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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 20 Recap

Fu Shuangshuang came back angrily, ignoring that it was still raining outside. Just as Fu’s mother called to contact the guests, she found that Qin Hebo came to the guesthouse with his luggage, soaked all over, he was already a drunk chicken. Although Fu Shuangshuang personally cleaned up the room for Qin Hebo at the request of his mother, he was indifferent throughout the whole process. No matter how Qin Hebo explained, he still turned a deaf ear to it. For the time being, it was raining today, so he didn’t drive him away.

Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening are eating out, and the two care about each other’s situation. Now Xia Qian is distressed that Xia’s father not only has memory loss, but is even like a vegetative person. Sheng Zhening knew that Xia Qian was right and wrong, so she asked her to play music and use some psychotherapy.

However, Xia Qianzhao has no effect, and can only use acupuncture or boil Chinese medicine according to the earth recipes on the Internet. Father Xia had trouble speaking. When Xia Qian answered the phone, he quickly vomited the medicine out and threw away the remaining Chinese medicine in the bowl. Until Xia Qian hung up the phone, he was both angry and annoyed.

After trying several methods in succession, Sheng Zhening suggested that Xia Qian play “Little Star Variations” for his father. After all, this is the only bond between the father and daughter. When Father Xia heard the song, he was naturally moved, but his body was not moved. He only let the tears flow. Xia Qian thought that his father was getting better and decided to take him to the concert next week, hoping to do so. Evoke memories.

Every time Qin Hebo wanted to contact Fu Shuangshuang, she was always ruthlessly rejected. He happened to see a poster providing a guide outside the hotel, so he went to talk to Fu’s mother about it. Even though Fu Shuangshuang is reluctant, he still introduces local attractions to Qin Hebo, even when he is playing around, he is very perfunctory.

When it was time for lunch, Fu Shuangshuang bought a bucket of instant noodles for Qin Hebo, and she slept next to her. Qin Hebo took the opportunity to take a picture of her sleeping soundly with her mobile phone. He didn’t expect Fu Shuangshuang to avoid Qin Hebo afterwards and went so far as to work as a tour guide for other guests.

By chance, Sheng Zhening discovered that Xia’s father was actually pretending to be sick, and under Xia’s father’s plea, he promised not to tell Xia Qian first. Sheng Zhening accompanied Xia Qian and Xia’s father to the park to relax, while she was going to buy cotton candy, reminding Xia’s father to find a way to wake up, it is impossible to pretend to be for a lifetime.

Just two days later, Xia Qian will take Xia’s father to the concert, so she can take this opportunity to wake up. Because of Sheng Zhening’s reminder, Father Xia practiced repeatedly at home, but on the way to the concert, he suddenly saw a motorcycle driving in the direction of Xia Qian. At a critical juncture, Father Xia got up from the wheelchair and pushed Xia Qian away.

Although the father and daughter survived, Xia Qian’s trick of pretending to be sick was seen through by Xia Qian, and she was very disappointed. After hearing the news, Sheng Zhening found Xia Qian alone in the park. He took out the album that Xia’s father had collected. It was full of photos of Xia Qian’s growth and recorded her little by little.

After so many years, Father Xia never left his daughter, but hid in a corner silently paying attention. Because of this, Xia Qian was deeply moved and decided to forgive his father. But when she went home, she didn’t see her father at all, and then went to the hotel room to look for it. Only then did she learn that her father had a brain tumor and that the operation risk was very high.

Now Xia’s father had fallen into a coma and was sent to the rescue room, and even scheduled an operation. Xia Qian took Sheng Zhening’s car to the hospital. Unfortunately, there was a serious traffic jam in the middle of the road, so she ran all the way. Finally arrived at the hospital at the end of the operation. Fortunately, the operation went smoothly and Xia’s father gradually recovered.

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