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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 16 Recap

Zhou Shengchen hugged Shiyi tightly until dawn. Neither of them wanted to get up. Zhou Shengchen asked casually whether he would be rounded up when a man and a woman live in the same room. Shi Yi lived with Meilin every time she traveled on business, and she had no idea about it. , I didn’t expect Zhou Shengchen to take pictures of his marriage certificate on his mobile phone on the day he received the certificate, in case of emergency.

Jiaren Tong came to Zhou Shengchen’s residence, and there were already empty buildings. Zhou Shengchen left nothing. Jiaren Tong felt very disappointed. This is the place where Zhou Shengchen lived for nine years. He went so thoroughly for the time. . When Zhou Shengchen and Shiyi went out, they ran into Meilin and Wang Yingdong. Colleagues couldn’t help but tease Shiyi and asked her to introduce Zhou Shengchen. Shi Yi generously admitted that Zhou Shengchen was her husband, and Meilin and the others were going back to Shanghai today. , Shi Yi wanted to play with Zhou Shengchen for one more day.

Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen walked hand in hand in the alleys of Wuzhen. They lingered and had endless love stories. At noon, Shi Yi took Zhou Shengchen to see Hong Xiaoyu and Du Feng. Du Feng took Zhou Shengchen to drink. Zhou Shengchen didn’t know how to drink. Shi Yi stopped him from drinking and soon became drunk. After the meal, Du Feng briefly chatted with Zhou Shengchen. He didn’t state that he was a policeman, but simply admitted that he was a civil servant.

Shi Yi was so drunk, Zhou Shengchen asked her to lie on her lap and rest for a while. Shi Yi knew that Zhou Shengchen didn’t like to do business and asked him to finish his family affairs, so he could study Venus with peace of mind. Shi Yi also persuaded Zhou Shengchen to go with him. Zhou Shengchen was very moved by the right and wrong in Shanghai, far away from Zhenjiang.

Zhou Shengren didn’t want to go home, so she took Sui Sui to find Shi Yuanyuan. Shi Yuanyuan wanted to buy tea for her grandfather. Zhou Shengren drove her to Zhou’s handmade tea factory. Zhou Shengren asked Sui Sui to get the best tea to Shi Yuan. Yuan took it back, and explained that the tea factory and all the Zhou family’s industries were suitable for Zhou Shengchen and Zhou Shengren asked Shi Yuanyuan to speak more of Zhou Shengchen’s good things in front of his family.

Zhou Wenxing sat at the gate waiting for Mei Xing, seeing the pouring rain in the sky, she refused to go back. Mei Xing hurried back. Zhou Wenxing came out to pick him up in the rain. Mei Xing hurried to help her dry the rain on her head and body, complaining that she should not come out in the rain and worrying that she would be sick again, Mei Xing took off the cover and gave her a drape. , And then escort her back to the room. Mei Xing wanted to take Zhou Wenxing to Shanghai to meet two heart experts. Zhou Wenxing knew his illness well and didn’t want to waste any more time.

Shi Yi lay on Zhou Shengchen’s lap and fell asleep. Zhou Shengchen couldn’t bear to wake her up, but seeing the rain getting worse and worse, the innkeeper offered to drive them away. Zhou Shengchen took Shi Yi back to the room to help Shi Yi dry the rain on his body, and Shi Yi held his neck tightly, forcing Zhou Shengchen to swear that she would never have intimate contact with any woman. Even if she leaves the world one step ahead, Zhou Shengchen will not have it. Erxin, Shiyi promised to compensate Zhou Shengchen in the next life, Zhou Shengchen agreed one by one, Shi Yi fell asleep again.

Zhou Shengchen went to bed, and when he slept, he hugged him in his dream, mumbling about pomegranate. Early in the morning, Zhou Shengchen asked the owner of the inn about where pomegranates were sold. The owner asked him to go to a 24-hour convenience store to buy them. But the owner had no car, so Zhou Shengchen rode his electric bike to the supermarket. Zhou Shengchen drove the car all over Wuzhen, and finally bought pomegranates. He peeled the pomegranate seeds one by one. Shiyi has loved to eat pomegranates since she was a child, and she feasted happily.

Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen returned to Shanghai together. Zhou Shengchen wanted to live in a bachelor’s apartment. Shi Yi took him home and prepared a study room for him. The two began to live together.

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