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Our Times 启航:当风起时 Episode 1 Recap

The story happened in Beijing in 1991. In a noisy commercial building, Xiao Chuang and his party secretly made Hanka for profit. They bought 15 Hanka for 225,000. Because they couldn’t make it for the time being, Xiao Chuang agreed with the customer to buy it the day after tomorrow. Before a few people had time to rejoice that they had earned a year’s salary in just a few days, there was a loud noise outside the door, and people from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau came for a routine check. Xiao Chuang was not very young, but he was calm, and quickly asked them to pack their things and escape through the window, but he stayed and took the responsibility alone.

Institute of Computer Research, Yenching University. There was a meeting on stage, and Xiao Chuang was scolded by the director for speculating outside in the name of the research institute. Director Tan Qizhang hurried over and saw that Hanka was also from his research room, Pei Qinghua’s handwriting. Pei Qinghua was a little surprised when he saw this.

Although it was exactly the same as his graduation project, it was indeed not made by him. Xiao Chuang couldn’t help but admit that he had stolen Pei Qinghua’s design and used it as Hanka and sold it. Pei Qinghua was a nerd and didn’t know anything. Pei Qinghua looked at this senior in amazement for a long time, but in a blink of an eye someone found a lot of money from him.

Xiao Chuang stammered and explained that he secretly gave it to Pei Qinghua and he didn’t know it. However, this matter was stolen and the director refused to listen to the explanation, so Pei Qinghua was charged with unreasonable charges. Xiao Chuang explained to no avail and kept saying that he was righteous, but Pei Qinghua pushed him to the ground. Both Man Huansheng and Qi Rongbin ran away yesterday, and Xiao Chuang didn’t give them out. They were really grateful, but what should Xiao Chuang do.

Pei Qinghua was born in a rural area and had difficulties at home. Tan Qizhang specifically interceded with the director for him, but the director became angry and wanted to postpone the matter of importing computers on behalf of him. Pei Qinghua and Xiao Chuang were expelled for reselling Hanka. Pei Qinghua wanted to stay in the research institute and do research, but now that the job is gone, the household registration has to be moved back to his place of origin. The three of Man Huansheng blamed themselves, and even more blamed Xiao Chuang. He kept chasing after Pei Qinghua to apologize. But Pei Qinghua was only a child born in a small fishing village.

He was the only person in the village who was admitted to college. His mother borrowed a lot of money for him to go to college. The poor boy who came out of such a village just wanted to do research in a down-to-earth manner, but now he was ruined by Xiao Chuang. Xiao Chuang helped him, but also ruined him, Pei Qinghua was very sad, maybe they were never the same. After making a phone call with the family, his mother still nagging to make him work hard, but Pei Qinghua hesitated for a long time without telling her the truth, but only steadily agreed to let her rest assured.

Pei Qinghua’s resume is very good. It is reasonable to say that major units should be rushing to dignitaries, but they were expelled. Xiao Chuang’s situation was not much better. He owed ten Hankas to the client. When Pei Qinghua returned to the dormitory, he saw him being beaten in embarrassment. Man Huansheng and Qi Rongbin and Xu Yiwan took out all their wealth, but they said that as long as Hanka, Xiao Chuang had no other way to make Hanka within a week.

But the components were confiscated by the director, and the parts were difficult to buy. When a few people were unable to do anything, Pei Qinghua suddenly appeared and said that he wanted to change the circuit diagram. Xiao Chuang was very sorry, but Pei Qinghua knew that it was not easy for everyone to come to the institute. He didn’t want everyone to end up with him.

Tan Qizhang still wanted to act as an agent for importing computers. He tried to persuade the director for many reasons. In fact, the director was also considering it, but it was not easy to do business. Tan Qizhang made a military order and took his few people to try it out, but one person was fully responsible for the failure. The talent market said that one unit agreed to admit Pei Qinghua, but Pei Qinghua was hesitant to work on cement mixing. Tan Qizhang wanted to take Kangpu’s agency rights, but when he encountered an Octopus company competing with them, Kangpu asked them to sell computers at the same time, and whoever sold the multi-agent rights belonged to whom.

Tan Qizhang decided to give it a go. Although it is now when he is employing people, the director is still unwilling to keep Xiao Chuang and Pei Qinghua. Pei Qinghua decided to accept the position of the cement factory. It doesn’t matter what he thinks. The important thing is that he will not be returned to his place of origin if he has a job. Xiao Chuang and others are not worthy of Pei Qinghua, after all, he has fallen to this point because of them, and he is still helping without precautions. Man Huansheng, Qi Rongbin, Xu Yiwan, and Xiao Chuang decided to go to the director tomorrow to intercede with the director. Based on the principle of being large and powerful, Xiao Chuang went from house to house begging everyone for help.

The ten Hankas are ready, and Pei Qinghua is leaving too. Xu Yiwan, Qi Rongbin, and full of joy ran to the director to intercede, but the punishment had been set, and the director was unwilling to change his words. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chuang asked everyone in the institute to intercede. No matter how good-tempered Pei Qinghua is, everyone wants him to stay. The director was so angry that Tan Qizhang hurriedly drove them away, and interceded with the director nicely, saying that he would let Pei Qinghua come back and help him sell the computer. The director was so angry that he had a headache and quickly agreed. In the end, Tan Qizhang and the director made a military order, and they will stay after they have taken the Kangpu agent right, otherwise Tan Qizhang will follow along!

Tan Qizhang succeeded in interceding, but he didn’t expect Pei Qinghua to get in the car and leave. In the car, Pei Qinghua remembered the scene of becoming roommates with Xiao Chuang. One character only wants to do research, the other has a flamboyant character, to be a vigorous hero in the movie, but they are all equally righteous and passionate. Pei Qinghua took a photo at the gate of the train station and wanted to keep it as a souvenir. Just after passing the ticket gate and reluctant to leave, Xiao Chuang’s hysterical sound suddenly came from the loudspeaker, Pei Qinghua, you don’t need to go to the cement factory!

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