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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 14 Recap

Xiaoyan was afraid of Cheng and worried that Sheng Jingchu would be able to win Zhao Yanxun if she was okay. Although Cheng looked worried about Sheng Jingchu, he was not convinced. He firmly believed that Sheng Jingchu was a great god and he would not lose chess.

The match between Sheng Jingchu and Zhao Yanxun also officially began. The two began to fight with confidence. Zhao Yanxun wanted to use imitating chess to play against Sheng Jingchu. That was how Sheng Jingchu played Zhao Yanxun and called Sheng Jingchu to defeat himself. Cao Xihe said that Zhao Yanxun was too shameless, but Xiaolan believed that her brother Zhao Yanxun did not violate the rules, and that they were allowed to walk wherever they wanted. And watching Sheng Jingchu’s steps is not optimistic, Zhao Yanxun keeps pressing. This makes Xiaolan like Zhao Yanxun even more. She thinks her brother is really amazing.

Cao Xi and Xiaolan who are looking at them are very angry and think she is. A little traitor. Sure enough, Sheng Jingchu’s black chess on the chessboard was eaten by Zhao Yanxun. Everyone was very worried about Sheng Jingchu. They all felt that it was very difficult for Sheng Jingchu to move back to the disadvantage. However, Cheng thought that Sheng Jingchu would not lose because he was Sheng Jingchu was a great god, and told them not to talk nonsense, just watch them carefully. Sure enough, Shengjing initially lured the enemy into deep, and soon beat Zhao Yanxun into the water. Xiaolan would cry when he saw that Zhao Yanxun lost, but Cheng was as happy as a child, thinking that Sheng Jing should win at the beginning. Zhao Yanxun felt that he would not be ashamed to lose to Sheng Jingchu, and he enjoyed playing chess with him.

After the award ceremony, Zhao Yanxun wanted to cook Korean food for Sheng Jingchu, but Sheng Jingchu refused. Just then Jiang Yuda also went to ask Sheng Jingchu to be his apprentice, so Sheng Jingchu asked Zhao Yanxun to help deal with Jiang Yuda. Zhao Yanxun was very obedient, and left with Jiang Yuda, set it aside and hurried back to Sheng Jingchu’s car. The two of them ran away, Jiang Yuda watched them sitting on the ground from behind and wept bitterly.

Zhao Yanxun made Korean dishes for Sheng Jingchu, but the ingredients used were the flowers that Cheng helped plant. This made Sheng Jingchu very angry. He took Zhao Yanxun’s suitcase and threw it out together. Zhao Yanxun was shocked by Sheng Jingchu’s actions. I thought that Sheng Jingchu would treat him like that.

Cheng Liao received a call from the leader, asking her to continue dating Sheng Jingchu. They are the best news content. It is very depressing to call Cheng. I think the station knows that they are going to have a scandal all day, and they don’t even think about it. Her inner feelings.

Kato got drunk and went to find Sheng Jingchu, wanting to know his chess path, and went there at this time. Sheng Jingchu went to look at the flowers when he was proud, but Zhao Yanxun ate a lot of them as dishes. Cheng Yi took a look and felt that there was not much damage that could be repaired, but Zhao Yanxun was very pitiful outside by himself, and didn’t know where he would stay.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Yanxun went to the Kyushu Dojo. This called Xiaolan very happy, but Cao Xihe felt that there was nothing good about Zhao Yanxun’s going there. Sure enough, he was going to borrow accommodation. This was called Cao Xihe and was very depressed, but Xiaolan was very depressed. Happy, and hurriedly helped Zhao Yanxun get the suitcase to arrange accommodation.

Masayoshi Kato told Sheng Jingchu that he wanted to woo his beloved little princess, and he wanted to confess by winning chess, but Sheng Jingchu was ruined by Sheng Jingchu. If he couldn’t get the happiness he wanted, he would do everything. When Cheng saw that Kato was so firm, he told Sheng Jingchu not to be too hard on him, and just figured out a way to help him propose. On the second day, Sheng Jingchu went to see his brothers for help to see how to get Kato Masayo to make a successful marriage proposal. Everyone’s babbled suggestions were not practical, so Xie Changan took Kato Masayo to the restaurant Kyushu Dojo and stayed. The brothers moved in to discuss ideas.

Soon everyone got along and paid attention, and it was enough to ask Kato Masanori to confess sincerely. That would be the marriage proposal scene that girls want most. Under the testimony of everyone, Kato took the flowers to confess to the beloved girl, hoping that she could marry herself, the girl was moved by Kato’s integrity and accepted her courtship.

Xiaolan watched Kato’s straight courtship and went to talk to Zhao Yanxun. First, he had to take the opportunity to get close to him, but Cao Xihe broke their status quo by sitting between the two. This made Xiaolan very depressed and got up and left. opened.

Sheng Jingchu was also very envious of seeing Kato Masaru’s successful marriage proposal, so he took Cheng out for a drive, but their drive was by taking a bus. Although they could not drive to the romance by themselves, Cheng was very happy because Sheng Jingchu gave her the gift. It’s all happy.

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