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Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley 鬼吹灯之云南虫谷 Episode 16 End Recap

After several days of recuperation, Shirley Yang’s injuries gradually healed. She, Hu Bayi, Fatty Wang and others considered that they should leave for the city. Now Ada is quite prestigious in the stockade, and I believe that he will succeed as the new patriarch within a short time. Even the Peacock doesn’t have to worry about expelling from the stockade, so the two brothers and sisters specially saw off the iron triangle.

Before the separation, Peacock gave the sachet to Shirley Yang, wishing her and Hu Bayi lover will eventually be married, and Fatty Wang also left his contact information. After the talk was over, he walked away from the Golden Iron Triangle. On the way to the train, Fatty Wang had nothing to do with him. He wondered what the dust bead looked like, but found that the erythema on the back of Hu Bayi’s shoulder was still there.

Hu Babai was puzzled, so he took out a pair of jade rings from his arms, which was obtained from King Xian. Shirley Yang guessed that the dust beads should be related to the sixteen-character Yin Yang Feng Shui secret technique. As for the reason why Luo Chenzhu could not lift the curse, the reason for this is still unclear, so I had to go back to Beijing for detailed investigation.

This trip to Yunnan is really like going to a soup and a fire, nine deaths and a lifetime of hardships. After taking the dust bead back, no one knows what it is and how to use it. And the erythema marks on the three of them did not change in any way. Hu Bayi could not have imagined this result. Even though he had read all the Feng Shui books and hadn’t gotten any clues, he felt that the mountains and rivers were exhausted for a while, and he couldn’t help but feel anxious. Sadly.

Shirley Yang found more than a dozen domestic and foreign experts for testing, and all of them had trace radioactive substances in the dust beads. In addition, it is difficult to find out more information with current equipment. Hu Bayi suddenly remembered that Chen Xiazi knew Zhouyi well, so he went to find him with Fatty Wang, and through his guidance, he heard that a Feng Shui Mr. Ma could answer questions for him.

The two immediately packed their luggage and set off on the road, looking for the person. When passing through a mountain village, they happened to see Ma Zhenren planning to build a school in the mountains and called on everyone to respond positively. Unexpectedly, as soon as the voice fell, a man walked from a distance, directly breaking the illusion of the local villagers, saying that there are many termites here. If you want to build a house, I am afraid that there will be an accident sooner or later, which will hurt your life.

The man is not very old, he should be the same age as Hu Ba. He claims to be Zhang Yingchuan, holding a hip flask in his hand, and seems to have no real talent for learning. But his next words caught Hu Bayi’s attention. Not only did he speak eloquently, but he even confirmed that the termites under his feet were infested, and it was true that Ma Zhenren’s face was dull.

Because of this comparison, Hu Bayi and Wang Fatty realized that Ma Zhenren was just a liar, but Zhang Yingchuan knew a lot about Feng Shui. Through this conversation, Hu Bayi discovered that Zhang Yingchuan was actually a descendant of Zhang Sanye, and they were considered to be in the same family relationship.

Zhang Yingchuan heard that it’s no wonder that Hu Bayi had encountered such a life and death, so he personally divination Gu Gu Gua for him and Fat Wang Wang. He bluntly said that this Gua is the mother of Gan Gu. . Zhang Yingchuan didn’t say much about the specific meaning of the remaining hexagrams, but turned and left. At his suggestion, Hu Bayi immediately wondered why the murals in the tomb of the King Xian were familiar. It turned out that he had seen the same murals in an ancient tomb in Tibet 15 years ago.

Even though the time is long, Hu Bayi was impressed and never remembered the tragedy that happened that winter. Therefore, he believed that the source of all evil of the erythema curse was most likely hidden in the mysterious Tibetan area. So after Hu Bayi finished telling the past, a telegram suddenly came from outside the door, learning that Professor Chen’s condition was getting worse and that the mark behind Fat Wang was darker. Taking into account the critical situation, there is no room for further delay, touched the golden iron triangle and decided to leave immediately, vowing to go straight to Kunlun to reach the place where the truth is.

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