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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 13 Recap

Li Man made a special appointment with Jiang Zitong and greeted Jiang Zitong warmly. Jiang Zitong put on an iceberg expression and directly warned Li Man not to interfere with his brother’s marriage. Li Man sighed gently, and said in a deep voice. People used to know that although the kind-hearted Jiang Zitong had a poisonous tongue, he kindly gave Li Man an extremely expensive dress, which Li Man wears even today. Then, Li Man said that he was going to give up Jiang Yicheng today.

Only then did Jiang Zitong put his guard down. When Li Man asked about Jiang Yicheng’s marriage, Jiang Zitong said excitedly, although Lu Li has a normal family background, he can’t stand Cheng Yueru’s affection. Even if Jiang Yicheng disagrees, he will agree under pressure from his father. It turned out that Jiang Yicheng’s marriage was basically an arranged marriage, and Li Man’s heart had another layer of scheming. Under Li Man’s questioning, Jiang Zitong realized that he had said the wrong thing, and quickly bid farewell to Li Man, leaving a piece of endgame.

In order to make the first project he accepted successfully, Lu Li read the related professional books endlessly. His degree of obsession made Jiang Yicheng and everyone in the program group worried. But even after reading professional books, Lu Li still had an endless mystery in his mind. While thinking about it, he was interrupted by the sound of Jiang Yicheng playing games. He walked out of the room angrily, and Jiang Yicheng showed a complacent expression.

Lu Li closed it like this. There is no inspiration at all in the room, so the two people started to play the game. Lu Li only relaxed a little now. Sure enough, the inspiration emerged. Online pet catching and interaction are far from enough to achieve the purpose of making friends. Offline pets Interaction is the step to speed up the friendship. Lu Li jumped up from the sofa excitedly, spent the whole night writing the plan, and handed it over to Jiang Yicheng early the next morning.

Jiang Yicheng was very satisfied with Lu Li’s plan, so he called Mr. Liu. Mr. Liu was very satisfied with the latest plan put forward by Lu Li. Lu Li’s game plan was not only novel, but also achieved breakthrough results. This game Named “Xuan Zhong Ji”, Lu Li looked at the satisfied expressions of everyone in the audience, with infinite pride in his heart. After seeing the demo, Mr. Liu has unlimited expectations for Jiang Yicheng’s company, but everything still needs the person in charge, Li Man, to connect. When he heard the name of Li Man, Jiang Yicheng’s heart trembled again, and he decided to go to Li Man to ask about it. Clearly, when the car drove to the EG parking lot, I saw Li’s father forcibly snatching Li Man’s bag. Just for the cash inside, Jiang Yicheng stopped the two of them.

Li’s father shivered when he saw Jiang Yicheng, but he kept talking for three years. What happened before had nothing to do with him, and then he ran out of the parking lot. This is Li Man’s gambler father. Even if Li Man is already this old, Li’s father is still squeezing himself in this way. Jiang Yicheng did not say much, but only asked about Li Man’s responsibility for the project. Li Man said that he would hand over the project in a while, and Jiang Yicheng left. , Just looking at the back of Jiang Yicheng’s departure, Li Man’s heart began to calculate again. Sure enough, when Jiang Yicheng came home, he remembered this, and arranged for others to help him investigate Li’s father’s background.

After learning about Li Man’s return from Jiang Zitong’s mouth, Cheng Yueru went downstairs in angrily. Seeing Jiang Yicheng had arrived, Cheng Yueru asked Jiang Yicheng not to break his relationship with Lu Li because of Li Man. Jiang Yicheng couldn’t stand the nagging of his parents, so he refuted that his parents would only use such bad tactics as divestment and getting drunk. Lu Li, who was happy to find that Jiang Yicheng had bought himself an ointment, happened to go downstairs.

He accidentally heard the conversation between the two, and suddenly became petrified in place. Cheng Yueru turned around and saw that Lu Li didn’t dare to speak again. Fortunately, Lu Li also pretended to be calm and sent Cheng Yueru away. As soon as he returned home, he told Jiang Yicheng that the marriage could be terminated at any time if he was not satisfied. Lu Li’s tone was full of anxiety and fear, but Jiang Yicheng had no idea about Lian Xiang Xiyu. , Just accused Lu Li of not having the spirit of contract, so angry that Lu Li walked back to the room without saying a word. Until now, Jiang Yicheng didn’t know where he was guilty.

Chen Yiming received Jiang Zitong’s request for help early in the morning, but he had no choice but to accept it all. Lu Li and Gu Xiaoqi were dating together but were absent-minded. After conveying the whole matter, Gu Xiaoqi began to fight for Lu Li and persuaded Lu Li not to take the fault on himself. At this time, the dejected Lu Li was lost because of Jiang Yicheng’s contract. All confidence. Fortunately, the optimistic and cheerful Gu Xiaoqi encouraged Lu Li to take the initiative at this moment.

Speaking of this, Jiang Zitong called and took Lu Li on the road, while Chen Yiming drove Jiang Yicheng. The plan of the two was to match Jiang Yicheng and Lu Li. Seeing that there was a project to touch the marriage stone, Jiang Zitong encouraged Lu Li. To participate, Chen Yiming sent a WeChat call to Jiang Yicheng on the other side. Lu Li wore a blindfold and fumbled for the marriage stone in the dark. Amidst the cheers, Jiang Zitong looked at his masterpiece with satisfaction…

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