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Jun Jiu Ling 君九龄 Episode 16 Recap

After hearing the cause of Huang’s mother, Chu Jiuling prescribed a prescription and handed it to her on the spot, indicating that these minor illnesses can be cured without going there. Unexpectedly, the other party was aggressive and insisted on letting her go to the house. Chu Jiuling was unwilling to cause trouble, and simply agreed to go to the doctor. Until the pulse diagnosis and the medicine were over, the third lady told the third lady to speak.

Coincidentally, at this time, Lu Yunqi suddenly visited, regardless of the presence of outsiders, stupefied to make Sanniangzi humble his knees, and kept calling his name, and even repeated corrections because of the deviation of his tone. Chu Jiuling became more shocked as she listened, just because the voice of the third lady was too similar to her past self, and instantly realized that Lu Yunqi was keeping her in a private house, just treating her as the shadow of Princess Jiuling.

Lu Yunqi had heard of Jiuling Medical Center for a long time, so he directly instructed Sanniangzi to give out 10,000 consultation fees and asked Jun Jiuling to change his name, and even had to change the signboard of Jiuling Hall. She couldn’t refute it at all. Chu Jiuling had no choice but to accept the consultation fee and left. After leaving the house, she could no longer restrain her inner disgust. She ran to the alley and vomited. She hated Lu Yunqi’s practice and felt distressed for her elder sister.

Seeing that the Shangyuan Festival was approaching, Ning Yunzhao couldn’t help himself. After studying the scriptures for several days, he finally mustered up the courage to come to Jiuling Medical Center, and wanted to invite Jun Jiuling to enjoy the lanterns together. Ignoring Ning Yunzhao’s affection, Chu Jiuling simply refused, claiming that the relationship between the two was not appropriate. They had been put down in Zezhou at the beginning. Now they should keep their distance and shouldn’t have any more entanglement.

At first, Zhu Zan was slightly jealous of Ning Yunzhao, but when he heard that he was rejected, he immediately turned into a smile, and was a little bit happy in his heart. Zhu Zan sent out an invitation pretentiously, but Chu Jiuling readily agreed, which made him a little uncomfortable. Chu Jiuling thought that Ning Yunzhao had other thoughts when looking at the lantern, but Zhu Zan had pure ideas, and even took this opportunity to tease him again.

After finally concealing his shyness, just as Zhu Zan and Chu Jiuling were discussing about changing the imperial doctor, Chen Qi hurried over to inform Doctor Feng that there was a problem with the bone grafting, and there was already a lot of trouble at the moment. When Chu Jiuling heard the news, she found that the man who pretended to be sick that day had not recovered from his ankle after being trampled on by Zhu Zan, but had become more serious.

Her brother furiously smashed Doctor Feng’s medical clinic. Chu Jiuling took the initiative to check the situation, and she found that the bones were not connected at all. However, due to the presence of everyone, she asked Doctor Feng to demonstrate again on the grounds of asking for advice. Helped him solve the trouble. Doctor Feng was grateful and knew that he had misbelief in the adulterer’s falsehood at the beginning and almost hurt Jun Jiuling, but she did not expect that her doctor would be kind and repay her grievances with virtue.

Because Chu Jiuling preserved Dr. Feng’s reputation, the two medical clinics formed good friendships. Doctor Feng praised Jiuling Hall once again, and the good name spread throughout the capital. After Ling’s guidance, he also made a lot of diligence. At the beginning, Jiang Youshu wanted to instigate the capital doctors and collectively denigrate Chu Jiuling, but now everyone knows the character of this person and no longer accepts Jiang Youshu’s instigation.

Zhu Zan told Jiuling that it was not easy to change Chu Jiurong’s imperial physician, because Jiang Youshu was the imperial physician appointed by Chu Rang himself, but what puzzled Zhu Zan was that Lu Yunqi also wanted to change Chu Jiurong’s imperial physician. Chu Jiuling and Zhu Zan passed the market and happened to see the officers and soldiers bullying the orphans and widows. The two helped each other. Then they learned that taxes are reduced today, but three more taxes are levied, which is more than twice as high as before. . The people lived in dire straits, and there was no such thing as a peaceful and prosperous age at all. Zhu Zan was angry at Chu Rang’s behavior, and under Chu Jiuling’s persuasion, his emotions gradually calmed down.

Since Chu Jiurong’s condition has never improved, Chu Rang has attacked the Taiyuan Hospital. After all, if the pregnant king is the son of the first emperor, if he is sick all day long, it may affect his reputation, but if he is completely cured, he is afraid of endless troubles. Not only Chu Rang was overwhelmed by this, but even the imperial physicians were also embarrassed on both sides. They only felt that the king was like a hot potato. Losing it was equivalent to lifelessness and not losing his life.

After thinking about it again and again, Jiang Youshu decided to take advantage of Jiulingtang’s flourishing, with one stone and two birds, to sit and see how the other party solves the trouble. At this time, Jiulingtang’s big troubles had not come, and the minor troubles had just come, Wu Desi arbitrarily revealed the signboard of the medical hall, and Lu Yunqi publicly threatened Chu Jiuling to change his name.

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