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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 19 Recap

Qin Hebo met with President Xue again, in fact, he wanted to terminate the cooperative relationship between the two, but he did not know that the information he obtained was actually a trap set by Sheng Zhening in advance. Fu Shuangshuang overheard the conversation between Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening, so he revealed to Qin Hebo that he helped him escape and was not caught on the spot.

Because of this, Fu Shuangshuang felt guilty and said goodbye to Qin Hebo on the roof of the hotel. He was completely disappointed in him and claimed that the two have not been on a blind date ever since. Although Fu Shuangshuang hopes that Qin Hebo will get better, after tonight’s events, she has given up the relationship and took the initiative to apologize to Xia Qian and truthfully explain the whistleblower.

In the end, Fu Shuangshuang decided to leave Chichi and talk, and return to his hometown to rest for a while. At this time, Qin Hebo was exhausted physically and mentally, so he submitted his resignation to the board of directors. After learning about this, Sheng Zhening took the initiative to go to him, hoping that he could give himself an explanation. But Qin Hebo no longer said anything, but hoped that Sheng Zhe Ning would say goodbye to Ning Meng on his own behalf.

Because of Qin Hebo’s departure, Mr. Xue thought he should not give up such a good opportunity, but he did not know that the reason why Qin Hebo agreed to help Lihe Capital was to repay Mr. Xue’s kindness. Qin Hebo failed to start his own business that year, so he went to Lihe Capital to raise investment. Although he hit the wall repeatedly, he was still appreciated by Mr. Xue, and he was naturally very grateful.

But now Qin Hebo has lost more than what he got before, so he decided to quit. After leaving the company, Qin Hebo wanted to find Fu Shuangshuang, but when he learned that Fu Shuangshuang had returned to her hometown, he packed up his things and went to find her. On the other hand, Sheng Zhening guessed that Lihe Capital would also appoint new shareholder representatives to enter the Changsheng Hotel, which means the arrival of the next opponent.

The selection manager found that there was a fan named “Lele Dad” in the live broadcast room. Based on the things he bought, he guessed that he was a good father. When Xia Qian heard this thoughtful, she went home and found out the electronic piano hidden under the bed, with the word Lele written on it. When Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian were dating, it was obvious that he was depressed. Through understanding, he knew that Xia Qian’s father loved playing bands, and later left their mother and daughter for music. Twenty years later, Xia Qian had never had any contact with his father, at least in her opinion, don’t meet this man again in this life.

Qi Lin came to Changsheng on behalf of Reed River Capital and booked the presidential suite of the hotel. It seems that he intends to stay for a long time. Sheng Zhening least wants to see this scene. A good friend becomes a competitor, but there is no other way, so he informs An’an to pay close attention to Qi Lin’s development and report to him at any time.

Although Xia Qian hoped to never see her father, but it was counterproductive, a woman playing on the team approached her and said that Xia’s father had just had his brain tumor removed and completely lost her memory. Considering that Xia’s father was not taken care of, Xia Qian had to take him home, and found that the fan in the live broadcast room was actually him.

At the same time, at the general meeting of shareholders, Sheng Zhening announced that the second building would be refurbished and opened, and even invited Mr. Pete Bowe to help out. As a result, other shareholders were dissatisfied. While Sheng Zhening was trying to persuade them, he didn’t expect Qi Lin to take the lead, but Sheng Zhening was uneasy.

Since Fu Shuangshuang’s mother opened a homestay in her hometown, Fu Shuangshuang helped her entertain the guests. It happened that a foreign guest was coming to book a room, and Fu Shuangshuang drove out to pick up people, and found that it was Qin Hebo, who was so angry that she turned around and left on the spot. Xia Qian was alone at home taking care of his father. At first, she could barely cope, but later she was too busy to spare time, so she decided to find a caregiver. Just as Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening had just left the house, Xia’s father, who had been unresponsive, suddenly returned to normal and called an old friend to discuss how to continue the performance.

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