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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 10 Recap

Cheng had to choose to live in Shengjingchu’s house. The two watched a family movie together, and then Sheng Jingchu arranged for Cheng to go to her room to sleep.

Cheng Lei made the interview in a very warm way, which made Mr. Xie and they were very moved, and they felt that Cheng Le was too great. However, Cheng was called by the leader to severely reprimand him, saying that what they wanted was fierce material, and at least Sheng Jingchu’s appearance would be required, otherwise Cheng would not be able to get along there, even Cheng Yi could not. Save the journey.

At the meeting, Cheng Yi explained to everyone to create a column titled Go. The boss felt that Cheng Yi’s idea was good. He would apply for it as well as the station. Cheng Yi made this column as a wonderful program as an interview with Cheng Yi. Just when Cheng Yi walked out of the TV station, Jiang Yuda went there and told Cheng Yi that he had been waiting for her at the door for several days, and this time he went to her to pay back the money. Those Tianjiang Yuda have been working hard, but the money is still not enough, and they want to borrow some money with Cheng Yi.

Cheng Yi turned his face when he heard that, and beat Jiang Yuda to stop him from making mischief. Jiang Yuda was very sad. He cried in front of Cheng Yi, feeling that it was too difficult for her to realize her dream. Cheng Yi was moved by Jiang Yuda and took him to a meal. Cheng Yi feels that Jiang Yuda’s desperation for Go is too unworthy, but Jiang Yuda firmly believes that it doesn’t matter as long as he can realize his dream. Jiang Yuda’s words moved Cheng Yi, remembering that she was as energetic as Jiang Yuda when she just graduated. Cheng Yi encourages Jiang Yuda to work hard, and he will surely realize his dream. When Cheng Yi left, Jiang Yuda left a note with a series of numbers on it.

Cheng Le went to Shengjingchu’s home to see the plants planted, but because he was reprimanded by the leader for not being in a good mood, he wanted to use Shengjingchu’s kitchen to vent, so he cooked crazy in Shengjingchu’s kitchen to relieve stress. Although the irritability eased, Sheng Jingchu’s kitchen was in a mess. Cheng Yee accidentally opened Sheng Jingchu’s garage while the two were eating. Cheng felt that there would still be a car if Sheng Jingchu didn’t drive. Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that it was his prize for the competition. Because he couldn’t see the color, he could not drive the car. Stored in the garage. Sheng Jingchu asked Cheng to get in the car to feel it, and when he had colored eyesight, he went to take the driver’s license test and took Cheng for a drive. Sheng Jingchu felt that Cheng would give her a Ferrari if she liked it very much. Cheng felt that it was too sudden. If such an expensive car was given to her, don’t repay the favor for Sheng Jingchu to cook a lifetime meal for Sheng Jingchu.

Jiang Yuda went to the Kyushu Dojo early in the morning to ask Bai Xiaolan as a teacher, but Cao Xi and Jiang Yuda pulled him out because they were afraid that Jiang Yuda would be unruly. Jiang Yuda told Cao Xi and him that he had no wrong thoughts about Xiaolan, and that he simply wanted to be a teacher. But now I want to worship Cao Xihe as a teacher even more, because Xiaolan is in the fourth dan, and Cao Xihe is already in the eighth dan. It is better for Cao Xi and Jiang Yuda to go to the king to apprentice, that is, Sheng Jingchu.

Xu Chi went to pick up the courier, and it happened that Jiang Yuda was also delivering the courier, so he called him to the office for a chat. Jiang Yuda told Xu Chi that he had made progress with the goddess in his heart, and that he had obtained the phone number. But Xu Chi has made no progress at all. Jiang Yuda told Xu Chi to be steady, and don’t be chased away by others. Xu Chi told Jiang Yuda that he had made an appointment with her for dinner, but Jiang Yuda said that he had also made an appointment with the goddess sister, but they had an appointment at night. Xu Chi called Jiang Yuda to add the goddess’ WeChat, so that it would be convenient to contact in the future. This made Jiang Yuda think that Xu Chi really had two things.

Xu Chi bought a set of clothes for Cheng Yi to host the final episodes of the show. The interview with Cheng Yi is of great significance to her. Just then Cheng Yi received Jiang Yuda’s friend request, so he added it smoothly. Jiang Yuda also called Xu Chi to inform him of good news. He had successfully added the WeChat account of the goddess in his heart. Xu Chi also wished Jiang Yuda’s success soon. At this moment, Cheng Yi excitedly told Xu Chi that she had just added a boy’s WeChat account. She was a student who had known each other for a few days and wanted to help that boy.

It was Cheng’s birthday. I thought my father and sister would give a blessing, but I didn’t expect that they would have forgotten Cheng’s birthday, which made Cheng feel very sad.

Cao Xihe went to find Sheng Jingchu to borrow Farah to use it, but Sheng Jingchu was unwilling to lend him because he already wanted to give it to Cheng. Xiaolan called Cheng Le and asked to go out to karaoke, and Cheng Le agreed to their invitation.

When Xu Chi had a meeting with his subordinates, everyone received a MMS. The content contained a picture of Cheng Yi and Jiang Yuda together. This was very unexpected for Xu Chi. I didn’t expect that Jiang Yuda and Cheng Yi, whom I had just met, would be together. The leader of the station also called Cheng Yi to ask the guilt, and wanted to stop all her current work. Cheng Yi asked the leader where she was wrong. She did not cheat or mess with the relationship between men and women, just put her hand on the boy’s shoulder. Even if she wants to fall in love with boys, it is logical. For many years, Cheng Yi has been paying attention to her own image. She is afraid of being photographed and affecting the station, but she has to have a life of her own.

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