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Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley 鬼吹灯之云南虫谷 Episode 15 Recap

The resurrection of King Xian has become a monster, and even merged with the meat Ganoderma lucidum. He firmly grasped Hu Bayi’s ankle and refused to let go. Shirley Yang and Fatty Wang helped Hu Bayi get out. The three of them crawled out of the naked eye to completely wipe out the meat ganoderma, so they lit the detonator and threw them into the cave. As the explosion sounded, the meat ganoderma husk was completely blown up.

After some hardships, Hu Bayi and the others finally got the Dust Beads, but unfortunately before they left the Yin Chamber, Zhalong and the tribe had stopped them at the entrance of the cave. Fatty Wang had to hand over his backpack, which contained treasures such as a golden mask and a dragon and tiger scepter. Zhalong was greedy and wanted more. He didn’t know that the underground palace was built under the water. After the explosion, he couldn’t bear the pressure. It will collapse soon.

The Audio-Technica made a decisive decision. Before the cable bridge was disconnected, it rushed out of the tomb and jumped into the pond. The karst caves spread over the cracks reduced the water potential at the bottom of the pond. Except for Zhalong’s burial chamber, the others climbed out of the water along the stone plank road and successfully rendezvous with Ada.

After everyone took a break, they decided to return to the stockade together, provided that they would escape the chase of the scumbag. A group of people stopped and walked, but for a moment, they saw the scumbags in the gourd cave. Because the sky was already dark at this time, a large number of scumbags were lying on the ground. Hu Bayi went to explore the road first, confirming that there was no danger for the time being, and beckoning everyone to carefully and cautiously bypass the scumbags and line up.

It was fairly smooth at first, but if nothing happens, he should be able to leave the gourd hole safely. But the problem is that a member of the tribe accidentally awakened the scoundrel in order to retrieve the treasure that was dropped on the way. For a moment, the bullet rain of the machine gun was mixed with the neighing of the scumbags, still unable to conceal the screams of the tribesmen. Numerous half-worms of unknown depth poured in from all directions and swallowed the tribesmen into their abdomen.

Because the scumbags cannot be completely eliminated, the crowds entangled in the gourd hole cannot escape, they can only bite the bullet and rush forward. Hu Bayi was plunged into the water by the scumbag, and Shirley Yang was also controlled by the scumbag. In the moment of crisis, the two drew daggers from their waists and stabbed the scumbag violently at the head, barely avoiding the catastrophe.

Seeing that the ammunition was about to run out, Fatty Wang placed grenades and detonators in every corner, and fuse was buried everywhere in order to destroy the scumbag. After finding the entrance of the gourd cave, everyone ran at the fastest speed. Before the scumbag came out, Fatty Wang dropped a grenade and detonated the explosives in the cave.

The explosion sounded and everyone was stunned to the ground. Since Fatty Wang was the nearest to the entrance of the cave, he almost thought he was going to explain his life here. Fortunately, Fatty Wang was fine. On the contrary, Shirley Yang’s arm was bitten by the monster, and the wound became more serious. With perseverance, he persisted until now, and could no longer resist the erosion of toxins, and finally passed out.

When Shirley Yang woke up again, it was three days and three nights later, with Hu Bayi sitting next to him, and the peacock came in through the door carrying the medicine. According to Peacock, Hu Bayi was worried about Shirley Yang’s safety and did not rest for three consecutive days. He was relieved until Shirley Yang was not in serious trouble.

Shirley Yang asked Hu Bayi to go to bed. Hu Bayi opened his eyes and fell asleep. Peacock had never seen such a strange way of sleeping. The two of them observed carefully and suddenly found that Hu Bayi had tears in the corners of his eyes. It turned out that he was teasing deliberately. After Hu Bayi left the room, Peacock told Shirley Yang what happened during her coma and envied the love between the two.

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