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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 9 Recap

Jiang Yuda took a selfie with his mobile phone and told everyone that he was going to defeat the Kyushu Dojo after defeating our enemy in Europe. Xie Changan was very polite to serve Jiang Yuda with fruit, but Jiang Yuda told them that he was going to kick the hall, and asked them to call out the most powerful people in Kyushu Dojo. Everyone felt that Jiang Yuda really didn’t know that the sky was high and the earth was thick, and that he would be so arrogant, so Yao Ke had to play with Jiang Yuda first, but Xiaolan told them not to care too much about Jiang Yuda, and she wanted to take care of Jiang Yuda without slaughtering a chicken.

At first glance, Jiang Yuda turned out to be a little girl who wanted to make three moves, but Xiaolan didn’t ask Jiang Yuda to make a move. After three rounds, Jiang Yuda was defeated by the invincible player in Europe. This was so miserable that Jiang Yuda accepted Without crying, he left the dojo. But soon Jiang Yuda went back and had to worship Xiaolan as a teacher, so everyone quickly carried Jiang Yuda out of the dojo.

Cheng Liao brought her sister to Chaos and asked her to eat supper, but when she saw her sister’s foot was injured, she took a band-aid to help put it on. Cheng Le asked why Cheng Yi would reject Xu Chi. Cheng Yi told Cheng that she and Xu Chi had no feelings, just like brothers. But Cheng felt that Xu Chi was very good. My sister called Cheng and Xu Chi had nothing to do. When Cheng wanted to agree, my sister said that it was better for Sheng Jingchu to change the conversation.

That kind of boy is the most suitable for Cheng. Cheng had no choice but to swallow what he had to say. Cheng Lei told her sister not to tell her father what happened between her and Sheng Jingchu. There were many misunderstandings between them that had not been solved yet, and she was afraid that they might be involved in a scandal.

Cheng Lei couldn’t sleep to send a message to Sheng Jingchu. He didn’t expect to receive a reply immediately. It was a surprise to Cheng Lei that Sheng Jingchu was online at any time. The two made an appointment to cook together, so Cheng bought a lot of ingredients to cook with Sheng Jingchu. Cheng Le told Sheng Jingchu that she lived with her grandma since she was a child and learned cooking with her grandma.

Cheng saw the agarwood from Sheng Jingchu and thought it tasted very good. Sheng Jingchu wanted to give it to her, but Cheng didn’t accept it. Looking back, he saw that the garden of Sheng Jingchu’s home had only one tree, which was a waste of space. It will be beautiful. Cheng Le had to help transform the garden every day after get off work. This made Sheng Jingchu very happy, and she was finally able to meet Cheng Le every day.

Cheng was called by the leader to arrange work. Now that Cheng and Sheng Jingchu have disclosed their relationship, the public has no interest in their scandals, so they asked Cheng to report to the Kyushu Dojo to get more. For news materials, Cheng had to accept the leadership’s arrangement.

Cheng Liao asked Xu Chi if Cheng Yi kept rejecting Xu Chi if he would give up. Xu Chi told Cheng firmly that he would not give up and would move Cheng Yi with the most sincere heart. Cheng felt that he should talk to Xu Chi Goodbye.

Cheng Yi’s recent work is not going well and a little depressed, so he went shopping to relieve his mood. At this moment, the shopping center Jiang Yuda was venting his emotions. The crazy beat with drumsticks in his hand attracted many passersby. Cheng Yi was also caught Jiang Yuda was attracted, so Jiang Yuda asked Cheng Yi to have a drink.

After Cheng went back, he told Sheng Jingchu that he had formally said goodbye to Xu Chi today. He knew that Xu Chi had only his sister Cheng Yi in his heart, and he was responsible for saying goodbye to Xu Chi. Cheng Lei told Sheng Jingchu that the leader asked her to do an exclusive interview with Kyushu Dojo, but she didn’t know who to interview. So many masters were in Kyushu. Sheng Jingchu gave Cheng an idea and told her how to conduct the interview.

Jiang Yuda had seen the process on TV for a long time, so he recognized her as a well-known host when they met. Both of them are now in a frustrated state, so they have a common topic. In order to vent, they are both very drunk. Jiang Yuda wants to be in the Go world. For a place, Cheng Yi took Jiang Yuda to the dance floor to fully release his emotions when he wanted to learn from the Kyushu Dojo. Jiang Yuda woke up early the next morning and looked at the stack of money on the table. This made him a little dazed. Cheng Yi also left him a note asking Jiang Yuda to realize his dream soon. Jiang Yuda didn’t know what Cheng Yi meant.

Cheng Le went to interview Xie Changan. He is the son of Xie Lao and he is the future successor of Kyushu Dojo. It is most appropriate to interview him. Xie Changan told Cheng about the knowledge of Go, and Go is also like love. But when interviewing Yao Ke, he thought that love could not be compared with Go. Cao Xihe believed that love is more important than Go. When interviewing Xiaolan, Cao Xihe heard that she regarded Go as his favorite person. This is Cao Xihe’s heart hurt very much.

Jiang Yuda went to work as a takeaway, and Xu Chi happened to order food, so even if they met, Xu Chi was very lonely, so he asked Jiang Yuda to stay for a drink, and told Jiang Yuda about his rejection of a beloved woman. Jiang Yuda was very sympathetic to Xu Chi and also told the story of the chance encounter between him and Cheng Yi, but they didn’t know that each other was talking about the same woman Cheng Yi, and the two of them even blessed the woman in their hearts.

Cheng Le went to design a garden for Sheng Jingchu every day, and it seemed that it was about midnight before her father returned home and called her to live at a friend’s house. It was not safe to go home too late.

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