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The Justice 光芒 Episode 9 Recap

Cheng Yizhi came directly to Huang Ruhong to ask for the land on Baylor Road. Huang Ruhong had long wanted him to take care of it. Cheng Yizhi took the contract signed by Xu Shu and Lei Zi and repeatedly emphasized that it was an invalid contract. Lei Zi and the patrol house joined forces to deceive Xu Shu’s money. In the end, Xu Shu met both people and money.

Cheng Yizhi took out the Baylor Road land. He offered to cooperate with Xu Shu on his own initiative for the purchase and sale authorization letter. Xu Shu would rather be defrauded by Lei Zi of 300,000 yuan, and did not want to cooperate with Cheng Yizhi, but did not want Cheng Yizhi to read his jokes. Cheng Yizhi understood that the 300,000 yuan was all the funds Xu Shu’s father gave him to return to China to start a business, and he advised him to consider it carefully. Suddenly, Xu Shu didn’t buy it at all, and even spoke harshly to Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi had no choice but to leave.

When Cheng Yizhi was about to drive away, he suddenly saw Xu Shu hurried out and wore a scarf, exactly like the one Wu Lizi gave him. Cheng Yizhi drove to follow Xu Shu. Unexpectedly, Xu Shu would come to see Wu Lizi. The two had a hot chat. Cheng Yizhi Annoyed, he ripped off the scarf and threw it aside.

Wu Lizi interviewed Xu Shu as a reporter, trying to find out from him the cause of his father’s suicide. Xu Shu was unspeakable, and he refused to disclose any information. Cheng Yizhi lost her soul and went home. Wu Lizi rushed home. Cheng Yizhi pretended to take her to the freight terminal to visit the foreign goods market. Wu Lizi thought the price was too expensive and took Cheng Yizhi to the Chinese herbal medicine market. Unexpectedly, the money was stolen by the little beggar. Cheng Yizhi was often kidnapped. The beggars stole and advised Wu Lizi not to take it to heart, and let the little beggar use the money to eat a meal to relieve her greed. Wu Lizi discovered that the wedding ring had been stolen, and Cheng Yizhi went to pursue it without saying a word.

Cheng Yizhi asked the beggar’s leader for the ring. Not only did he not give it, he also fought Cheng Yizhi. Wu Lizi helped out in time. Cheng Yizhi snatched the ring and rode on the bicycle next to Wu Lizi and fled. Cheng Yizhi came to Xu Shu to play tennis, and once again persuaded Xu Shu to cooperate with him. Cheng Yizhi admitted that he admired Xu Shu’s design and promised to help him fulfill his dream without interfering with him. Xu Shu began to be moved.

Huang Ruhong sent Lei Zi to find out the origin of the rejuvenation agent. Lei Zi sent out many people but found nothing. When he learned that Cheng Yizhi was going to Huang Ruhong on the land of Baylor Road, he gritted his teeth with anger. Cheng Yizhi followed Wu Lizi to the piano shop, and saw that she secretly came out to date Xu Shu, and also played the piano to Xu Shu herself. The two talked and laughed and were unhappy. Cheng Yizhi remembered Wu Lizi’s lie that she didn’t have piano music and didn’t play the piano, and he was very sad.

Xu Shu opened his heart to Wu Lizi and described in detail the painful experience when he had just returned from Italy. Wu Zhifu personally asked him to design the Shanghai Reserve Bank building. Xu Shu saw reports in the newspaper about Wu Zhifu’s corruption. He wanted to realize his design dream with all his heart, and he didn’t take it seriously. He started the Shanghai Reserve Bank’s expansion project design, but was repeatedly beaten back. Finally, Xu Shu handed over the design plan to Zhou Guangxian. As a result, it fell to the sea. Wu Lizi encouraged him to cheer up and believe it. He found a real soulmate to invest this time.

Professor Lu and Cheng Yizhi came to attend the gathering of colleagues in the banking industry. Zhou Guangxian also attended. Professor Lu mentioned that the cause of Wu Zhifu’s death was unknown. He asked the current bank governor Zhou Guangxian to thoroughly investigate the matter. Zhou Guangxian evaded in every possible way and moved out of the marriage of Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi. thing. Cheng Yizhi had been absent-minded and ignored their conversation. Professor Lu found that Cheng Yizhi was wrong and suspected that he and Wu Lizi were angry. On behalf of his wife, Professor Lu invited Wu Lizi to play at home.

That night, Wu Lizi tried desperately to please Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi was not in the mood to chat with her, so she found an excuse to go to bed first. Wu Lizi was puzzled. Cheng Yizhi came to Xu Shu again and tried to persuade him to implement the design plan, otherwise he would regret it for life. Xu Shu didn’t know the usefulness of this building. Cheng Yizhi suggested that he lease this beautiful building to the poor and let them. After brainstorming to build a leisure and entertainment paradise, Xu Shu immediately increased his confidence and told Cheng Yizhi one by one of his ideas. The two people finally agreed that the building would be called “Wonder Garden.”

Lei Zi deliberately released the news to the bosses, repeatedly claiming that he wanted to give the land on Baylor Road to the Ministry of Industry, but Cheng Yizhi donated the land, and the bosses called Cheng Yizhi into trouble.

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