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The Justice 光芒 Episode 12 Recap

Cheng Yizhi watched the drug-trafficking postman flee. He learned from the drug addict that the rejuvenation agent can relieve pain, and sent Lianguazi to the pharmacy and clinic to make unannounced visits to the person who used the rejuvenation agent to relieve the pain. Wu Lizi helped Manager Jiao’s daughter Xiao Yu to contact the drama club for filming. Mrs. Jiao and Xiao Yu were grateful to Wu Lizi, and Manager Jiao complained.

Lian Guazi found out that Ren’an Clinic was secretly selling a kind of pain-relieving potion. The developer was Zhou Wenqun, a professor at Shanghai University. Cheng Yizhi came directly to Shanghai University to find Zhou Wenqun. Seeing that he was doing an experiment, Cheng Yizhi offered to donate to Zhou Wenqun’s chemistry department. Zhou Wenqun happily closed his mouth from ear to ear, pulling Cheng Yizhi to talk about his thoughts endlessly. I begged Cheng Yizhi to contribute money to help him realize it.

Cheng Yizhi lied about the illness of his family and asked Zhou Wenqu about the divine medicine oral liquid. Zhou Wenqun suddenly lost his energy. He wanted to develop medicine to relieve the pain of the patient, but he became addicted to the patient. Cheng Yizhi promised to buy Zhou Wenqu’s formula at a high price. He wanted to produce this magical medicine in batches, and let Zhou Wenqun take the money to buy medical equipment and testing equipment. Zhou Wenqun didn’t want to harm others and himself, let alone become a national sinner. He refused to sell it. Give Cheng Yizhi.

Manager Jiao sent Xiaoyu to school early in the morning, and then waited for Wu Lizi at the school gate. Wu Lizi came on time and forced him to tell the truth. Otherwise, he would continue to entangle Xiaoyu. Manager Jiao revealed that Wu Zhifu had a film in his hand and the Shanghai Reserve Bank was filmed in it. With chaotic financial accounts, Manager Jiao knew that Zhou Guangxian was also looking for this film.

Lei Zilai returned to Huang Ruhong. He found that the rejuvenation agent was developed by Zhou Wenqun. He suggested that Zhou Wenqun should be arrested and sent to the no-smoking area to eliminate the unfavorable rumors of Longying Bank. Afterwards, Cheng Yizhi reported the results of the investigation to Huang Ruhong. He did not agree to catch Zhou Wendog, so as not to cause the assassination of opium gangs. Cheng Yizhi suspected that someone was behind the scenes and falsely accused Longying Qianzhuang of being related to the rejuvenation agent. Cheng Yizhi suggested Huang Ruhong and Zhou Wenqun. When making friends, the Jianghu sect would not dare to kill him. Cheng Yizhi hadn’t figured out a specific method yet, so he thought about it.

Cheng Yizhi thought hard for a long time, and did not think of a way to help Zhou Wenqun, Wu Lizi suggested that he do what he likes. Cheng Yizhi took the initiative to approach Zhou Wenqun and asked directly about his dreams. Zhou Wenqun took him to see the group of ordinary people suffering from tuberculosis. Cheng Yizhi felt very uncomfortable when he saw that they could not breathe in pain. Zhou Wenqun’s father He died of tuberculosis. From then on, he vowed to develop a medicine to treat tuberculosis. Cheng Yizhi promised to help him invest in the construction of a pharmaceutical factory. Zhou Wendog was moved with tears in his eyes.

Cheng Yizhi reported to Huang Ruhong about supporting Zhou Wenqun to build a pharmaceutical factory. Huang Ruhong was worried that the gains would not be worth the loss. Cheng Yizhi explained his interests. Huang Ruhong reluctantly agreed. He guessed that Cheng Yizhi was influenced by Professor Lu. Cheng Yizhi explained that it was because Mrs. Lu missed Wu Lizi. Huang Ruhong didn’t ask much either. Through unremitting efforts in the process, he finally helped Zhou Wenqun to build a pharmaceutical factory. Zhou Wenqun vowed to produce anti-tuberculosis drugs as soon as possible. Cheng Yizhi was worried about foreign companies making trouble. He did not expect that Zhou Wenqun had also developed a lot of medicines for children and used this as a cover to develop anti-tuberculosis drugs. Cheng Yizhi looked at him with admiration.

Lei Zi wanted to use the face melon seeds to completely knock Cheng Yizhi down, but the result made him shine, Lei Zi gritted his teeth with anger. Zhou Wenqun was allowed to join the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce. He publicly thanked Huang Ruhong for his support. Huang Ruhong delivered an impassioned speech, wishing Zhou Wenqun success in developing anti-tuberculosis drugs. Zhou Wenqun complained constantly, worried that Huang Ruhong would cause big trouble in public.

Wu Lizi heard that the Shanghai Reserve Bank was holding a dinner party. She wanted to take this opportunity to investigate the cause of her father’s death. So she found two invitation letters and asked Cheng Yizhi to participate. Cheng Yizhi promised Wu Lizi to sing a lullaby to put him to sleep. Wu Lizi had to do so. . Cheng Yizhi took Wu Lizi to attend the Shanghai Reserve Bank’s dinner party. When they appeared, they immediately attracted the attention of all the guests. Manager Jiao was worried that Wu Lizi would take the opportunity to inquire about their fundraising. Zhou Guangxian sent him to inquire about the news, so she must not let Wu Lizi and boss Zhai meet. When Zhou Wendog saw Cheng Yizhi, he took the initiative to greet him.

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