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The Justice 光芒 Episode 7 Recap

Cheng Yizhi learned in advance that the conflict between Jin Yishan and Huang Ruhong was only a competition in the market, which could have allowed them to turn enemies into friends, but was messed up by Lei Zi. Although Lei Zi used force to help Huang Ruhong win the position of Hua Dong, he completely offended Jin Yishan. NS. Huang Ruhong affirmed Cheng Yizhi’s approach and made it clear that he should be treated like a son. That’s why Lei Zi went to Liao Lan-collar for the reward. Huang Ruhong wanted to give Cheng Yizhi a reward and give him a brand new Cadillac. Cheng Yizhi bowed deeply. Thank Huang Ruhong.

Cheng Yizhi couldn’t wait to drive Wu Lizi for a drive. Wu Lizi was worried about his lack of driving skills, so she taught him next to him. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yizhi’s driving skills would have been proficient, otherwise he would not take Wu Lizi for a drive. Wu Lizi took the opportunity to ask Cheng Yizhi what he was doing for Huang Ruhong. Cheng Yizhi downplayed and admitted that he had not done it. Wu Lizi was skeptical.

Lian Guazi borrowed a car from Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi learned from him that Jin Yishan not only resigned from the position of Hua Dong, but also resigned as the director of the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce. Lei Zi suggested to Huang Ruhong to open a casino on Bixun Road in the French Concession, in order to establish the prestige in the French Concession, and Huang Ruhong gave him full authority to handle it.

Huang Ruhong wanted to run for the board of directors. He handed it over to Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi vowed to do it at all costs. He suggested that Huang Ruhong donate to Jin Yishan to build a sanatorium, and Huang Ruhong fully agreed. Cheng Yizhi made an appointment with Secretary Feng of the General Affairs Department of Customs and asked him to recommend Huang Ruhong to run for the board of directors. Secretary Feng was not interested in Huang Ruhong, but felt that Cheng Yizhi was more suitable. Cheng Yizhi tried his best to fight for Huang Ruhong. Secretary Feng revealed that Shenqin Cotton Mill is collecting donations, as long as Cheng Yizhi can In the name of Longying Bank, he agreed to help Huang Ruhong in the election.

Cheng Yizhi brought melon seeds to the Shenqin Cotton Mill. Director Zhao turned them away. Cheng Yizhi heard that several banks in Shanghai were preparing to invest in the mill. Cheng Yizhi was unwilling to give up. He personally went to the cotton market to find Director Zhao. Cheng Yizhi exposed to the face that the farmers had added brighteners to the cotton. Director Zhao and Cheng Yizhi hit it off and agreed to let Cheng Yizhi visit the factory at any time.

Cheng Yizhi came to the cotton yarn factory again and saw that Aqi, who had come to raise funds, was explaining the principle of the machine and the spinning technology of combed cotton to the workers. He kept his identity secret. Cheng Yizhi sent Mianguazi to investigate Aqi’s details. There is no such person in the major banks. Cheng Yizhi suspects that Aqi works for foreigners, but there is no conclusive evidence. Cheng Yizhi couldn’t compete with Aqi, so he could only find another way. He formulated a practical plan for workers’ lives and welfare, and handed it to Factory Manager Zhao.

Xiao Lingdang made a coat for Cheng Yizhi, and she personally delivered it to Cheng Yizhi. When she met Wu Lizi at the door of her house, she handed the coat to her. Wu Lizi hung the coat in Cheng Yizhi’s study, took the opportunity to go around here, and found the book inside. After receiving a business card, Cheng Yizhi suddenly came back from get off work. Wu Lizi pretended to call to cover up the past. When Cheng Yizhi called to contact the business, the business card suddenly fell out of the book, and he slipped it into his pocket. Wu Lizi came in with her lab coat and urged Cheng Yizhi to try it on. She took the opportunity to search through the book and found that the business card was missing.

Director Zhao convened a meeting with the heads of 16 financing banks and the bank. It was announced in public that Zhaozheng Bank, where Shimazaki Chu worked, and Longying Bank, where Cheng Yizhi worked, had jointly financed the spinning mill. The manager Wan Xianxiously congratulated Cheng Yizhi. Liao Lan brought Wu Lizi to the hospital to visit his father, Commander Liao. Commander Liao clamored to see Huang Ruhong and scolded him for being ungrateful. Wu Lizi heard clearly. Afterwards, Liao Lan explained to Wu Lizi that she was begging to marry Huang Ruhong, but her father firmly disagreed, so Liao Lan made a fuss. His father could not hold her back and had to agree to their marriage. Liao Lan admitted that she was not a complete woman. Because he fell from a horse when he was a child and was seriously injured, resulting in life-long infertility. After Huang Ruhong learned of this, he resolutely married her and Liao Lan praised Huang Ruhong as a real man.

Wu Lizi came home very late. Cheng Yizhi had been waiting for her and bought her a piano. When Wu Lizi saw the sign of the piano store, she realized that she had misunderstood Cheng Yizhi. The business card in Cheng Yizhi’s book belonged to the piano store. Wu Lizi felt guilty. She was extremely grateful to Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi wanted to hear her play a piece. Wu Lizi lied that she could not play without piano scores. Cheng Yizhi took her out overnight to buy piano scores.

Cheng Yizhi drove Wu Lizi to a bookstore to buy piano scores. The bookstores they went to were closed, so Cheng Yizhi drove to continue searching. Wu Lizi accidentally saw the big brand of Dingxin Construction Company, and she couldn’t help but remember that her father had recommended Xu Shu, a doctor who had returned from studying abroad for this company before her death.

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