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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 21 Recap

Fortunately, Father Xia’s operation was relatively successful, and he apologized to Xia Qian and wanted to make up for the debt he had owed over the past two decades. Mother Xia accidentally discovered the hospitalization bill while cleaning, so she cooked the chicken soup and sent it to the hospital. At the same time, she confessed to Xia Qian about Father Xia’s visits to her daughter many times before.

Fu Shuangshuang had no choice but to go on a blind date under the arrangement of his mother. Unexpectedly, the other party was also urged to marry by the family, so the two discussed pretending to be dating and falling in love in order to get confused. Because the man Xiaolin’s family grows organic vegetables, he often cooperates with the Changsheng Hotel in Jinhai. Qin Hebo sees Fu Shuangshuang often going out for appointments, and his jealousy increases for a while, not only obstructing the man’s business, but even destroying the man’s business. .

Originally, the purpose of paying Shuangshuang was to give up Qin Hebo’s heart, before agreeing to fake love, but now it affects other people’s lives, so he took the initiative to find Qin Hebo and asked him to let go of his blind date. Qin Hebo asked Fu Shuangshuang to date him, and promised not to interact with Xiaolin in the future.

In desperation, Fu Shuangshuang had to agree, first to accompany Qin Hebo to eat Western food, and then to watch a horror movie. It was for this reason that he discovered that the cinema was actually a private place for Qin Hebo yesterday. Qin Hebo thought that Fu Shuangshuang would still show fear as before, cuddling next to him, but he didn’t expect that Fu Shuangshuang was not afraid, and actually distanced himself from him deliberately.

After the whole day’s appointment is over. Qin Hebo wanted to end with a kiss with Fu Shuangshuang, and Fu Shuangshuang repeatedly told Qin Hebo that he must promise to let Xiaolin go, and then bit the bullet and leaned forward. Seeing Fu Shuangshuang begs for other men, Qin Hebo mistakenly thought that she really liked the blind date, and was so angry that he directly kissed Fu Shuangshuang, which made the two of them in an awkward relationship gradually eased. Fu Shuangshuang seemed to be aggrieved on the surface, but he was happy in his heart, and ran back to the room with a shy expression on his face.

At the same time, Xia Qian came to the hospital with chicken soup, but Xia’s father was not in the ward at all. Instead, he left a note, claiming that the demo of the band was mailed to the music company in Shanghai, which attracted the attention of the other party, so he wanted Go to negotiate with the other party’s boss, and tell Xia Qian to help her with the discharge procedures.

The second building of Changsheng Hotel was quickly completed, and the opening stage was in a blink of an eye. Sheng Zhening specially invited the more popular pianist Peter Bao to come and shoot the promotional video. As a fan of Peter Bao, Xiao Ai, who was talking about it, naturally found it all. Various opportunities follow Xia Qian to flourish.

As everyone knows, Qi Lin bought the photos from the paparazzi and found that Peter Bao looks like a human, but in fact, he often deliberately induces and assaults female fans by teaching the piano. In response to this situation, Qi Lin temporarily suppressed the spread of the photo, and waited until the press conference in Building 2 to publicize Peter Bao as the spokesperson of Changsheng. All the photos were released to expose Changsheng’s hiring of bad artists, so that he could be ruthless. Hit hard.

Sheng Zhening met Qi Lin in the corridor. Seeing her so indifferent and calm, her heart was very complicated, because he knew exactly what kind of person the other party was, and now suddenly became calm, but he was a little worried. At this time, Xiao Ai, at the invitation of Peter Bao, specially came to his room to ask for music, and even drank more and more, making her feel groggy. Xia Qian and Xiao Ai agreed to meet at the coffee shop, but they couldn’t get through her phone for a long time. I never thought that Peter Bao in the room frequently filled Xiao Ai with wine, trying to get rid of it when she was unconscious.

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