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The Justice 光芒 Episode 6 Recap

Cheng Yizhi came to see Huang Ruhong. Huang Ruhong told him to treat Wu Lizi well and gave him an important task. Huang Ruhong always wanted to be a Chinese director in the French Concession. He sent Leizi to mediate in the French Concession. Cheng Yizhi promised to do his best to complete the task.

Wu Lizi was shopping with Liao Lan and found that Liao Lan was guarding her everywhere. When Wu Lizi went home, she asked Cheng Yizhi about Huang Ruhong’s attitude towards their marriage, and revealed that Liao Lan gave her a bottle of medicinal wine for her early birth before marriage, which caused her to miss the bridal candles when she was drunk. At night, it was uncomfortable for a few days, Cheng Yizhi didn’t care, but comforted her.

Wu Lizi asked Charlie about the relationship between Cheng Yizhi and Huang Ruhong. Charlie inquired that they didn’t know them beforehand. After Cheng Yizhi battled with Xu and Wan, she was appreciated by Huang Ruhong and promoted to the treasurer of the bank. Wu Lizi still suspected that Huang Ruhong was related to the death of her father, Charlie. It has been ascertained that Huang Ruhong has nothing to do with her father and gave Wu Lizi a wedding gift.

Cheng Yizhi found out that one of the Chinese directors in the French Concession, Jin Yishan, had the right to vote and that he wanted to build a nursing home. Cheng Yizhi visited the nursery school opened by Jin Yishan in the name of Tongzhou Charity Association. Teacher Ding took him to the school history showroom. Cheng Yizhi After discovering that each photo of Jin Yishan wears a different watch, and the price is not cheap, Cheng Yizhi therefore concludes that Jin Yishan has a hobby of collecting famous watches. Liao Lan deliberately took Wu Lizi to the Atlantic Club for gambling. Wu Lizi immediately became alert and made it clear that she was not interested in it, and took Liao Lan to visit the department store.

Cheng Yizhi took a special photo of a famous watch that Jin Yishan always wanted, and came to find Jin Yishan in person. Jin Yishan couldn’t put it down. Cheng Yizhi took the opportunity to recommend Huang Ruhong as a Chinese director. Jin Yishan flatly refused. He did not like Huang Ruhong and refused to match him. Cheng Yizhi also Helpless.

Wu Lizi came to the bank to pick up Cheng Yizhi from get off work. Cheng Yizhi was very surprised and took her to the song and dance hall under the name of Jin Yishan. Cheng Yizhi couldn’t dance. Wu Lizi taught him by hand. He never knew what to do. Wu Lizi guessed that he was investigating in the name of dancing. During an unannounced visit, she remembered that Jin Yishan’s wife loved dancing, so Jin Yishan reprimanded him for opening this big ballroom. Cheng Yizhi sent Lianguazi quietly to follow Jin Yishan and found that he had been in and out of the nursery frequently recently.

Cheng Yizhi came to Yuyingtang again, falsely claiming that Tongzhou Charity Association had invited him to see Jin Yishan, and I asked Mr. Ding to inform Jin Yishan. Cheng Yizhi quietly followed Teacher Ding to the backyard and saw Jin Yishan instructing Liu Ma to take good care of his wife. Cheng Yizhi followed Liu Ma to a small house and found a crazy woman hiding here, Qiu Yanzhi guessed that it was Jin Yishan’s wife.

Liao Lan came to the house to look for Wu Lizi. Seeing that the room was neatly cleaned up, she was full of praise for Wu Lizi. Wu Lizi couldn’t help but think of her previous carefree life, and she felt disappointed. Liao Lan saw that she had something on her mind and persuaded her to speak freely. Wu Lizi admitted that after her father died, she was forced to go to the club to be a wine girl, so she did not dare to enter that kind of place again that day, and did not want to evoke the sadness of the past, Liao Lan has always been worried that Cheng Yizhi has entrusted her to be inhumane. After listening to Wu Lizi’s narrative, he also understood her situation. Liao Lan promised to open his heart to accept Wu Lizi and treat her as a family.

Cheng Yizhi pretended to be someone sent by Jin Yishan and wanted to help Liu Ma buy some daily necessities. Only then did Liu Ma relax his vigilance and let him buy some sugar. Cheng Yizhi pretended that his stomach was uncomfortable and wanted to go in for convenience. Suddenly there was a woman’s misery in the room.

Screaming, Liu Ma hurriedly pushed Cheng Yizhi out and closed the door tightly. Cheng Yizhi came directly to Jin Yishan to negotiate, and pointed out in person that he and Huang Ruhong had a long feast, and that Jin Yishan had a deep love for his wife, and he did not hesitate to build a song and dance hall for her. After his wife was mentally ill, he still persisted, and Jin Yishan did not want to cause other people’s trouble He had to hide his sick wife in a small house. Cheng Yizhi persuaded Jin Yishan to make the matter public. He was accepting donations to build a sanatorium. Jin Yishan thanked Cheng Yizhi for his understanding, but he still refused to recommend Huang Ruhong as a director of China.

At this moment, Jin Yishan received a call from Liu Ma. Leizi led someone to hold Jin Yishan’s wife and forced Jin Yishan not to prevent Huang Ruhong from becoming a Hua Dong. Jin Yishan was so angry that he would rather resign from the position of Hua Dong and would never recommend Huang Ruhong and Jin Yishan. Disappointed to Cheng Yizhi, he regarded Cheng Yizhi as a friend, but he did not expect Cheng Yizhi and Lei Zi to be the same kind of people. Lei Zi came back to ask Huang Ruhong for credit and mocked Cheng Yizhi. Huang Ruhong asked him to find Liao Lan-collar for a reward, and Cheng Yizhi couldn’t agree with Lei Zi’s approach.

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