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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 8 Recap

As Lu Li said, after waiting for Jiang Yicheng’s wine to clear the fruit, he regretted it, and found that Cheng Yueru had already started preparing for her wedding plan. Anxious Jiang Yicheng brought his father to reason. I blame Jiang Yicheng’s impulsive behavior when he was drunk. Jiang Yicheng’s position that he didn’t speak, was thinking about Lu Li’s refusal as a reason. Who knows that Lu Li actually agreed, and Jiang Yicheng’s words are no longer heard. Go back to the company and ask Lu Li personally.

After all, Jiang Yicheng hasn’t found Lu Li’s meaning yet, but still thinks that Lu Li agreed to get married in order to keep his job. Lu Li listed and tabulated the situation of the two of them, but still failed to change Jiang Yicheng’s thoughts in a professional way. When he got off work, Jiang Yicheng was dragged downstairs by Mr. Jiang. In order to carry out his wife’s instructions, Mr. Jiang, who was extremely protective of his wife, did not hesitate to force Jiang Yicheng on the condition of taking back the company building. Jiang Yicheng left speechlessly, turned around and brought Lu Li to the swimming pool. Jiang Yicheng wanted to know Lu Li’s true heart and whether he was really willing to accept this marriage.

Knowing that Lu Li was afraid of heights, Jiang Yicheng personally led Lu Li to the 10-meter diving platform. , It depends on whether Lu Li is willing to challenge the deepest fear in his heart. Jiang Yicheng turned around and heard that there was no movement behind him. He thought that Lu Li was subdued until he saw Lu Li really plucked up the courage to jump down. Change your mind. The two swam to the shore, Jiang Yicheng finally really agreed, and proposed three chapters: unconditional divorce, prenuptial agreement, and secret marriage after one year. Faced with Jiang Yicheng’s unfavorable request, Lu Li easily agreed, and as long as he had a simple condition, he would continue to stay in the company.

After taking the wedding photos and getting the marriage certificate, the two people’s marriage is officially implemented. Jiang Yicheng planned to rush back to the company to work in the next second. Under the strong eyes of Cheng Yueru and Jiang Zitong, Jiang Yicheng agreed to help Lu Li move together, and the two officially moved together. Sitting next to Jiang Yicheng, Lu Li quietly ate the wedding candy, feeling the sweetness in his heart. After receiving Chen Yiming’s call, Jiang Yicheng secretly heard it again, vaguely revealing jealousy in his words. Looking at the boyish Jiang Yicheng, Lu Li felt a little cute.

Seeing Lu Li packing up his luggage, Gu Xiaoqi’s whole face was filled with reluctance. The good sister finally cultivated a positive fruit with the male god. Gu Xiaoqi was still very happy for Lu Li, but the obstacles to tame the male god were long and long. Gu Xiao Qi still began to worry about Lu Li. When Jiang Yicheng returned home in the evening, the two of them officially began to live together. After a long day of moving, Lu Li cooked a bowl of noodles for himself and awakened Jiang Yicheng. Although he was not forgiving, Jiang Yicheng still spoke upright. He picked up his chopsticks. This was considered the first meal of the two newlyweds. Lu Li’s heart was full of joy. Even when he saw Jiang Yicheng’s black face, he didn’t blame it.

The next day, Jiang Yicheng came up with a thick marriage agreement with Jiang Yicheng’s personal thoughts written in it. Looking at these cold and inhumane terms, Lu Li still signed it without complaint. In this way, the two began their married life. Although they lived under the same roof, Lu Li and Jiang Yicheng still maintained their colleague relationship on the surface. Chen Yiming asked curiously about Lu Li’s method of breaking Jiang Yicheng’s line of defense. Lu Li simply said that his parents helped. In the past few days, Chen Yiming has also done his best for his own affairs, so Lu Li promised to help Chen Yiming prepare breakfast to thank him.

The group members all went out to eat. Lu Li took out a lunch and took out to find Jiang Yicheng. Under Lu Li’s soft and hard soaking, Jiang Yicheng finally agreed. Lu Li’s consistent computer thinking is the foundation of all ideas. In Lu Li’s view, as long as conditions permit, nothing can’t be done. Jiang Yicheng deliberately proposed to watch fireworks in the urban area. Knowing that fireworks are strictly prohibited in the urban area, Jiang Yicheng’s proposal is It was extremely ridiculous, but Lu Li still figured out a way, wrote a set of procedures, and clicked it to see the fireworks. Jiang Yicheng saw the “brilliant fireworks” Lu Li prepared for him, and his always cold heart was softened inadvertently. stand up…

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