Sheng Jingchu still couldn’t restore his calm. Even when he arrived at school, he still didn’t speak. Cheng had to ask the school leaders to wait first. ,

Called Sheng Jingchu to lecture after calm. Cheng was afraid that everyone would go up to the children’s hot spot when they were in a hurry. A child went up and hoped that Sheng Jingchu could sign him. But when Sheng Jingchu saw the child, he ran away emotionally. Dad Cheng saw this scene called Sheng Jingchu hurriedly give it to him. The child apologized and couldn’t treat a child like that. Cheng knew that Sheng Jingchu had a problem in his heart and asked his father to go back first, and then explained to him.

Cheng Le took Sheng Jingchu back and learned that the road was the intersection where Sheng Jingchu’s parents had a car accident when he was a child. Sheng Jingchu was also sitting in the car. Seeing a large truck noisy and hit them, the family was hit and rolled over by the truck. Landing after a few laps, it has always been a shadow in Sheng Jingchu’s heart.

After Cheng got home, Cheng’s father still blamed Sheng Jingchu for treating the child like that, and told Cheng to sever the relationship with Sheng Jingchu, and Cheng told his father not to be so arbitrary. He didn’t understand the situation. Cheng Yi heard his father and sister quarrel and went out to persuade him to fight. Cheng Le was angry and went back to the room. Cheng Yi told her father not to be angry, so she went to administer Cheng for his father. Cheng Yi went to see her sister and saw that she was crying. Cheng Le was very aggrieved and said that her father was going to beat her. Now she didn’t like her anymore, and her sister had to persuade Cheng that her father was just for her good, and then she went to have a good time with her father. Talking about it, Cheng Yi can only persuade both sides to make peace now.

Xu Chi went to visit Dad Cheng, so Dad Cheng told Xu Chi about Cheng’s anger, and Xu Chi felt that he still didn’t say what he said, but Dad Cheng asked Xu Chi to speak quickly, so Xu Chi I told Dad Cheng that he likes Cheng Yi. Dad Cheng was very happy when he heard that, he felt that Cheng Yi and Xu Chi were childhood sweethearts, and he agreed with both hands. At this time Cheng Yi also went and told Xu Chi to go out and talk, and told Xu Chi not to treat her like that, but Xu Chi told Cheng Yi that he was serious and would wait one day when Cheng Yi agreed.

As soon as Xu Chi was about to leave, he saw Jiang Yuda also went to work in Dad Cheng’s shop. This made Xu Chi a little unhappy, so he ridiculed Jiang Yuda for only working part-time.

Cheng Yi remembered the conversation between his father and Xu Chi. The two of them were actually very optimistic about those feelings. This made Cheng Yi a little sad. At this moment, Cheng Yi received his regular email sent two years ago. She wished that she would be able to make an in-depth show in two years, but now Cheng Yi is getting more and more frustrated, and she can’t help but feel full of emotion.

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