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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 9 Recap

Jiang Yicheng didn’t feel hungry until he worked until the evening. He walked out of the office with a trace of luck to see, only to find that the downstairs was also uninhabited. He didn’t see the figure, and felt a little disappointed. Lu Li was out for dinner with Chen Yiming and the programmers. Rhubarb was always distracted. It turned out that he was in love with the female game anchor. Everyone ridiculed, Dahua didn’t care at all, and his heart was still happy. Seeing the group photo in the circle of friends, Jiang Yicheng suddenly realized, and when he saw Chen Yiming and Lu Li’s body close together, Jiang Yicheng was even more jealous.

He deliberately asked Lu Li to buy fried chicken for himself. He saw Lu Li’s short reply, Ready to follow up, Cheng Yueru called. Knowing that Lu Li was going to dinner, Cheng Yueru urged Jiang Yicheng to pick him up. He said that because of his mother, Jiang Yicheng moved quickly. He flew to the parking lot and unexpectedly saw Lu Li and Chen Yiming. The look of walking together. The gentleman’s Chen Yiming insisted on sending Lu Li home. Lu Li kept pushing away and couldn’t refuse. Jiang Yicheng appeared at the right time, grabbed Lu Li’s arm, and simply left Lu Li with a farewell message, and Chen Yiming looked at them. The figure of the person leaving can’t help but wonder, why is Jiang Yicheng, who is usually indifferent, so different today?

When the two finally got home, Lu Li offered to make a cup of coffee for Jiang Yicheng to taste. The tangy aroma attracted Jiang Yicheng to approach, but when he heard that it was the recipe Chen Yiming taught Lu Li to learn, Jiang Yicheng shook his head in disgust, and Lu Li took it. Just about to pass the cup, the two accidentally hit the cup and broke the cup. Coffee was splashed. Jiang Yicheng jumped up suddenly. One stood on the sofa and the other cat hung his waist. Because of the strange posture, the situation of the two became worse. Embarrassed and ambiguous, the shy Lu Li took the lead in breaking the silence, forcing himself not to look directly at Jiang Yicheng’s crotch, and fled away.

Rhubarb came to see his girlfriend with excitement. Looking at the beautiful woman with delicate makeup behind the door, Rhubarb’s speech became stammered. His girlfriend was about to take the next game PK live broadcast, but he was afraid that his skills would not be as good as others, so he asked Rhubarb. Rhubarb hesitated to play on behalf of him. Acting on behalf of him is a shameful behavior in the game live broadcast industry. However, Rhubarb still can’t hold back the coquettish offensive of his beautiful and beautiful girlfriend, so he agreed with his head.

Jiang Yicheng received a call from his mother early in the morning, and when he brought Lu Li to the address sent by his mother, he discovered that Cheng Yueru had specially arranged to take the wedding photos. All came, Jiang Yicheng had to change into a suit as his mother wanted. Lu Li after putting on the wedding dress was simply beautiful. Jiang Yicheng was stunned, but Jiang Yicheng couldn’t adapt to such a stiff pose, and Lu Li soon Knowing Jiang Yicheng’s psychology, he proposed that the two of them go to Jiang Yicheng’s favorite game city to take pictures, put on exquisite but simple clothes, and the two left a wedding photo with a unique style.

In the evening, the task of selecting the wedding photos fell on Lu Li. Knowing that Jiang Yicheng was definitely unwilling, Lu Li sat in the living room alone and began to choose. Unexpectedly, Jiang Yicheng, who was reluctant, came over again, Tsundere. The ground squeezed beside Lu Li, Jiang Yicheng disliked Lu Li’s smile, while Lu Li accused Jiang Yicheng of indifference, and the two of them completed the task with a smile.

Early in the morning, Jiang Yicheng, who was sleeping very lightly, was awakened by the sound of Lu Li’s egg beating. He walked out of the room and found that Jiang Yicheng was carefully preparing breakfast. Jiang Yicheng’s mouth that wanted to preach was immediately softened, and his mood became happy. . Only obediently behind Lu Li.

Rhubarb was sleep deprived all day, and yawned all day long. Even today’s important presentation was not well prepared. After Lu Li asked, he realized that he was playing games with his girlfriend. This is all about it, and a few people once again cheered up and went to prepare for the speech. Jiang Yicheng was also attending this speech, but before the speech, Jiang Yicheng felt extremely hungry and wondered why Lu Li hadn’t sent in the lunch. After I walked out of the office, I saw Lu Li walking into the pantry with a lunch box, and then walked out empty-handed. Jiang Yicheng went downstairs and found that Chen Yiming was enjoying the lunch that Lu Li had prepared. Jiang Yicheng’s jealousy doubled again and his tongue became venomous. Chen Yiming was puzzled.

When the investors arrived, Rhubarb and Lei Ge demonstrated to the investors that there was a procedural problem before the game was played long. The faces of the people in Rhubarb changed. The error in the decision box was the responsibility of the Rhubarb team. Rhubarb’s face turned pale because of his hard work, and he didn’t dare to look up at Jiang Yicheng. Jiang Yicheng decisively expelled Rhubarb. I lost my job with my girlfriend this time. Rhubarb suddenly felt a little desperate. Thinking of the relationship between Lu Li and Jiang Yicheng, Rhubarb asked Lu Li to intercede for him. Due to the request of the whole group, Lu Li could only go. Go to the office.

Lu Li hoped that Jiang Yicheng would not judge the result of a failure, and instead look at things in light of facts. Jiang Yicheng was a little speechless, directly exposing that Lu Li was too high on his position and could not judge the gains or losses based on personal emotions. Jiang Yicheng’s words were direct and hurtful. Lu Li suffocated his grievances and left the office, and came to the stairwell to calm down. When Chen Yiming saw Lu Li running, he knew that Jiang Yicheng’s poisonous tongue must have hurt someone, so he went to the stairwell and comforted Lu Li with a good voice, hoping that Lu Li would appreciate Jiang Yicheng’s position. After reading the document that Lu Li had just handed over, Jiang Yicheng found out that it was covered with a small note of encouragement.

The takeaway delivered by his colleague, and when he saw the remarks, he discovered that it was from Lu Li’s relationship. No matter how ruthless Jiang Yicheng’s heart was, it was at this time. Feeling guilty, I asked the people around him, knowing that Lu Li and Chen Yiming were alone in the stairwell. Jiang Yicheng stepped downstairs and walked into the stairwell. The smile between Chen Yiming and Lu Li made Jiang Yicheng very jealous and found Lu When Li faced him, he turned expressionless again. Jiang Yicheng couldn’t take care of the others. He hugged Lu Li directly in front of Chen Yiming and called out the three words “Mrs. Jiang” loudly.

When Chen Yiming finally left, Jiang Yicheng questioned the relationship between Lu Li and Chen Yiming. Jiang Yicheng’s accusations and questions were too unreasonable to make trouble, and Lu Li was a bit speechless. This was also the first time Lu Li resisted Jiang Yicheng. Tonight, everyone in the program team worked overtime to correct today’s mistakes. Only Jiang Yicheng and the table full of food were waiting for Lu Li to return home…

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