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Cry Me A River of Stars 春来枕星河 Episode 23 Recap

Zhuo Jiqing finally couldn’t hold back the long-suffering feelings in his heart, and opened his mouth to confess to Yun Hean, but in exchange for Yun Hean’s cold-eyed treatment, Zhuo Jiqing beat Tao Junran painfully, fortunately Cao Qing and Lian Qi came in time , Lian Qi blocked the poisonous needle for Tao Junran, Lian Qi and Zhuo Jiqing jumped down the cliff and died together. Yun Jiayu stole the Tiger Talisman from the emperor, and planned a rebellion plan. The final battle was approaching. On the eve of the war, Tao Junran and Ah Fan held a simple wedding.

Yun Jiayu and Tao Junran finally met each other. In the crisis, A Fan arrived with the imperial decree and reinforcements. Yun Jiayu pretended to be surrendered and stabbed Tao Junran with a knife while receiving the decree. A fan blocked the fatality for Tao Junran at the moment of the moment. With one blow, he closed his eyes in Tao Junran’s arms. Tao Junran handed over the city defense map and the late Nan Zheng’s letters to the court to rehabilitate Qian Li, and resigned. The Qianli people finally did not have to hide in the island, but were allowed to return to their land to rebuild their homeland.

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