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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 7 Recap


The sky was like a white horse. Seeing that Jiang Yicheng hadn’t changed his mind at all, the people around had begun to persuade Lu Li to find his next home. Even Chen Yiming offered to write a letter of recommendation to Lu Li. Depressed, Lu Li thought of a way. The way to defeat Jiang Yicheng could only be stronger than Jiang Yicheng, so Lu Li took the initiative to challenge Jiang Yicheng, but the content of the challenge was not a computer.

Next, the two came to the karting yard. Regardless of Lu Li’s small body, the driving speed was amazing. Originally wanted to take this opportunity to win the next round, Lu Li was intercepted by the driver arranged by Jiang Yicheng halfway through. . Lu Li just said that the soldiers are not tired of fraud. Lu Li bowed his head to admit defeat, but proposed a multi-round competition system. The scene was switched to the Taekwondo arena. It was not until the two parties bowed that Lu Li knew that Jiang Yicheng was a black belt in Taekwondo.

Gu Xiaoqi brought a secret weapon. Seeing Lu Li approaching with a live chicken, Jiang Yicheng could only admit defeat in great fear. Anxious for corruption, Jiang Yicheng put forward the last condition, as long as Lu Li ran to the company before dark, he could stay. There was not much time until dark, and there were 15 kilometers left. Lu Li didn’t dare to waste time, and ran for a moment. Although Jiang Yicheng spoke harshly, he was also a tofu heart. He couldn’t bear to see Lu Li really achieve the challenge. , Drove along until Lu Li was sweating profusely, Jiang Yicheng had to stop and temporarily agreed to Lu Li staying in the company.

On the other side, Cheng Yueru brought Jiang Zitong to visit Lu’s family and pressed the doorbell to prepare a smile, only to realize that it was her enemy who opened the door. It turned out that Lu Li’s mother was Huang Caixia. Cheng Yueru’s smile solidified, but she still insisted on being decent. Walk into the room. Huang Caixia would not be polite when she saw Cheng Yueru naturally. The two of them spoke with each other for a long time. Cheng Yueru held a breath in her heart, and said in a good voice that she would wait until Lu Li came back before telling her the purpose of visiting today.

That’s it, the three of them. There was a stalemate for a long time before I heard Lu Li turning the doorknob. The picture of Huang Caixia sitting with Cheng Yueru and Jiang Zitong really made Lu Li dare not neglect. As soon as she saw Lu Li’s return, Cheng Yueru said that she came to propose marriage this time, and she met Lu Li and Jiang Yicheng. During the process, Lu Li denied that he joined the company solely for Jiang Yicheng, but when Cheng Yueru asked whether Lu Li really liked Jiang Yicheng, Lu Li’s hesitation still exposed everything and found that his daughter was so unbelievable. , Huang Caixia was not angry, and hurried Cheng Yueru and Jiang Zitong out of the house.

Cheng Yueru knew Huang Caixia well, and Jiang Yicheng’s style was even clearer. In Cheng Yueru’s view, Jiang Yicheng had long been thinking about Lu Li, not to mention Lu Li. Sure enough, the next day, Cheng Yueru invited Huang Caixia’s family with a radical method, and tricked Jiang Yicheng back home with bitter tricks. The two families officially met. Although the scene was a bit strange, Lu Li and Jiang Yicheng still endured it forcibly. People from all walks of life were surging at the dinner table. Jiang Yicheng wanted to rebel against his parents, but was calculated by Jiang Zitong.

He drank a sip of fruit wine, and soon became drunk and unconscious. Lu Li and Jiang Zitong dragged Jiang Yicheng to the bedroom. Jiang Zitong saw Jiang Yicheng overwhelming Lu Li on the bed, so he left when he saw that Jiang Yicheng, who was drunk and hallucinated, asked Lu Li for a kiss and kissed Lu Li’s lips. The parents heard the sound and went upstairs and saw this scene with their own eyes. Naturally, Lu Li’s parents hurriedly pulled the two away. Cheng Yueru liked this picture, so they started to strike while the iron was hot and asked to discuss their marriage.

Faced with the provocation of her rival and her daughter’s unwillingness, Huang Caixia could only break her teeth and swallow it in her stomach, and then she said her grievances when she returned home. Lu Li had an idea in his heart, so he boldly told Huang Caixia his sincerity: he was willing to marry Jiang Yicheng. He also said that he had a secret love for Jiang Yicheng for so many years. Starting from high school, Lu Li started a long road to secret love. For Lu Li, Jiang Yicheng is an untouchable dream, but as a parent, how can he bear to watch his daughter take this path? Parents’ worries are always no match for their children’s obsessions. Faced with Lu Li’s determination, Huang Caixia is only two people. Able to nod in agreement.

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