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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 10 Recap

After staying up all night and finally changing the demo, Rhubarb received a game help message from his girlfriend. He couldn’t stand the skill of acting like a baby, so Rhubarb returned home to find his girlfriend Xuanxuan. When the two met, Jiang Yicheng called again. Xuan Xuan heard that it was the boss’s call, so he offered to come together to see Jiang Yicheng. Jiang Yicheng’s appointment with Rhubarb was mainly to explain his work mistakes, and Jiang Yicheng couldn’t let go of such excellence. Rhubarb was a little bit disbelieved when he heard that he still had a chance to stay. After repeated confirmations, he was finally satisfied, and Xuan Xuan couldn’t help but peek at Jiang Yicheng when he left…

After receiving the modification demo handed over by Lu Li, Jiang Yicheng knew why Lu Li had not returned all night. But this has no complete effect on solving this problem. Lu Li was puzzled, so Jiang Yicheng took Lu Li to a hotel. Jiang Yicheng asked Lu Li to sit outside the door and walked into the hotel lobby. Then Huang Xun also received Jiang Yicheng’s message and was instructed to sit next to Lu Li. Before long, Xuan Xuan walked into the lobby and sat opposite Jiang Yicheng. Jiang Yicheng dialed the phone with Lu Li.

The phone was full of Xuan Xuan’s voice, and Huang Xun saw his girlfriend hooking up with his boss. Suddenly, under the slight hint of Jiang Yicheng, Xuan Xuan was ready to take out his mobile phone and break up with Huang Xun. Huang Xun took the first step and walked into the lobby with his mobile phone. Only then did Xuan Xuan realize that he had been placed in a row. Rushing to get away, and Huang Xun’s online dating also ended.

Only then did I know that Jiang Yicheng in front of him was not an incompetent person. All decisions have his own ideas. Now Lu Li admires Jiang Yicheng more deeply. In order to apologize for this incident, Lu Li generously invited Jiang Yicheng to dinner, but Jiang Yicheng secretly went away after the meal. During the checkout process, Jiang Yicheng noticed a familiar figure passing through. Followed hard but didn’t see the face of the mysterious woman. In Jiang Yicheng’s memory, there was a girl named Li Man, who was a partner of himself and Chen Yiming in the early days of starting a business, and was also his junior sister. Whenever he thought of this, Jiang Yicheng would always look out the window and think silently.

Rhubarb always stayed with Lu Li after experiencing the trough of life, and Lu Li was also very distressed. Fortunately, his best friend Gu Xiaoqi arrived in time. After experiencing a emotional setback, Rhubarb shines again after seeing Gu Xiaoqi. He can only be fooled. Leaving ignorantly, leaving time for Gu Xiaoqi and Lu Li’s best friends. Rhubarb finally walked away, Lu Li quickly poured out his worries and Gu Xiaoqi, Jiang Yicheng’s low mood last night made Lu Li a little confused, what is it for? In the final analysis, Gu Xiaoqi concluded that Jiang Yicheng was jealous. It would be better to let Lu Li invite Jiang Yicheng to dinner again, and the two would liven up the relationship. Therefore, Lu Li issued another dinner invitation to Jiang Yicheng.

In the evening, Jiang Yicheng went downstairs, but found Li Man standing downstairs. He was standing in front of him when his first love betrayed him. Jiang Yicheng’s defense rose again. When Li Man said that he came for Jiang Yicheng, Jiang Yicheng sneered, exposing Li Man’s betrayal and cunning over the years. Jiang Yicheng left Li Man and walked away, seemingly chic, but there was still a depression in his heart. He told Chen Yiming about his thoughts. Chen Yiming asked whether Li Man knew about Jiang Yicheng’s marital status. Jiang Yicheng only then remembered that Lu Li was still waiting for himself. .

When Jiang Yicheng arrived at the restaurant, it was already closed. He learned from the waiter that Lu Li waited until it closed. Jiang Yicheng hurriedly dialed Lu Li’s number and found out that Lu Li did not leave at all, but packed all the meals. Get up and continue to wait for Jiang Yicheng. Jiang Yicheng felt moved and speechless in his heart. The two sat on the lawn at the entrance of the restaurant and enjoyed the food. Originally preparing to confess in the romantic restaurant, Lu Li suddenly hesitated and could only say something suggestive. Jiang Yicheng didn’t realize what Lu Li meant. Lu Li could only say that he wanted a ring to avoid the suspicious relationship between the two. Jiang Yicheng naturally didn’t want to give out something as important as the ring, so he made a ring out of a can on the spot and put it on Lu Li’s hand.

Lu Li chuckled, but didn’t pierce it. He just understood Jiang Yicheng. the meaning of. The two came to the park again. Tonight’s two were as childish as children, eccentric to those entertainment facilities. Even swinging on the swing had to make a bet. They were talking and laughing. Lu Li swung on the swing and threw himself into Jiang Yicheng’s arms and finally won. I made a bet, but Lu Li didn’t ask much. He just hoped that Jiang Yicheng could eat with his parents. Looking at Lu Li, who was in his arms and his eyes were shining, Jiang Yicheng rarely became gentle and gently agreed.

Lu Li feels that Jiang Yicheng today is a bit different. Perhaps it is a compensation for being late. Jiang Yicheng has become more caring and temperamental. However, when asked about the reason for being late, Jiang Yicheng did not explain, but just brought the topic in a hurry…

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