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Cry Me A River of Stars 春来枕星河 Episode 24 End Recap

Yun Hean was sentenced to jail for being implicated in the Yun Jiayu treason, and was saved by the Queen Mother and became a nun. In order to extend his life to A Fan, Tao Junran passed all his skills to A Fan and turned his head all night. Tao Junran accompanied the sleeping Ah Fan through spring, summer, autumn and winter one after another. Ten years later, A Fan finally awakened in Qianli Country, but Tao Junran was not seen by his side. A Fan was heartbroken. He searched for Tao Junran’s whereabouts to no avail. After asking others about Tao Junran’s whereabouts, he realized that he had been asleep for ten years. Ah Fan revisited his old place and met the grown-up Xiao Nanshan.

After learning about what happened that year, Afan paid homage to his deceased under the guidance of Xiao Nanshan, and ran into Yun Hean, who was already a monk. Ah Fan finally decided to go to Tao Junran and visit the great mountains and rivers by the way. A Fan got on a awning boat and left. Although Tao Junran tried to hide, he was still recognized by A Fan. After going round and round, the two have gone through many difficulties and dangers, and finally recognize each other, and never need to be separated again.

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