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Jun Jiu Ling 君九龄 Episode 15 Recap

No matter how good Fang Jinxiu sells the Sugar Man, it is a short-term strategy, not a long-term move. Chu Jiuling has nowhere to show his skills, so Chu Jiuling repaired the book at Fang’s family, hoping that Fang Yuxiu and Fang Chengyu would pass it on for her. , Invited Fang Jinxiu to the Jiuling Church in Beijing, where he can only show his fists.

Fang Jinxiu was deeply touched and decided to leave for the appointment. Chen Qi thought about her safety and accompanied her all the way. During this period, Jiulingtang’s reputation was outside, and Mrs. Lin of Houfu Dingyuan had been sick for a long time. Even the imperial physician Jiang Youshu was helpless. It coincided with Mrs. Zhou’s gathering in the palace and casually mentioned Jun Jiuling’s name.

The old lady knew that her acting style was very different from that of ordinary people, but she had no other way, so she simply sent someone to ask Jun Jiuling for a visit, hoping for a turnaround. Just as Mrs. Zhou said, Jun Jiuling has superb medical skills, and Mrs. Lin has been greatly improved in just three days. For a while, no one in the capital knew about it, but troubles followed.

The courtiers who originally ordered Jiang Youshu to go to see the doctor now have to see Jun Jiuling. Doctor Zhang and Doctor Zhou see this and plan to take the opportunity to punish the woman and teach her a lesson. Taking into account that the Jiuling Medical Center has the same name as the second daughter of Xiandi, I decided to disclose it to Lu Yunqi. I believe that because of his temperament, he doesn’t need to take care of the doctors, and he will go to the hospital for trouble.

Accompanied by Lu Yunqi, Chu Jiuli personally returned to the palace to visit his younger brother. When the accompanying maid saw Lu Yunqi making an excuse to leave, she knew that he was looking for the girl in the outer room, but she was really upset, and even fighting the injustice for Jiuli, kindly persuaded her not to let Lu Yunqi go in this way. As everyone knows, Chu Jiuli has no feelings for Lu Yunqi.

In the next few days, Chu Jiuli went to the house to give Ms. Lin acupuncture as usual. She happened to hear that Chu Jiurong was sick and left unattended, which made her very worried. Lu Yunqi sent someone to Dingyuanhou’s Mansion to ask the pastry mother to make red bean cake for Jiuli. Chu Jiuling thought that her elder sister loved it so much, so she bought a few pieces and tasted it, which she missed. At this time, Zhu Zan appeared, Chu Jiuling thought of other people quite well, and begged him to help find the imperial doctor to treat Jiu Rong’s illness.

After a long journey, Fang Jinxiu and Chen Qizhong came to the capital and went straight to Jiulingtang. They came in and saw that the buddy was lazy, and felt a little dissatisfied. When Chu Jiuling came back from the door, she was very happy to see Fang Jinxiu. Just as a few people were planning to go inside to relive the past, they suddenly heard the noise outside the door.

A crowd of people gathered around the door to watch the excitement. Doctor Feng, the leader, accused Jun Jiuling, as a doctor, of choosing patients at will. He only looked at the high-ranking families, regardless of ordinary people’s life or death, and even pushed patients to other hospitals. Chu Jiuling saw the wailing man face to face on the ground, and seemed to have never seen him before, but this person actually complained that she was a noble person and had forgotten things, and no longer remembered herself.

Although Zhu Zan exposed the person to pretend to be sick and calmed down the conflict, it did not mean that the turmoil was over. Through this incident, Chu Jiuling realized that she had offended the forces in the capital. Zhu Zan believed that the incident was related to the Taiyuan Hospital, mostly because she cured Ding Yuanhou’s relatives and thus offended Jiang Taiyi.

Entrusted by Chu Jiuling, Zhu Zan personally sneaked into the archives to investigate clues, and found that the imperial physician who often went to the Royal Palace for treatment was Jiang Youshu, and in the column of symptoms, it was stated that Chu Jiurong was weak and physically weak, and gave him some ineffective prescriptions. The tonic without fault is obviously to delay the condition deliberately.

Because of this, it is enough to show that Chu Rang instructed behind the scenes. Zhu Zan planned to replace Chu Jiurong’s imperial physician, and his trusted doctor Sun imperial physician would enter the house for treatment. Upon hearing this, Chu Jiuling immediately got up and saluted Zhu Zan, begging him to take care of the matter. Being so nervous about carrying the king aroused Zhu Zan’s suspicion again. Chu Jiuling calmly explained that he was in love with Princess Jiuling as a sister, and naturally regarded Jiu Rong as a younger brother.

San Niangzi’s illness caused her vocal cords to be damaged, and her speech was hoarse and unpleasant, which made her anxious, seeking a good cure for her illness. Mother Huang knew that there was a female doctor in the city comparable to Hua Tuo’s rebirth, so she mentioned this person to Sanniang, and after obtaining permission, she immediately led her servant to Jiulingtang for consultation.

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