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The Justice 光芒 Episode 8 Recap

Cheng Yizhi drove Wu Lizi to find the major bookstores in Shanghai, but they were all closed. Cheng Yizhi wanted to take advantage of today’s double happiness to celebrate, but he was disappointed that he did not buy a piano score, but Wu Lizi disapproved.

Secretary Feng, Professor Lu and others congratulated Cheng Yizhi on successfully obtaining the financing of the spinning mill. Professor Lu pointed out that Cheng Yizhi’s participation in financing was for grandstanding, not for the sake of the workers. Once Shimazaki is located in Japan, the Shoji Bank of Japan invested in yarn. Factory, it will cause Nissan’s cotton yarn to dump in Shanghai, Cheng Yizhi is speechless, he is lost in thought.

Wu Lizi came to the construction company to interview Dr. Xu Shu as a newspaper reporter. She learned that Xu Shu was not on vacation. She learned from Secretary Guan that Xu Shu had only completed the project of Jinghua Middle School. Whereabouts. When Wu Lizi went home and learned that Wang’s mother was sick, she asked her about her cold. Cheng Yizhi personally cooked the red bean paste for Wang’s mother. Wu Lizi drank several bowls in one go. Cheng Yizhi wanted to admit that she had made red bean paste for her mother. After holding it back again, Cheng Yizhi promised to boil red bean paste for her in the future.

Cheng Yizhi took the initiative to ask Shimazaki to come out for a single chat, and pointed out to the face that Zhaozheng Bank had cruelly exploited the workers of the spinning mill and also caused the tragic May 30th tragedy. Cheng Yizhi reminded Shimazaki not to help the gangsters, so as not to cause public outrage. When Wu Lizi inquired about Xu Shu’s whereabouts, she came directly to the cafe to find him. On the way home in a rickshaw, Wu Lizi saw Cheng Yizhi walking home in despair, so she got out of the car and walked with him. Wu Lizi left Cheng Yizhi in the sugar cube in the small house.

Taking it out, Cheng Yizhi admitted that he had learned from Wu’s mother that Wu Lizi liked to eat this kind of candy. When he went to visit Wu’s mother for the last time, he knew that Wu’s mother had passed away and Wu Lizi also moved away. It turned out that after Wu Lizi moved away, remembering that the brooch had fallen in the small house, she went back to look for it, and found that Cheng Yizhi had left the candy there.

Shimazaki mediated from this, and the president of Zhaozheng Bank gave up the financing of the spinning mill. Director Zhao did not want to lose Japan’s advanced technology and equipment. He immediately approached Cheng Yizhi to discuss countermeasures. Cheng Yizhi promised to help solve the advanced equipment and encourage Director Zhao, don’t be discouraged. Through unremitting efforts in the process, Huang Ruhong was finally elected as the chairman of the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce.

He held a banquet at home to celebrate. Shanghai celebrities from all walks of life came to join in, and Commander Liao also came back from the hospital to cheer. Liao Lan was full of praise for Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi asked Cheng Yizhi to give Wu Lizi a bottle of French perfume. Cheng Yizhi rushed home and learned that Wu Lizi was going to drink tea with Liao Lan. He knew that Wu Lizi was lying, and he was very unhappy.

Wu Lizi hurried home and gave Cheng Yizhi a silk scarf. Cheng Yizhi repeatedly asked who she was shopping with. Wu Lizi insisted that she was with Liao Lan. Cheng Yizhi had doubts about her, so she quietly followed Wu Lizi and found that she had gone to Dingxin Construction Company. Shimazaki Zhong came to Cheng Yizhi. He wanted to work at Longying Bank. Shimazaki admitted that her mother was Chinese. Cheng Yizhi asked him to bring in Japan’s advanced textile technology and let him stay at Zhaozheng Bank. Shimazaki was only satisfied. Leave.

Cheng Yizhi took the initiative to contact Secretary Guan, and then came to meet Xu Shu in person. Secretary Guan couldn’t wait to show Xu Shu’s works, Xu Shu desperately stopped, but it was too late, and he gritted his teeth with anger. Cheng Yizhi pointed out that Xu Shu’s design was different from that of Shanghai’s architecture. Xu Shu regarded him as a bosom friend and talked to him about his design ideas and original intentions. Cheng Yizhi promised to invest in the completion of his design works. Xu Shu was furious. Cheng Yizhi confronted each other with bad words, and Cheng Yizhi left with anger.

Wu Lizi came home very late. She tiptoed in and was caught by Cheng Yizhi on the spot. Cheng Yizhi bought a textile professional dictionary and asked her to help translate the materials of textile machinery. Wu Lizi encouraged him to learn English. Cheng Yizhi learned from Lianguazi that Leizi had increased the price of the land on Baylor Road under Huang Ruhong’s name twice and wanted to sell it to Xu Shugailou, so Cheng Yizhi hurried to stop it.

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