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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 15 Recap

Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that he wanted to be with her all the time. Although Sheng Jingchu thought he was boring, but his life was very long and he was willing to change for Cheng. He never liked anyone, but now he likes Cheng very much. Hope Be able to stay with him all the time. Cheng Le was frightened by Sheng Jingchu’s words. She hadn’t thought about that. I hope Sheng Jingchu will give her some time to think about it. Sheng Jingchu gave Cheng a candy and told Cheng that he would always wait for a reply.

After Cheng went home, she felt that if she had agreed to Sheng Jingchu soon, she would think she was very frivolous and didn’t know what to do.

Sheng Jingchu has been waiting for Cheng’s reply, but he hasn’t waited until, so he sent a message to Cao Xihe and told him to go play chess. He didn’t expect that Cao Xihe had also shut down the phone, which was very depressing for Sheng Jingchu. Cao Xihe told Yao Ke the next day. Fortunately, it was shut down last night, otherwise Sheng Jingchu would ask him to play chess overnight. Unexpectedly, Sheng Jingchu went there as soon as his voice was over, and he had to ask Cao Xihe to play chess together. This is called Cao Xihe very helpless.

As long as Sheng Jingchu is in a bad mood, he will ask him to play chess. The two played several sets. It was boring to call Cao Xihe. Yao Ke also played with Sheng Jingchu for the next set, but Sheng Jingchu did not speak. Cao Xihe hurriedly took Sheng Jingchu out for a walk, but Yao Ke took them for a walk. Research after the played chess is restored.

Xiaoyan saw that Cheng had something on her mind and knew that she was troubled by feelings, so she comforted Cheng to chase after she liked it, and if she didn’t like it, she refused decisively. Cheng Le is not sure about his current state, not knowing if he likes Sheng Jingchu, if he just agrees to it, he will be irresponsible to them. Xiaoyan asked Cheng to continue meeting with Sheng Jingchu every day, so that she would know if she liked it.

Zhao Yanxun watched Xiaolan practicing chess, so he sat down. He didn’t expect Xiaolan to accompany her to practice chess with her idol. This was a surprise to Zhao Yanxun.

Sheng Jingchu and Cao Xihe said that they didn’t know if Cheng liked them. They were afraid that they had been rejected by others. At this moment, Jiang Yuda was about to climb in from the wall. The security guards also went and had to take Jiang Yuda away. Sheng Jingchu said something nice before letting go. Pass him. After that, Jiang Yuda begged Sheng Jingchu to accept his apprentice. In order to be able to play chess, he insisted on playing three jobs every day, just to save enough tuition to learn chess with Sheng Jingchu’s great god.

Cheng Yijiao was sprained and hid in the room spraying medicine. At this time, Cheng went in, and wanted to consult about what it feels like to be alone. My sister told Cheng that the first thing to do is to have a heartbeat. That is the most fundamental. Cheng Liao felt that he didn’t know if he liked Sheng Jingchu, but he was afraid that he would hurt Sheng Jingchu if he refused. He didn’t know if he liked him. But thinking of Sheng Jingchu will feel uncomfortable. My sister told Cheng that she liked it, and she must seize the opportunity to tell Sheng Jingchu.

Jiang Yuda knew that Sheng Jing liked Cheng at first, so he told him to chase after him bravely, expressing it regardless of whether the opponent refused. But Cao Xihe on one side said that he and Xiaolan came out wild, but people just didn’t like him, Sheng Jingchu also felt that there is no secret to love, maybe people just don’t like him.

Cheng Lei felt that what her sister said was reasonable. Don’t miss it if Sheng Jingchu was his destined person. So she sat in front of the computer and stared at Sheng Jingchu’s information in a daze.

The next morning, the three of Sheng Jingchu woke up and realized that he had sent so many voices to Cheng Tie, and he was moved by his attachment. Cheng was very happy all night listening to Sheng Jingchu’s voice, so he cooked the soup in the morning and wanted to bring it to Sheng Jingchu. Just when the three of them were lying on the sofa in a daze, Cao Xi and Jiang Yuda hurriedly said that they were in a hurry and left, leaving room for Sheng Jingchu and Cheng.

Jiang Yuda wanted to know whether Sheng Jingchu was willing to accept him, so Cao Xihe told him that if he wanted Sheng Jingchu to accept him, he had to move Cheng first, and as long as Cheng agreed to Sheng Jingchu, he would not object.

Sheng Jingchu had some headaches after drinking, so Cheng gave him a massage to relieve the pain. This is called Sheng Jingchu’s happiness and embarrassment. I don’t know if Cheng Lei would laugh at his confession last night.

Jiang Yuda went to her father’s restaurant to eat in order to get Cheng’s favor, and he ordered a lot of dishes, but after eating, he said that he had no money. If they wanted money, he would stay and work to pay back. He also told the old man about his current situation and difficulties, so Dad Cheng left Jiang Yuda to work in the shop.

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