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The Justice 光芒 Episode 11 Recap

When Professor Lu heard that Huang Ruhong became Hua Dong, he did not care about the interests of the people at all. He even opened a casino on Bi Xun Road, the most prosperous road. Cheng Yizhi had no knowledge of this. Professor Lu reminded Cheng Yizhi not to continue to help Huang Ruhong chase after fame. Benefits, otherwise, it would be a mistreatment, Cheng Yizhi was speechless by Professor Lu.

Cheng Yizhi went home and turned out a stack of letters handed to him by Professor Lu. It was a letter written by Wu Zhifu to Professor Lu. The letter detailed his meticulous work and Wu Lizi’s rebelliousness and simplicity. Cheng Yizhi was teased by Wu Lizi’s childish practices. Can’t help but laugh. Lei Zi sent people to investigate and found the source of the rejuvenation agent. He was worried that he would not be able to explain to Huang Ruhong, so he decided to forge a piece of evidence out of nothing.

Huang Ruhong took the account book of the Bi Xun Road Cigarette Museum and asked Cheng Yizhi to find a way to cover up the true face of the Cigarette’s profiteering. Cheng Yizhi had to do it. He once again remembered Professor Lu’s words and felt heavier than ever. Cheng Yizhi learned that Jin Yishan had a stroke and was hospitalized. He was inconvenient to visit, so he squatted at the door of his house. He felt guilty when he saw Jin Yishan being taken home to recuperate.

Commander Liao’s condition suddenly worsened. Huang Ruhong and Liao Lan hurried to visit the hospital. Lei Zi reported to Huang Ruhong that the person who had the deepest connection with the rejuvenation agent was Liao Guazi. Before Huang Ruhong had time to respond, Commander Liao died because of ineffective treatment. Huang Ruhong held a grand funeral for Commander Liao, and celebrities from all walks of life in Shanghai attended.

Wu Lizi accompanied Liao Lan Shouling and discovered that Cheng Yizhi was missing. She quietly searched around. Lei Zi revealed to her that Cheng Yizhi followed Huang Ruhong to the Fuxiangtang to find flowers and willows. She also repeatedly claimed that the women there were all amorous and ridiculed Wu Lizi, Wu Lizi. Ridiculed Leizi. Huang Ruhong came to Fuxiangtang to find the proprietress Luzhuer’s private meeting. He ordered Cheng Yizhi to investigate the face melon seeds and the rejuvenation agent, so as not to hurt him, and Cheng Yizhi promised to find out the truth as soon as possible.

Cheng Yizhi came to Lian Guazi Xingshi to inquire about the crime, and found a lot of rejuvenating agents from the drawer. Fai Guazi was so scared that he knelt down and begged for mercy. He just wanted to sell the rejuvenating agents to make some money, and he only got these products yesterday, and he hasn’t started selling them yet. , Cheng Yizhi was furious, and severely taught the face Guazi. Lianguazi led Cheng Yizhi to find the old Yin who sold him goods. Old Yin had already escaped. Cheng Yizhi concluded that Lianguazi was framed by someone and urged him to find someone as soon as possible, otherwise it would be unclear if he jumped into the Yellow River.

Cheng Yizhi came home very late. Wu Lizi checked his whole body carefully and found that he was full of powdery smell. She believed that he was going to Fuxiangtang to find a woman fooling around. Cheng Yizhi denied it. He revealed that Huang Ruhong was going to find a lover for a date. Cheng Yizhi realized that Wu Lizi was jealous. Not to mention being so happy, Wu Lizi forced him to take off all his clothes and wash his body before coming out.

Wu Lizi revealed to Charlie that Huang Ruhong was hiding in the Golden House of Fuxiangtang. Charlie hadn’t found out the matter beforehand, and he made complaints on behalf of Liao Lan. Immediately after Wu Lizi went to find manager Jiao, a former friend of her father, Wu Lizi found out that after her father died, manager Jiao was transferred to Tianjin. After Zhou Guangxian became the general manager, manager Jiao was transferred back to Shanghai as deputy general manager. Wu Lizi suspected that manager Jiao betrayed her father. Only to gain the trust of Zhou Guangxian, Manager Jiao desperately defended. Wu Lizi begged Manager Jiao to clarify the truth and clear the grievances to her father. Manager Jiao suddenly became furious and made Wu Lizi give up as soon as possible. Otherwise, she would take her to confront Zhou Guangxian, and Wu Lizi had to leave in tears.

Cheng Yizhi made an unannounced visit and finally found out the origin of the rejuvenating agent. He pretended to be a buyer to see Boss Xue in the name of Zhiyun, and Boss Xue asked him to wait four more days. Suddenly someone came to Boss Xue to buy a rejuvenation agent. Boss Xue shirks in every possible way. Those people stabbed Boss Xue to death on the spot and then left.

Cheng Yizhi was awakened by a nightmare. Wu Lizi gave him a cup of honey and water to soothe his nerves and sang a lullaby to make him fall asleep. Wu Lizi feels that Cheng Yizhi is very abnormal recently, and ask Charlie to help investigate Cheng Yizhi’s recent whereabouts. Cheng Yizhi followed the postman who delivered the letter and caught him on the spot to deliver the rejuvenation agent. The postman flees in fright. Cheng Yizhi just wanted to chase him, but was entangled by a drug addict.

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