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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 11 Recap

Cheng Yi’s grievances were all told to the leader of the high office, which is also very sympathetic. After Cheng Yi calmed down, she apologized to Director Gao. He shouldn’t be angry with him, but even the one who speaks well needs to understand, and her tolerance has reached the limit. Cheng Yi drove out to vent by himself, and cried loudly while sitting in the car to release his depressed mood. At this time, Xu Chi had been looking for Cheng Yi, but no one answered the phone.

Cheng Yi kept calling her sister but no one answered. Cheng was very late and waited at home for her sister to return. After Cheng Yi returned, Cheng asked her sister to tell her what was in her heart, although everyone was familiar with Cheng Yi’s news I know, but Cheng Lei believes in her sister. Cheng Yi asked Cheng not to worry about her, and don’t affect her mood because of her. As for her program, she didn’t plan to do it, so just stop it. Cheng Liao wanted to ask her sister to accompany her to sing with them at the Kyushu Dojo. Maybe it would be better to be in a better mood with friends.

In Sheng Jingchu, Cao Xi and Sheng Jingchu went out to sing together, but Sheng Jingchu said that he couldn’t go there because of something. Cao Xihe told Sheng Jingchu that he had already invited him, and Sheng Jingchu hurriedly changed his mind and wanted to participate together.

Cheng Yi and Cheng Lei went to the party together, and Xiao Lan accompanied Cheng Yi to play together, so Sheng Jing was about to take Cheng Lei to change a place to sit. Sheng Jingchu took the trip to the night market. The two of them went to school to see the scenery. It was almost midnight. Sheng Jingchu took out the necklace prepared in advance and gave it to Cheng as a birthday gift. Calling Cheng was a little surprised but also very happy. It was her favorite gift for her birthday. Sheng Jingchu wanted to hug Cheng, and the two got together inadvertently. Cheng Liao quickly apologized to Sheng Jingchu for her intentions, but Sheng Jingchu thought that the action would give them a deeper memory.

After Cheng Lei went home, she felt that she had been kissed by Sheng Jingchu twice. It was her first kiss for 24 years. Although she was lucky to be kissed by Sheng Jingchu, she also felt that she should leave it to the talent she most wanted to give. worth. At this time, my sister and dad went in with the cake. The two of them were going to celebrate Cheng’s birthday. Cheng finally realized that the family still hadn’t forgotten her birthday.

My sister also gave Cheng a pair of high heels. She had become a big girl. Feminine, and I will be married in a few years. When my father heard it, he was very sad, afraid that after the two of them married, he would be left alone. The two sisters quickly comforted his father that they would not marry, so they should stay at home with his father, but father still hopes that they can find excellence. Of boys are more at ease when they marry.

Cao Xihe went to school to pick up Xiaolan from school, but was very angry when he heard that Xiaolan went to the game to meet Zhao Yanxun, so Cao Xihe vowed to defeat Zhao Yanxun.

Xu Chi went to find Jiang Yuda to warn him not to disturb Cheng Yi again, but Jiang Yuda told Xu Chi that he had his own freedom, and whether he should see that Cheng Yi was his own business, and told Xu Chi not to interfere with them.

Cheng Yi received an assignment to interview, but was ridiculed by others. It was more than shameful to scold Cheng Yi for ordering the host to hug a little boy. Just then Jiang Yuda went, Fei wanted to teach that man to vent his anger to Cheng Yi, but he didn’t expect to be beaten instead of teaching the adult. When Cheng Yi saw that Jiang Yuda couldn’t do it, he asked him to go and do it himself. Cheng Yi beat that person to the ground with a few strokes. Jiang Yuda on one side was stunned. He didn’t expect that Cheng Yi would still have those two shots.

Later, Cheng Yi asked Jiang Yuda to stop being nosy, now she doesn’t want to cause anything. Jiang Yuda asked Cheng Yi’s current frustration must be for Xu Chi, but Cheng Yi told Jiang Yuda that she felt like a family feeling for Xu Chi, and she only sympathized with Jiang Yuda, told him to stop talking nonsense, and quickly learn Go. It’s business.

Yao Ke made rapid progress. He explained the chess art to Xiaolan. The name Xiaolan admired. So Xiaolan wanted to find out who is better between Yao Ke and Zhao Yanxun. This is called Cao Xi and he is very angry and asked Xiaolan to stop Zhao Yanxun. Look too hard, if Zhao Yanxun wins the lottery during the game, he will definitely beat him.

Cheng went to Sheng Jingchu who wanted to learn Go, so that he could learn about Go and use it for the show. Sheng Jingchu explained to Cheng about the origin of Go and the current biggest rival country and opponent. After Sheng Jingchu’s explanation, he had a preliminary understanding of Go.

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