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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 12 Recap

Sheng Jingchu gave Cheng some pointers and agreed to have a cake together after the game. Just then Jiang Yuda jumped in. He wanted to pay Sheng Jingchu as a teacher. Cheng recognized Jiang Yuda at a glance. It was his sister who made the headlines. People. When Sheng Jingchu heard that he turned out to be that kind of person, he cleared him out. This is called Jiang Yuda’s helplessness.

The international game of Go has begun, and Nie Weiping sits for them. The lineup for this competition is very gorgeous, and Nie Weiping gives a speech to everyone. The news is early to win. The reporter asked who the Kyushu Dojo most wanted to challenge, and Cao Xihe replied with Zhao Yanxun. He was able to prepare for the news. Some reporters asked Sheng Jingchu whether it would affect him to report to him. This was very depressing for Cheng. Everyone actually focused on Cheng. Sheng Jingchu asked everyone to look forward to the results of the game.

Xie Changan was defeated against the Japanese, Cao Xi and the domestic players successfully advanced, and Sheng Jingchu played against his junior Yao Ke, and soon defeated him. This made Yao Ke very unwilling, but on the surface he still had to pretend. not give a damn about. After Sheng Jingchu went out to meet Cheng, and asked her to meet in the semifinals, many reporters at the scene took them as the focus of shooting.

Yao Ke was in a bad mood after losing chess. His younger brother told him to go out for dinner and was scolded by him. He had been waiting for a competition with Sheng Jingchu for many years, but this time he lost to him and felt very unconvinced, but his strength was there. Only by continuing to practice can I have a chance to defeat Sheng Jingchu.

The semi-finals started to cheer for Sheng Jingchu, Xiaolan also went to cheer for Sheng Jingchu, Sheng Jingchu asked Xiaolan to cheer for Cao Xihe, but Xiaolan felt that it was useless to go, Cao Xi and Yingding Will lose to Zhao Yanxun.

Sheng Jingchu played against the Japanese Kato Masaru. Just when Sheng Jingchu was about to play, he could not find the Tao Te Ching that the game often carried. This is why Sheng Jingchu was very anxious to look for it, and the game Ma Shang was about to begin. Sheng Jingchu’s morality After being stolen by Yao Ke’s younger brother and thrown into the trash can, he wanted Sheng Jingchu to lose the game. Xie Changan asked Sheng Jingchu to go to the competition first, but Sheng Jingchu didn’t want to go in and ask someone to calm down. Cheng felt that Sheng Jingchu must have encountered a problem and went to see him. Xiaolan told Cheng that Sheng Jingchu’s Tao Te Ching had been lost.

That was every time he played. Everything I had to bring, so Cheng hurried to comfort Sheng Jingchu. Sheng Jing first remembered the scene that his master had given him the Tao Te Ching. After a period of adjustment, he finally appeared on the playing field. Just when the reporter was taking photos of Sheng Jingchu, Cheng appeared, hugging Sheng Jingchu to encourage him, no matter what the result, they would go to eat cakes, this shot was taken by many reporters, and Sheng Jingchu had Cheng’s encouragement. Also have confidence.

Xie Changan and Xiaolan explained to Sheng Jingchu and Kato Masaru, they felt that both of them had a great chance of winning, and they had to pay a certain price and strength to win chess. The two are on the chessboard. You come and I fight is hard to separate. After several meetings and later Sheng Jingchu’s offensive was defeated by Kato Masaru. This is called Sheng Jingchu very passive, just like the weapon of a military soldier was destroyed by the enemy. Without weapons, it would be very dangerous. Xie Changan and Xiaolan also feel that Sheng Jingchu is already very dangerous now. If you want to win, you have to wait for a miracle to appear before Kato makes a mistake.

Everyone saw Sheng Jingchu closing his eyes in front of the screen, which made everyone even more confused about what it meant. Sheng Jingchu still thought of the Tao Te Ching in his heart. He wanted to use the contents of the Tao Te Ching to recast weapons, as expected. , Sheng Jingchu attacked again, defeating Kato’s integrity, and finally defeated. Everyone realized that Sheng Jingchu had premeditated, and Kato was deceived by Sheng Jingchu’s illusion. Cheng Yi saw that Sheng Jingchu won the chess and jumped up excitedly, and ran to be the first to hug him to celebrate the victory.

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