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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 18 Recap

Qin Hebo solved the difficult neighbor and told him to keep it secret. So when Fu Shuangshuang was busy with the live broadcast and rushed home, he discovered that his neighbor was uncharacteristically, claiming that the property would come forward to solve it. At the same time, Sheng Zhening found that fans in the live broadcast room named “My Summer No. 1”, which means that he gave Xia Qian an exclusive name, and he will become the name of Xia Qian’s fan group in the future.

Because of this, Sheng Zhening took the initiative to find Xia Qian, implying in disguise that she blocked those accounts, but was rejected. Xia Qian noticed Sheng Zhening’s little emotions, so he confessed his emotional state in the live broadcast room and firmly showed his love to him. Although Sheng Zhening returned to smile, the number of fans was gradually declining. Fortunately, everyone supported Xia Qian’s decision, and they also believed that they should not lie and conceal for the sake of increasing fans.

At the general meeting of shareholders, several people represented by Mr. Gao hope that Sheng Zhening can return to Changsheng as the general manager, while the rest hold objections. Sheng Zhening threw the trouble to Qin Hebo, but he was not good at expressing his ideas directly. At most, he said that he would follow the arrangements of the directors.

But before long, Qin Hebo has found evidence of Gao’s derailment through office monitoring, and even used this to coerce Gao into surrendering the shares of Changsheng. Just as Qin Hebo was preparing to give the evidence to Mr. Xue, he accidentally discovered that he had hidden a recorder in the car, and then he realized that the other party had never trusted him. After some serious thinking, Qin Hebo gave up showing evidence and began to plan his own retreat.

Ning Meng went to the hospital to pick up He Zhijun from get off work as usual, but she had already consulted Doctor Zhang before that, so she seriously reflected on the problems that had arisen between the two. Through this period of time, Ning Meng knew that she was a little bit pressing, so she promised that she would never interfere with He Zhijun’s work again, and even decided to travel abroad to relax her relationship with him.

There was a sudden power outage at home. Fu Shuangshuang called the property and asked the arranging master to check it. Hearing that the arrangement could not be made until tomorrow, he angrily accused them of solving the problem of the water leak last time. He accidentally learned that Qin Hebo had solved the problem privately. Fu Shuangshuang called Qin Hebo to meet, and returned the money he had paid in advance. He didn’t want to have any more owed transactions. Qin Hebo claimed that he would never do bad things in the future, but unfortunately he still failed to keep Fu Shuangshuang.

Because of frequent fans dropping in the live broadcast room, the head office deliberately made things difficult for Xia Qian and assigned her the task of “promoting Hanfu culture”. In order to have a better publicity effect, Xia Qian planned to wear Hanfu to live broadcast herself. On the eve of the live broadcast, Xia Qian called Sheng Zhening not to watch the live broadcast. In fact, he was a little embarrassed. Sheng Zhening agreed on the surface, but on the next day he suddenly visited the door and was so scared that Xia Qian hid in the room and couldn’t come out.

At this time, Sheng Zhening received a call from An An and learned that Changsheng Hotel was in crisis and had to go back immediately. Now Lihe Capital has successively acquired shares in General Manager Yu and General Manager Gao and has become Changsheng’s shareholder. Others feel very uneasy and think that there is a problem with Changsheng’s operations.

Xia Qian was very worried when she learned that she didn’t want to change her clothes, so she ran to the hotel in Hanfu. She was relieved when she saw that Sheng Zhening was safe. Sheng Zhening held a meeting to play Mr. Gao’s video to explain to everyone the reasons for selling shares. During this period, Xia Qian made a chart analysis of Changsheng’s recent years, which was regarded as a reassurance for shareholders.

Although the trouble is temporarily resolved, the crisis still exists. Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian explained the causes and consequences, including Lihe Capital’s use of video to threaten Mr. Gao, so it is very likely that the person who installed the surveillance is Qin Hebo. On the other side, Mr. Xue invited Sheng Zhening and several other shareholders to dinner. Sheng Zhening knew that the other party had set up a banquet and had to bite the bullet to attend the appointment.

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