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The Justice 光芒 Episode 10 Recap

Lei Zi incited the bosses to come to Huang Ruhong to sue. Huang Ruhong called Cheng Yizhi. They threatened Cheng Yizhi to return the land on Baylor Road to Huang Ruhong. They also called the people untouchables. Cheng Yizhi was furious and sneered at them. Leizi stood aside and said Cheng Yizhi argued that the people could not pay such high rents would cause the land on Baylor Road to depreciate. Cheng Yizhi argued with him. Huang Ruhong appeared in time to stop, and publicly announced that he had received the approval of the owners of other shops on Baylor Road. If Wonderland did not receive the rent and the land would depreciate, he would bear all the losses. Lei Zi and the bosses had no choice but to leave.

Cheng Yizhi reported Xu Shu’s design to Huang Ruhong in detail, and believed that their cooperation could create miracles. Huang Ruhong didn’t understand Xu Shu, but he believed in the process. Cheng Yizhi asked Xu Shu to play tennis together. Xu Shu revealed that his sweetheart at first sight would propose to his sweetheart at a French restaurant tomorrow. Cheng Yizhi knew that he was talking about Wu Lizi. He was so sorrow and sorrow in his heart that he could not tell, so he wished Xu Shu good luck.

Cheng Yizhi knew that tomorrow was Wu Lizi’s birthday. He wanted to cook for Wu Lizi personally. Wu Lizi lied to accompany Liao Lan to buy medicine for Commander Liao, and could not go home for dinner. Cheng Yizhi had no anger in his heart. Wu Lizi came to the appointment on time. Xu Shu talked endlessly about his dream of cooperating with Cheng Yizhi to build the Wonder Garden. Xu Shu praised Cheng Yizhi and regarded him as a friend. Wu Lizi pretended not to know Cheng Yizhi.

Xu Shu plucked up the courage to propose to Wu Lizi. Wu Lizi was stunned by this sudden move. She flatly rejected Xu Shu and promised to treat Xu Shu as a friend. Wu Lizi apologized to Xu Shu and admitted that she was not a reporter and that she was married. The reason why Wu Lizi approached Xu Shu was only to learn from him the truth about the Shanghai Reserve Bank’s expansion project, so as to find out the truth about her father’s suicide. Xu Shu was very disappointed and had to bid farewell to Wu Lizi in tears. When Cheng Yizhi saw Wu Lizi and Xu Shu dating in the restaurant, he was completely discouraged, so he came to a lawyer to consult on divorce matters and issued a divorce agreement on the spot.

Wu Lizi came home and learned that Cheng Yizhi hadn’t come back. She just sent someone back a big cake. Wu Lizi called the bank, but no one answered. Wu Lizi realized that Cheng Yizhi had discovered that she was approaching Xu Shu, but she had no hesitation in helping Xu Shu. Wu Lizi felt guilty for fulfilling her dream.

Cheng Yizhi didn’t return overnight, but Wu Lizi called the bank early in the morning and learned that Cheng Yizhi hadn’t come yet. Cheng Yizhi sat in the car all night, and he came to see Xu Shu early in the morning, and gave him the construction contract of Wonder Garden for his signature. Xu Shu stayed up all night because of a broken relationship. He couldn’t help but vomit bitterness to Cheng Yizhi. He wanted to know who Wu Lizi’s husband was. Cheng Yizhi only wanted to build the Wonderland. Xu Shu signed the contract. He believed in Cheng Yizhi. He also revealed that the last person he trusted the most was Wu Zhifu.

Xu Shu recounted in detail about him and Wu Zhifu. Cheng Yizhi understood why Wu Lizi approached Xu Shu. He tore the divorce agreement to pieces on the spot and couldn’t wait to see Wu Lizi. Cheng Yizhi hurried home and saw Wu Lizi waiting for him to eat a birthday cake. Cheng Yizhi lied that something happened to the bank last night, and Wu Lizi didn’t ask much, so she pulled him and Wang Ma and the others to eat a cake to celebrate their birthday.

Cheng Yizhi helped Wu Lizi wipe the cream off her nose, Wu Lizi took the opportunity to wipe the cake on his face, and the two of them played happily. Cheng Yizhi took Wu Lizi to Professor Lu’s house as a guest. Mrs. Lu cooked Wu Lizi’s favorite dish. Professor Lu was very pleased to see Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi’s loving couple. Madam Lu gave Wu Lizi a record of Chopin’s works. Wu Lizi couldn’t put it down. Professor Lu asked her to take Wu Lizi to admire the sweet-scented osmanthus trees in the yard.

Professor Lu called Cheng Yizhi to the study room for a single chat. He grew up watching Wu Lizi. Wu Lizi has completely changed after a family change. Professor Lu hopes that Cheng Yizhi will help Wu Lizi open her heart, find her original Wu Lizi, and hand in a notebook. Give Cheng Yizhi, let Cheng Yizhi know more about Wu Lizi’s past. Wu Lizi learned how to make sweet-scented sweet-scented osmanthus with Madam Lu. She quickly mastered the essentials. Wu Lizi made a full jar and she was very happy.

After seeing blood for a while, Professor Lu pointed out that Cheng Yizhi should not help Huang Ruhong to run for the board of directors. Cheng Yizhi firmly believed that Huang Ruhong would help the industry and revitalize the economy. Professor Lu found it impossible, and he concluded that after the completion of Wonder Garden, he would not do what Cheng Yizhi wanted.

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