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Our Times 启航:当风起时 Episode 2 Recap

The expulsion of Xiao Chuang and Pei Qinghua is pending, and Tan Qizhang led the team to win the Kangpu computer agency and establish a trading company is also the key to whether they can stay. This road is not smooth, and Tan Qizhang has no bottom in his heart, so he will prepare a banquet tomorrow, and he will not stop the people under his hands who stay and go. Xiao Chuang and Pei Qinghua were not elected, but Pei Qinghua had a condition.

If he really won the agency right to resume the establishment, he hoped to return to the institute to continue to study and complete the subject, and Tan Qizhang also agreed. Xiao Chuang was as passionate as ever, wanting to get back what belonged to him, and kept saying that he wanted to cover Pei Qinghua.

The next day. At the banquet prepared by Tan Qizhang, there were Xiao Chuang and Pei Qinghua, and the rest were Man Huansheng, Qi Rongbin and Xu Yiwan. It is true that there are not many people and no experience, but Xiao Chuang is passionate, Pei Qinghua fights his back, Tan Qizhang encourages everyone. Several people watched Kangpu Computer’s eyes glowing, and Xu Yang came late to join. Tan Qizhang issued the instructions for everyone, and asked them to study the instructions tonight. Late at night, Pei Qinghua accidentally discovered a strange girl in Tan Qizhang’s office. The other party saw him faintly jumped out of the window and ran away, but there was nothing to lose, and Pei Qinghua didn’t care.

Xiao Chuang designed a business card, but Pei Qinghua clearly rejected it. The computer market is too fierce, and it is not easy to sell computers. Tan Qizhang decided to adopt the form of divisional sales. Pei Qinghua chased Tan Qizhang to the office to talk about what happened last night. He didn’t expect that the girl was there when the door was opened, and she was also called Tan Qizhang’s father. It turned out that she was Tan Qizhang’s daughter Tan Yuan. Tan Qizhang asked Pei Qinghua to use a bicycle to push Tan Yuan back to school and have a good class. On the way, Pei Qinghua knew that Tan Yuan had sneaked into the office because Tan Qizhang had confiscated her Walkman. Tan Yuan fell in love with Pei Qinghua and asked him to help steal the tape out, but Pei Qinghua has always been reluctant to do such a thing.

Xiao Chuang helped to look at the video store, but fell in love with a customer at first sight. Xie Hang is here to bring belts. She likes to watch romance movies, so Xiao Chuang quickly found a disc. Xie Hang looked at Xiao Chuang and felt a little familiar, and finally remembered that he was the person who sold Hanka before. Before Xiao Chuang had time to become narcissistic, Xie Hang complained that Hanka couldn’t be used at all, and she didn’t know how to explain to the leader.

Xiao Chuang enthusiastically asked Xie Hang to take the Han card and take it back to the dormitory. After Pei Qinghua explained that Xie Hang had misunderstood them, and the two of them accidentally learned that Xie Hang went to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to report them. Xie Hang apologized after hearing that they were expelled for this reason and expressed willingness to help. Xiao Chuang repeatedly said that the unknown person was not guilty, and the two got acquainted.

Tan Qizhang decided to stay in Beijing with Man Huansheng to be in charge of liaison, and the remaining few people sold independently. Pei Qinghua wanted to restore the establishment as soon as possible, so he chose Guangzhou. Xiao Chuang chose Shanghai, Qi Rongbin chose Chengdu, Xu Yiwan was in Wuhan, and Xu Yang was in Changchun. The day before we left, everyone enthusiastically joined together to encourage and cheer each other up. Pei Qinghua was indifferent, Xiao Chuang worried that he was taken outside and was deceived, let alone a business like Guangzhou. But Pei Qinghua always had a grudge, and he didn’t want to talk more with him.

Several people went to different things, trying to create a new world in shopping malls in major cities. Each person has 200 yuan for travel expenses, but Xiao Chuang is generous, living in a luxury hotel suite, and hiring a secretary for ten yuan a day. Pei Qinghua took the prototype to live in the guest house in the small broken building, with a bed for four yuan a night. Xiao Chuang took a fancy to the lobby of the hotel trade fair. It costs 1,000 yuan a day. Xiao Chuang not only settled down, but also contacted the newspaper to advertise. In Pei Qinghua’s glasses case was the business card that Xiao Chuang secretly put in, but Pei Qinghua still took it with him despite his disgust. Compo Computer did not enter China, it is very strange in the market, and Pei Qinghua’s progress is also very difficult. Xiao Chuang looked much more relaxed, watching the video tape for a day.

Batong promised to sell 400 computers, and Tan Qizhang was also under great pressure. Pei Qinghua repeatedly bumped into the wall and had a stomach ailment while sitting on the side of the road eating steamed buns.

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